6 Best RVs With BATHTUBS – Fifth Wheel + Class A (With Pictures)

RVs are a great way to travel, and they can offer all the comforts of home, including a kitchen, entertainment area, and bathroom.

As incredible as it might seem, some RVs even come with a bathtub. Just imagine being to soak in a hot bath in your motorhome!

We’ve found 6 amazing RVs with bathtubs that you should know about, ranging from affordable fifth wheels to ultra-luxurious Class A motorhomes.

Class A RVs with Bathtubs

Class A RVs are the largest motorhomes available and usually feature at least 1 slide-out.

They always have at least 1 bathroom and plenty of room for sleeping and entertaining.

1. Foretravel Realm FS6 Luxury Villa Spa

The Luxury Villa Spa is definitely one of the most high-end RVs available, and with a price-tag of around $800,000, it’s also one of the most expensive.

This luxury Class A RV is the only motorhome built on a Spartan Premier K4 chassis, which means that this motorhome is easy to handle and drives really smoothly.

The interior has all of the features you’d expect to find in a luxury RV. There’s a gourmet kitchen, LED lighting, and walnut cabinetry, 2 full bathrooms, as well as a state-of-the-art entertainment system. 

Features such as the huge walk-in closet with a built-in shoe rack really set this RV apart from the competition.

But it’s the master bathroom that really makes the Luxury Villa Spa special.

The master bathroom in this RV has an ultra-high-end massaging tub that takes bath time to the next level.

The Kohler Underscore bath has a combination of bubble massage, hydrotherapy, and sound waves that provide a sensory experience for the mind and body.

6 hidden speakers can be set to produce therapeutic sound waves or music, and 122 air jets can be set to massage every part of the body. Aside from being moveable, the jets have 18 different intensity levels.

If all of those features don’t sound luxurious enough, the tub also has chromotherapy, which uses different colored lights to promote relaxation. Add in the flat panel TV, which tilts to the perfect angle, and you’ll never want to leave!

The Luxury Villa Spa is a spacious Class A RV with 4 flat-floor slide-outs, making it ideal for families. There’s also an impressive water heating system, which means there’ll be plenty of hot water for everyone to enjoy the amazing bathroom!

2. Furrion Elysium

The Furrion Elysium is a Class A RV that is intended for the super-rich customer, and with a price-tag of around $2 million, it really is out of reach for most people.

This massive motorhome is 45 feet long, 8 feet wide, and almost 14 feet high.

The most striking feature of the Furrion Elysium is the upper deck. This huge platform features an entertaining area with a luxury lounge, a gorgeous hot tub, and even a landing pad for a Robinson R22 helicopter.

If you’ve got the extra couple of million dollars, and you want to drive an RV that looks like it should be in a spy movie, then perhaps the Elysium is for you.

The interior of the Furrion Elysium is as impressive as you might expect. There are 3 75″ 4K TVs, a touchscreen infotainment center, and observation cameras.

A large fireplace keeps the interior cozy, and the gourmet kitchen has an induction cooktop, a convection microwave, and a dishwasher.

There’s even a built-in wine fridge in this amazing kitchen!

To top off all of the incredible features in this amazing motorhome, the bathroom comes with a smart toilet and a smart shower.

The Furrion Elysium is a truly impressive Class A RV that is perfect for entertaining.

3. Futuria Motorhome

Perhaps the most outrageous RV on our list is the Futuria Motorhome.

The Futuria Motorhome is built by a German company, Most Mobile Specials, in collaboration with the camping company, Eura Mobil, and each one is built specially to the buyer’s specifications.

This enormous motorhome has a multi-level layout. The luxurious lower lounge features leather upholstery and state-of-the-art appliances, and the huge bedroom above comes with 2 beds, large windows, and plush carpeting.

The main living area has a U-shaped couch that seats up to 10 people, an 80-liter fridge, an automatic coffee machine, and a powerful sound system.

