Problems with OPUS Campers: 4 Most-Seen Issues (Explained)

When you want to combine comfort, durability, and quick setup capacities, an Opus Camper is your answer.

It offers a great interior feel with luxurious furnishings, enough headroom, and easy setup.

However, every great thing has its flaws, and Opus Campers have a few. The good thing is that their problems are not so much to cause a bother.

This article highlights a few difficulties with the Opus Campers:

1. Closely Packed Interior Space

The Opus Camper is designed to offer users as much luxury and functionality as possible simultaneously.

In doing this, a few things were either sacrificed or just couldn’t be worked into the layout.

Reduced Bedroom Length

The opus offers reasonably sized beds on either side of the camper.

While these beds are comfortable, they are a little bit shorter than expected. The shortness is a result of the structure of the airbag. They have a slight downside.

This means that if you are taller than average, your feet could poke into the screen’s inner wall.

Tight Lounge/Dinette Layout

Opus Campers offer a convertible U-shaped lounge.

There is a table right in the middle of this lounge that makes it hard to have extra leg spaces. You would have to make do with the space you have while using the table.

When the table is not in use, you could easily remove it to solve this issue or collapse the table to convert the lounge into a bed.

Bed Access is Over the lounge

Since the lounge spans the entire width, reaching the bed behind means that you would have to go over the lounge.

It is not something to fuss about, but if you are used to having your outdoor shoes on, you would have to remind yourself to take them off constantly.

Inconvenient Access to Storage Under the Lounge

There are storage compartments under the lounge sofa to help hold more stuff and appliances that you want to bring along.

With this extra space comes the need to rearrange the lounge upholstery whenever you need to access the storage.

This could be a bit discouraging, especially when the lounge is already occupied.

2. Toilet Compartment and Cold Shower

The Opus Camper has a toilet that can be used both inside and outside.

The toilet is relatively small and has a compartment. The compartment takes up space that could have otherwise been a cupboard.

While this portable toilet is excellent when you have children camping, most users find themselves using other means to the bathroom than relying on the ‘tiny’ toilet provided in the Opus Camper.

The opus has an outdoor shower and offers an optional shower tent. Its drawback is that it provides cold water only. This could be a bit of an inconvenience, but newer models look promising on this.

3. Limited Kitchen Workspace

In recent models, the Opus Camper’s kitchen has been moved from the inside to create more storage.

You can easily slide them out on the outside to access the sink, burners, and fridge. Sadly, there isn’t much workspace when you are cooking. The available space is either on the sink or the pull-out fridge.

Using the fridge top as a worktop is a bit impractical since it is top-loading. This means that you would have to take time to clear everything you have on it whenever you want to open the fridge as it opens upwards.

This practically leaves you with the sink, or you could bring a tall stool along to help with this if you love to grill while camping, you would be disappointed that the kitchen doesn’t come with a grill.

4. Exposed External Fittings

The Opus Camper has fittings on its body to hold the gas cylinder and water storage and outlets.

These are pretty solid and won’t come unhinged, but they leave the gas bottle and water outlets entirely exposed.

So if you are towing them in rough places, you would have to keep an eye out to avoid them snagging or getting bashed.

General Pros and Cons of the Opus Camper


The Opus Camper is effortless to use with reduced setup and assembling time. It offers an air beam system.

The air beams can be easily isolated if one suffers a puncture. The Opus Camper offers good comfort and aesthetic luxury for users.

The lounge can easily sit and accommodate 6 people, and the Opus Camper has a removable Table to convert the dinette into another bed.

It offers capabilities and durability for off-the-road trips. It is gadget-friendly, offering USB inputs with a good sound system.

The Opus Camper’s durable canvas that offers panels that can be opened to give an outdoor feel.


  • The interior is a bit too cozy.
  • Small toilet compartment
  • Limited Kitchen workspace
  • External fittings are exposed.
  • You might be spending more to get much-needed features.

What do the Reviews Say?

“When it comes to folding campers, there is one that stands out. It’s the Air Opus folding campers.”

[Source: Out and About Live]

This is a full review of an opus folding camper done by the editor of Caravan Magazine.

He outlines the practicalities of the entire trailer, both inside and out.

It also gives an idea of the price at the time of the review.

“Excellent product and well thought out design. Very well put together, only a few small minor niggles which weren’t hard to fix, and we’re away! Tows excellently over corrugations – need to get it out to the rougher stuff for a true test.”

[Source: Opus Camper AU]

Giving it a 4 out of 5 stars, this user has not experienced the Opus Camper in rough paths yet has glowing remarks about its smoothness.

Every camper offers its hitches when first used, but people get used to its workings with time and experience.

“We wanted something easy to tow and that we could store on our drive, packed and ready to hitch up whenever we wanted to go away. We wanted proper beds, a decent kitchen, and comfortable seating. We needed something that could be used in all seasons. We also wanted a motor mover fitted because of the awkward access to our drive. The OPUS offered all this and more…”

[Source: Opus Camper UK]

Getting an RV is always a dynamic decision for users, and this user is not an exception.

Needing something that really answered all their questions with its offerings, the opus became her family’s choice.

Offering easy towing and flexible space, they got more than they expected with the Opus Camper.

What is the Resale Value on Opus Campers?

Model Year New Price ($) Used Price (₤)
Opus Air Full Monty 2018 Not Available 16,750
Opus Full Monty 2017 Not Available 10,995
Opus Folding Camper 2015 Not Available 9,950

Please note that these prices are subject to change depending on your location, as well as the price quoted by the seller you intend to purchase the vehicle from.

Final Thoughts:

Coming in different variants, the Opus Camper offers you luxury from its interior upholstery to the stainless steel kitchen.

It is a camper that is meant to stand out but might not be practical if you are camping or living in it long term.

That said, you would be impressed at how quickly and easily set it up is. What’s more, the stress has been taken off you as it is easily deflated as it is inflated.

The price might look like a setback, but the opus’ durability means you might not be spending money on it for a long while.



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