3 Affordable Pop-Up Campers People Love (Prices & Pictures)

Recreational vehicles can be costly, especially for the more luxurious motorhomes.

However, many people don’t have the budget for buying an expensive RV and would rather purchase an affordable motorhome.

Many different RVs are available, from Class A and C’s to travel trailers and fifth wheels and the less-well-known pop-up campers.

Pop-up campers are often more affordable and perfect for those looking for an inexpensive motorhome that they can love and use for many years.

With hundreds of available models currently available, we have scoured through them to find you a few of the most loved pop-up campers that are affordable:

What Is A Pop-Up Camper?

Essentially pop-up campers come in two different types:

  • Hard-Sided
  • Canvas Tent

Pop-up campers hitch onto your vehicle just like any travel trailer or fifth wheel, but they are usually much lighter and easier to tow.

With these motorhomes, you need to set up your living space each time you travel or go on a camping trip. The entire RV will collapse when not in use, making it easier to store than other motorhomes.

Most pop-up campers will come with comfortable furnishings, although if you want an affordable one, you won’t have that many luxury items. You also won’t have as much space with this type of RV as it needs to disassemble easily.

However, some pop-up campers come with more amenities than others, like a small kitchenette and a compact bathroom space.

If you’re after a cozy living environment and want a smaller, affordable and adaptable motorhome, you might want to consider a pop-up camper.

2 Affordable Hard-Sided Pop-Up Campers People Love:

Hard-sided pop-up campers are perfect for those who want a more solid structure to stay while traveling.

Many RVers find when purchasing a hard-sided pop-up camper that they get the best of both worlds.

Hards-sided pop-up campers tend to last longer, which is an excellent motivator when you want to invest in an affordable motorhome. Additionally, hard-sided pop-up campers are better insulated, which is an attractive benefit to those wanting to camp during the winter season.

Furthermore, with a hard-sided pop-up camper, you will have better security features as you will have a solid structure to sleep in.

1. 2021 Forest River Flagstaff T21DMHW (~$20,000)

The 2021 Forest River Flagstaff T21DMHW is one of the most loved hard-sided pop-up campers amongst RVers.

This model is an impressive 21 feet long and has the sleeping accommodation capability to house two people comfortably. The Flagstaff T21DMHW is incredibly durable and is classically built to resemble a travel trailer motorhome.

At approximately $20,000, this hard-sided pop-up camper is perfect for those looking for a pop-up camper that they can use to travel with throughout the year.

All season travel is permissible because of the many windows and the antifreeze inlet that allows you to bypass freshwater tanks when you want to winterize.

The Interior:

Unlike many pop-up campers, this model has an additional outdoor insulated storage space perfect for your luggage.

Inside the Flagstaff T21DHW, you will find a spacious bed big enough to sleep two, a dinette area, and a large table.

This section also has many windows that allow for breathability and natural light to filter in.

Beside the centrally located dining room section is a small but moderately sized kitchen. Inside the kitchen are a  small 2.5 cubic foot three refrigerator, a microwave, a stainless steel sink, and a small stove.

One of the biggest perks that most love when they purchase this motorhome is the hot water package. This package includes a water filter, an astounding 6 gallon DSI water heater, a demand water pump, and a handy outdoor shower.

Opposite the kitchen is a compact bathroom area that can easily be covered when not in use. This bathroom compartment includes a toilet and a shower with a drain and hot and cold water taps.

Throughout this pop-up camper, you will likely adore the maple interior and the vinyl wooden flooring.

Moreover, this model also comes with plenty of storage cupboards, USB charging ports, a television outlet, and a digital media receiver.

2. 2021 Aliner Ranger 12 (~$19,000)

Should you want an incredibly compact hard-sided pop-up camper that has the capability to sleep up to four people, you may want to consider the 2021 Aliner Ranger 12.

This model is only 15 feet long, but it comes with twin beds. Many first-time RVers love this pop-top camper because it is affordable and because it is incredibly lightweight at 1450 pounds, making it easy to maneuver.

You can expect to pay an estimated $19,000 for a brand new unit.

Although the 2021 Aliner Ranger 12 does not have a bathroom, it does have an air conditioning unit.

Additionally, it is capable of traveling in cold weather due to its hard-sided construction featuring insulation.

The Interior:

This is an incredibly compact model, which is why it’s surprising to people that there is a living area, small kitchen, sleeping area, and lots of storage compartments.

At the rear of the pop-up camper are two sofas that face each other. These sofas transform into the sleeping area when you are ready to hunker down for the night.

Next to the small bedroom/living room is the small kitchen.

Inside the kitchen has a sink with a faucet and a two-burner gas stove. Additionally, there is also a small bar fridge.

On the opposite side of this kitchen is a tiny dining room with a collapsable dining room table. This area can seat two people comfortably.

Moreover, this model also features a skylight, multiple roof vents, and plenty of windows.

1 Affordable Canvas Pop-Up Camper People Love:

Canvas pop-up campers are incredibly popular because they have an appealing appearance and are easy to manage and maintain.

If you find a tear in your canvas, you can easily mend it, or if something catastrophic happens, you can even replace some pop-up camper canvases.

Additionally, many people like canvas pop-up tent campers because they are lightweight, allowing cars, SUVs, and trucks to tow them easily. Moreover, canvas pop-up campers are also environmentally friendly, which is a big positive for many RVers attuned to nature.

Many of the canvas materials are made with cotton or hemp, making them wholly biodegradable, and they are also breathable.

3. 2021 Forest River Rockwood Extreme Sports Camper (~$13,000)

Those who are adventurous at heart and love to indulge in weekly or monthly camping excursions are bound to love this fan favorite.

The 2021 Forest River Rockwood Extreme Sports is only 12 feet long, but it can surprisingly sleep up to four people.

It has 20-gallon water carrying capacity tanks which are helpful when camping. This pop-up camper is also ideal for camping because of the wifi ranger and booster, allowing you to stay connected no matter your location in the wilderness.

This model has an approximate retail price of $13,000, which is decently affordable. There are also permanently mounted crossbars on this model with a weight capacity of 150 pounds allowing you to load all your outdoor equipment.

Unlike a few other affordable canvas pop-up campers, Forest River’s model has a decent floorplan design.

Most models come with a small but decently sized kitchen that has a kitchen sink with a faucet. There is also a bar fridge located on the other side of the room, along with a carryout range.

This feature is brilliant as it allows you to cook your meals indoors or outdoors, surrounded by the tranquil sounds of nature.

The sleeping accommodations are what give Rockwood Extreme Sports campers such notoriety. At the front and the rear is two private sleeping quarters.

The one side of the pop-up camper has a 42 inch by 78-inch bed, while on the opposite end of the camper, there is a 54 inch by 78-inch bed.


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