The Futuria’s roof has a massive deck for entertaining. The decking material is exotic teak wood, which doesn’t get slippery when wet.

The deck’s main feature is a whirlpool tub with illuminated jets and a waterfall effect, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Heavy-duty fencing surrounds the upper deck and folds down neatly when the vehicle is in motion.

Perhaps the most outrageous feature of Futuria is the garage that fits a small sports car. There’s also the option to use this as an extra living space.

Costing around $1 million, the Futuria Motorhome might not be the most expensive RV on our list, but it’s still only really affordable for a select few.

Fifth Wheel RVs with Bathtubs

Fifth Wheel RVs are towed behind another vehicle and always come with at least one bathroom.

They often feature slide-outs, which means there’s plenty of space in these RVs.

4. Forest River Sandpiper 383RBLOK

The Forest River Sandpiper sleeps up to 10 people comfortably and might be the most family-friendly RV on our list.

This RV has been thoughtfully designed with large groups in mind and has 2 entry doors, one at the front and the other at the rear.

Inside, the Sandpiper is light and airy, thanks to the extra-large picture windows and the 84-inch ceilings. The interior is warm and cozy at night, with efficient LED lights and a fireplace for cool evenings.

The kitchen is perfect for cooking up family meals and has a center island, stainless steel appliances, and a microwave. There’s also an outside kitchen for camp-style cooking.

The sleeping arrangements are perfect for families, too. The bunkhouse suite has its own bathroom, and a loft above that kids will love. The master suite has a huge bathroom with a good-sized bathtub.

The Sandpiper comes with 4 slide-outs, a powered patio awning, and a washer/dryer, making it ideal for extended family camping trips.

5. Keystone Montana 3921FB

The Keystone Montana is a smaller, more compact Fifth Wheel RV that measures just over 41 feet in length and sleeps, 4 people. 

This RV has a master suite at the front with a king-size bed. The bedroom has walk-through access to the main bathroom. There’s a shower with a seat and dual sinks in this bathroom, but best of all, there’s a deep soaking tub for a touch of camping luxury.

Across from the main entry, there’s a second half-bath.

The RV rear is devoted to the kitchen and living area, where there’s an HDTV, super comfortable furniture, and a fireplace to make things nice and cozy.

The awesome kitchen has an island, an 18 cubic feet residential fridge with an ice maker, and a convection microwave. There’s also a coffee station and a washer/dryer.

With a four-season living package available, the Keystone Montana is perfect for those who want to live in their RV year-round.

The Montana also comes with resilient, easy to sweep flooring, in-floor heating ducts, and a massive pass-through storage compartment with a motion sensor LED light.

6. Coachmen Spirit of America 24RBQS

This RV is the most affordable option on our list.

Used models from the mid-2000s can be found for under $20,000.

The Spirit of America is only 26 feet in length and has an interior height of 81 inches. It has a sturdy aluminum body and tough fiberglass sidewalls, making it a great option for a reliable camper.

There’s only 1 slide-out, so this is a fairly compact RV. There’s a 16′ awning that has to be extended manually, but the benefit there is that you won’t have to worry about a failing motor.

This RV interior is fairly basic than others on this list, but it still has many of the features you’d expect.

The central kitchen and living area have an oven, stove, microwave, and standard-sized fridge that runs on electricity or propane. There’s a comfortable sofa that seats up to 5, a DVD player, TV and surround sound.

The master bedroom is at the front and has a queen-size bed. 2 sofa beds provide comfortable sleeping options for children or guests.

The best feature of the Spirit of America, though, is the master bathroom in the rear. There’s a sink, mirror, vent fan, and a lovely bathtub, which is perfect for soaking in after a long day on the road.




Foretravel Realm FS6 Luxury Villa Spa

Furrion Elysium

Futuria Motorhome

Forest River Sandpiper 383RBLOK

Keystone Montana 3921FB

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