7 Affordable Campervans With Beds (With Pictures)

Should you be looking for a campervan for your next road trip or living arrangement, you will most assuredly want a campervan with a bed.

Luckily for us, various affordable campervans come with beds or have the capability to contain a bed.

We have searched high and low to give you a list of 7 of the most affordable campervans with beds on the market:

Campervans With Pop Tops:

One of the more popular and affordable campervan types is the pop-top or rising top variety.

With pop-top campervans, a feature allows you to push a releasing mechanism that enables an additional section to rise. Often these pop-up roofs are incredibly durable and comprise of metal mechanisms and various canvas side covers.

These campervans are very versatile, and the pop-up roof is a perfect place for a bed to be placed.

1. Modern Pop-Top by Peace Vans

Peace Vans is a company that offers a wide variety of campervans.

Their modern pop-top campervan is affordable, with a starting price of just under $50,000.

With this brand’s cargo van option, you will get a campervan with two front seats and a pop-top area where you can place your bed.

This gives you variety as you can amp up your comfort zone with a mattress of your choosing. The pop-up area is spacious and can comfortably sleep, two people.

What’s great about this campervan besides that you can efficiently resolve sleeping arrangements is to convert it later. In part, this van is affordable due to it not having any rear seats.

Therefore, you can later convert it to however you would like your campervan to look.

You can even add in a permanent sleeping area should you so choose.

2.  Ford Sportsmobile Transit Campervan

There are several affordable campervans that Sportsmobile sells.

They uniquely offer more than twenty different campervan floor plans, so you shouldn’t have a problem choosing a van that suits your needs.

You are looking at a starting price point of just under $80,000 for this campervan.

What’s great about this campervan is that you can get it in various sleeping arrangement options. You can choose bunk beds, queen-sized beds, or you can go with a pop-top sleeping station.

Additionally, the pop-top campervan option comes with a small kitchenette and dinette, which is perfect if you want to get out on the road quickly as you won’t need to add many conversions.

 3.  Winnebago Solis Ram Promaster Campervan

The Winnebago Solis Ram Promaster is slightly more expensive than other pop up campervan models but is still affordable.

You’re looking at a starting price of roughly $102,000 for this pop-top campervan produced by renowned RV company Winnebago.

Coming in at over 19 inches, this van can sleep two people with a murphy bed or sofa bed installed on the floor level. Additionally, the pop-top sleeping area can sleep a further two people.

Surprisingly this campervan comes with a whole host of amenities:

  • There are a kitchenette and a small living room area that comes with leather seats.
  • These seats can even swivel to accommodate a small dining area.
  • Perhaps what is most unique is that this pop-top campervan comes with a wet bath feature.

This campervan is an excellent option for families who frequently go camping and want a van that can give them the creature comforts of home.

Campervans With High Roofs:

High roof campervans are a smart option as they have increased headroom.

You will likely be more comfortable, and you will have more storage space.

These campervans can be used for various purposes, such as traveling, living in, and even to work in.

Additionally, high top campervans come in a variety of affordable options. Often the wheelbase is longer than more traditional campervans available on the market today.

This means there is more space for extra features, and you are sure to travel, live, or work in comfort and style.

4. RAM Promaster Campervan 136 High Roof

The RAM Promaster 136 high roof campervan by Glampervan is an affordable budget friendly multi-use van option.

The introductory price for this vehicle is around $60,000, which is a bargain when you consider all the features it offers.

This campervan’s high roof allows for a queen-sized bed that is perfectly placed to afford you the most space.  This van has a small kitchen and dining area with an impressive 65-liter fridge freezer combo.

Other amenities include porch lights and a fully retractable awning for those summer evenings spent in the wilderness. As an added benefit, you can even attach solar panels to the roof of your van.

A fantastic feature that this van offers is a portable toilet. Most campervans in this price range don’t offer toilet features.

Moreover, what’s significant about this is that you can easily hide away the portable toilet in a hidden floor level cabinet.

Additionally, the full insulation that this campervan offers is sure to keep you warm in the winter months, whether you are camping or living in your van.

 5. Boho Campervan RAM 2500 High Roof 159

The chic picture-worthy Boho campervan by Phoenix-based company Boho Camper Vans looks high end and has an affordable price range.

You’re looking at forking out between $30,000 and $40,000 for one of these campervans.

Recently the Boho Campervan has become increasingly popular. The elegant wood finishes in the interior and elevated bed with a storage area beneath make this van an incredibly popular prospect.

Each Boho Ram 2500 High Roof 159 comes with solar power, a fridge, a portable toilet, and plenty of cabinet space. Although the floor plan is not customizable, you can customize the floor material and color, the interiors base color and the curtains, and bedding.

If you thought that’s all that was included, think again.

The Boho Campervan comes with a kitchen area and a small foldout table and seating area to the side of the bed.

These vans modern finishes and aesthetically pleasing looks are impressive, and best of all, the van is affordable.

Campervan Conversions:

Campervan conversions are becoming more and more popular in today’s modern world.

Many people and companies are converting ordinary vans into campervans.

This allows for incredible versatility and creativity. You can often even convert your van into a campervan yourself.

However, there are many affordable campervan conversions available to suit a range of purposes and budgets.

With a campervan conversion, you can really personalize and customize the overall feel of your van.

With the wide range on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

6. Freebird Nissan NV200 Campervan

If you’re looking for an affordable campervan conversion option, then the Freebird Nissan NV200 by Caravan Outfitters more than fits the bill.

This van will set you back just under $40,000 for the vehicle and the conversion.

The Freebird Nissan NV200 campervan is possibly the most convenient campervan on our list. This van works off a sliding rail functionality.

Meaning all the components in the converted van can be removed or installed in under two minutes.

The campervan is designed for comfort and functionality, so your interior comprises a series of box-shaped design components. The vans kitchen actually slides out from a hidden storage compartment and includes a portable stove.

The Freebird van can house two people, and the dinette seating area easily and quickly converts into a full-sized bed.

This campervan comes with full electrical wiring, so you won’t have any issues with charging your phone, running your fridge, or using lighting.

7. VanDOit Ford Transit LIV Conversion Campervan

If your adventurous and looking for a converted campervan that can handle all your offroad travel, then the LIV campervan by brand VanDOit is definitely one to look at.

This adventure campervan is affordable with a starting price of roughly $60,000, so you don’t need to worry too much about the damage to your pocket.

This van can be used as a normal eight-seater van around town and can also easily be used for your next off-road adventure trip. The LIV campervan model comes with a handy and reliable solar power off-grid system and awning.

You can purchase other components as add ons, but this will affect the van’s price.

The LIV campervan comes with a queen-sized bed that can be lifted with a hydraulic system. This creates more space below the bed and means that your bed height is fully adjustable.

Due to this conversion’s fully modular design, you can use this campervan for day-to-day tasks and grand adventures.

Final Thoughts:

We have covered seven affordable campervans on this list; it’s now up to you to decide which campervan would be best for you.

Importantly it would be best if you asked yourself the following questions: 

  1. What is your budget, and how much do you want to spend on a campervan?
  2. Do you want a campervan to live in or one for just traveling or camping?
  3. Is the campervan just for yourself or for you and your family?
  4. What amenities do you absolutely need your campervan to have?

Purchasing a campervan is an important decision. It would be beneficial if you don’t rush into anything and do the proper research.

This way, you will be satisfied with your choice, and the campervan will be a solid investment.


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