How Many Seats In Campervans? 6 Examples (With Pictures)

Traveling with guests in a campervan can make things difficult if you don’t have the proper seating space.

When purchasing a campervan, you want to know exactly how many people will be able to fit and travel with you safely.

We have put together a list of various campervans with different seating options to help you decide what type of campervan seating option is best for you:

Campervans With Two Belted Seats

If you’re planning on traveling solo or with a partner, or you want to embrace van life, it would be a good idea for you to have a look at campervans with two seating options.

There are many kinds of campervans to suit your needs no matter your budget. Two-seater campervans are one of the most versatile and often offer a lot of space.

Two-seater campervans are classified by having two belted seats’ upfront and no belted seating options in the van’s rear.

Campervans with Two seats tend to be spacious with many onboard amenities and capabilities due to having no rear front-facing seats.

1. Jupiter From Nomad Vanz 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Campervan Conversion

First on our list is the campervan conversion by Jupiter Vanz. This Campervan conversion uses the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for its base.

This brightly colored campervan has a starting price point of $120,000, so it is on the pricier side, but the amenities make the price worthwhile.

The Jupiter comes with two belted seats in the front of the vehicle and no belted seats in the rear. However, there is a single seating area at the dinette table. The Juniper campervan can sleep two comfortably in a crosswise rear-facing bed.

By simply positioning the bed upright, you will have more walkway space to the van’s rear and extra counter space for the kitchen.

The colorful interior includes a kitchenette area, a small dinette area, a sleeping area, and plenty of storage space. This campervan has a unique indoor-outdoor shower feature that has hot and cold water and a portable toilet.

The Juniper conversion comes with a hot air and water heater and a water purifier for further convenience.

Additionally, there are many add ons available to purchase.

You can truly customize this campervan conversion to exactly how you want it.

2. Hillside Hopton Volkswagen Crafter Campervan

The Hillside Hopton is built on the base of a Volkswagen Crafter.

This popular UK campervan is popular not only for its reasonable pricing but also for its features. You should expect to pay or roughly $71,000 for this campervan.

The campervan comes with two seat-belted seats in the campervan’s front but has none in the rear. However, don’t let this dissuade you as the Hillside Hopton hosts a U shaped lounge sofa in the van’s lounge area.

The U shaped sofa transforms into two single beds or one double bed, so you have versatile sleeping options.

The campervan has a traditional layout, but this doesn’t take away from its stylish design. The kitchen is exceptional with a fridge, freezer, oven, and grill combo and a three-ring with two gas burners.

Additionally, you will get a washroom area with a shower and a fixed toilet with this campervan.

Let’s not forget that this campervan comes with a technologically advanced control panel. You can display the water levels at the control panel and switch most of the lighting on and off!

This van gives a luxury feel for a somewhat affordable price.

3. Winnebago Revel 4×4 Campervan

The Winnebago Revel 4×4 is designed for adventure seekers.

This campervan is rugged with a simple, straightforward design that doesn’t compromise on functionality. The Winnebago revel campervan is built on a Mercedes-Benz sprinter chassis.

The Winnebago Revels price is higher on the spectrum when we consider other two-seater campervans. $175,000 is pricier but worth it when you consider its 4×4 capabilities.

Not only do you get a rugged adventure-ready campervan but also a van with attractive, functional features and amenities.

That being said, with this campervan, you will get a power lift double bed, full galley kitchenette, an all-purpose wet bath, and gear storage area, and a 200-watt solar system.

You will also get two seatbelted swivel seats that can turn to the dinette area.

The dinette area has additional seating and a pull-up table that converts into another sleeping space.

The Winnebago Revel 4×4 campervan really is an excellent option if you want a durable adventure van.

Campervans With Four Belted Seats

Campervans with four seatbelted seats are perfect for families of four or if you want to travel with a group of friends.

On the market today, there are numerous options available for campervans that come with four seats.

You might think that vans with four seats will not have as much space as their two-seater counterparts.  However, this often won’t be the case.

Various four-seater campervans are designed in such a way as to capitalize on available space while maintaining comfortability and accessibility.

4. Volkswagen Grand California 600 Campervan

The Volkswagen Grand California 600 is a new addition to campervans and was first introduced in 2020.

This campervan is technologically savvy and comfortable. Perfect for family trips no matter the season, this UK campervan has a starting price of roughly $95,000.

Safety conscious, this campervan comes with two front seats and two rear seats, all with seatbelts. The campervan can comfortably sleep, two adults and two children.

In the true spirit of the worlds best selling campervan brand, Volkswagens new Grand California has a host of technological advances.

It features an external temperature-controlled shower and an electrical touchpad that controls the campervan’s lighting, battery, and water levels. The Grand California campervan has excellent safety features such as a driver alert to let you know when to take a break, and a crosswind helps keep the campervan stable in high winds.

Rounding it off nicely, this campervan comes with the standard amenities that most campervans house. You will have a kitchen and dinette area as well as lots of cupboards and storage space to stow away all your gear.

The neatly designed separate wet room houses a sink, toilet, and shower with a smart ventilating skylight to dissipate steam quickly.

You will also have room for all your toiletries and towels with the built-in cupboards.

5. Hymer Free S 600 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Campervan

This campervan is a 2020 model and is one of the more affordable four-seater campervans.

With this campervan, you should look at spending approximately $62,000.

The Hymer S 600 is a perfect entry-level campervan for families or people who are not sure exactly what they want yet and don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

This campervan comes with four seatbelted seats, two in the front and two at the back of the van.

The modern interior features matte finishes and centrally located, you will find a half dinette area. The kitchen area comes with a handy electric wastewater drain for added convenience. You will also have a full double bed that folds up during the day to have more storage capacity.

You will also get a shower that has an outdoor function and a bench toilet. Additionally, this campervan has the option of adding a pop-top roof, which would turn it into a full four-berth campervan from a two-berth.

Campervans With Five Belted Seats

For larger families finding a campervan with five belted seats can be difficult.

However, more and more campervan brands are coming out with five-seater options for large families.

Many innovatively designed five-seater campervans don’t compromise on comfortability and adaptability. With five seater vans, you may not have as much space as two or four-seater campervans, but you by no means will be missing out.

Often you will find that five-seater campervans offer a range of capabilities and amenities that you may not find with campervans with fewer seating options.

6. Dreamer Camper Five High Top Campervan Conversion

The Dreamer Camper Five uses the Fiat Ducato van and is an affordable five-seater campervan conversion.

This conversion is done by specialist Rapido Group and comes in at just over $62,000.

This is significant as you are getting a five-seater campervan for a lower price than what you could pay for some two-seater campervans.

The 2020 year model of the Fiat Ducato Dremer comes with some impressive features, besides the belted five seats that it offers. You will find this campervan has two seats in the front and three in the rear. This campervan’s high top nature allows for a drop-down double bed in the front of the van.

Towards the back of the van is where you will find a pair of bunk beds for the children or traveling companions.

What makes this campervan, so family-friendly is that it has two seating areas. The second seating area at the back of the van can be used as a teenager or kids den. This gives the allusion of more space and allows for a sense of privacy despite everyone being in one campervan.

As with most campervans, the Dreamer Camper Five comes with a kitchen and washroom. The kitchen is spacious and offers three huge drawers and a massive fridge with a capacity of 135-liters that rivals coach fridges.

Not to be outdone, the washroom offers plenty of storage compartments, a handy worktop station, and a spacious roof height of 2.1m.

You could be hard-pressed finding a more affordable campervan that can seat five comfortably.


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