7 Most-Common Problems With Black Series Campers

Black Series Campers are some of the hardiest vehicles out there, adaptable to all terrains, especially the wilderness.

However, does the vehicle really hold to its tagline, or is it infested with a set of its own problems too?

Today, we’ll be telling you about 6 common problems we came across in the Black Series Campers:

1. Front-Heavy Design

With all that it’s good for, the Black Series Campers tend to be quite unbalanced when it comes to weight distribution.

The problem here is that the storage box and fridge are designed to stay at the front. This causes the front to get too heavy and affects the suspensions that make the vehicle easy to tow.

However, you can still counteract this problem by putting the heavier stuff around the back to distribute the weight more evenly. You can also keep the rear-mounted water tank loaded.

This helps a lot since you would add 100 liters of mass at the back of the camper to even out the front weight.

2. The Pop-up Tent Has Its Own Set Of Problems

Whereas the pop-up tent is a good replacement for heavy slideouts, they can still be a bit hard to set up.

This can be a huge problem when you suddenly realize that it’s raining at the campsite.

The support pole itself can also get a bit heavy to carry around; that’s not a good thing when you’re rushing to relax after driving for miles.

3. Less Than Functional Placement Of Several Objects

A common problem with many campers is the way doors and drawers open in a small space.

The Black Series Campers also have this problem. For instance, the fridge door blocks the kitchen once opened.

The front storage also blocks your way if you want to grab something from the towing vehicle without having to go out and through the doors.

Even though it’s pesky, you would have no other choice but to live with it since this is the kind of problem that you would face in any other camper, Black Series or not.

4. Pesky Spare Wheel Mount

When traveling over long distances, keeping more than one wheel can be a lifesaver, especially when you go off-road and into places where the tires could do more than just pop.

However, the Black Series Campers are not meant to drive through really tight tracks where shrubs and branches jut out and snag on your vehicle.

One reason is that the wheel mount tends to catch twigs and branches on such tracks.

At worst, this can be irritating since the rear mount is strong enough to pull on long branches that drag out to the road.

This, however, is no more than a compromise since two wheels won’t fit together on a camper in such a way that provides good accessibility and economy of space besides this way.

5. The Camper Lacks Some Handy Features

Being an off-road type of camper, the Black Series Campers fall short on certain utilities such as cable lines.

This is another compromise of functionality since the camper needs to be as light as it could not sink in mud and potholes.

In fact, the camper does not even have insulated water tank lines. If you plan to go on a trip in the middle of winter, you might find your pipes frozen because of the cold.

Fortunately, you can alleviate this problem by adding skirting around the camper. Any camper, RV, or motorhome staying long enough in a single place needs good skirting anyway.

This makes skirting a significant part for the Black Series Campers, compared to most other brands.

6. Leakage Around The Windows Is Quite Common

Tents tend to leak all the time. The Black Series Campers are no exemption to this, either.

Usually, tents leak because there has been too much water over them, causing them to burst into the seams, especially if it’s old.

However, in a jungle or forest, this won’t be much of a problem since most of the rain would be blocked by the trees anyway. They also make good wind-stoppers if you are camping out in a storm.

And sometimes, what you think might be a leak might actually have been condensation after all. When set up right, condensation will not form over the walls.

If it does, it won’t form too many droplets, either.

7. The Camper’s Off-Road Performance Isn’t Great

It might be weird to say that the Black Series Campers are bad at the main thing they were meant to do.

Black Series Campers really are bad off-road, depending on the path you are moving through.

With its poor weight distribution, these won’t work well when traveling on steep roads such as mountains and hills. The camper might feel like it’s too heavy because of all that uneven mass.

On the highway and long trips over flat terrain, however, it works great!

The Black Series’ large wheels also help it move around in flooded banks, and its suspensions help it move smoothly.

General Pros And Cons For The Black Series Campers


The Black Series Campers are stylish campers that will catch everyone’s attention.

They have a sturdy build meant to last through the terrains and strong stability and independent suspensions.

Black Series Campers are perfect for camper-life beginners and veterans alike.

Finally, they are light and effortless to tow.


  • The camper is off-balance because of the excessive weight in the frontal portion.
  • The pop-up tent is quite difficult to set up.
  • The placement of the interior components isn’t exactly convenient.
  • The spare wheel mount tends to get stuck to leaves and branches as you drive.
  • Despite being marketed as one, the camper’s off-road performance isn’t awe-inspiring.

What Do The Reviews Say?

“When it comes to the overall balance of the camper, it did feel front heavy. It’s well-balanced left to right, but the massive storage box on the front of the camper holds all of the heavier accessories such as the fridge, extra storage drawers, the hand winch, and several jerry cans.”

[Source: camper.hemax.com]

I think the fridge made it a little bit too heavy on the front side.

Putting some stuff at the back to balance out this weight situation, though, helped out a bunch.

“I’ve tested a few of GIC’s campers over the years, and, I’ve got to say, the entire Black Series range is seriously on the next level in terms of quality and value for money.”

[Source: camper.hemax.com]

The Black Series Campers have got this trademarked feel to them- no other campers really work the way they do.

These things aren’t your normal, run-of-the-mill campers.

If you drove a hundred miles on a regular RV or some other kind of camper, you might run into trouble when you’re off-road and driving through flooded banks.

What’s The Resale Value On Black Series Campers?



2019 $33,999 $48,900
BLACK SERIES CLASSIC DOUBLE 2020 $21,988 $22,800
BLACK SERIES SERGEANT 2015 $6,500 $7,900
BLACK SERIES DELTA 2016 $7,500 $16,650

NB: The prices stated here are subjected to change depending upon your location and the personal price quote of the seller you will be purchasing the camper from. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is undeniable that the Black Series Campers are one of the leading names in the industry, offering a wide selection of campers at extremely affordable and reasonable prices so that everyone can get a taste of life on wheels.



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