Class A & C Motorhomes With Most Beds (With Prices & Pictures)

If you have a huge family or are someone who likes to travel with friends or entertain, you might want to invest in a motorhome that offers you an assortment of adaptable sleeping accommodations.

In the RV market, many motorhomes have the capabilities to sleep six people or more.

For this RV article, we will be looking at Class A and Class C motorhomes that come with numerous beds:

2 Class A Motorhomes That Can Sleep, Eight People

The largest type of motorhome you can choose to purchase is a Class A.

These motorhomes are often luxurious and process all the features and amenities you would find in a residential home.

For example, many Class A motorhomes come with air conditioners, heaters, washers, and dryers. With the numerous amenities and comfortable furnishings found in most Class A motorhomes, you will likely truly consider your RV home on wheels.

Most Class A motorhomes will come in a variety of different lengths. However, on average, you can expect one of these motorhomes to fall within the 21 feet to 45 feet range.

The larger Class A’s can fit eight people comfortably without cutting out on living space elsewhere. Bigger families prefer Class A motorhomes because they often come with various floorplans and offer more privacy than other RVs.

You will need to have a considerably larger budget if you are considering a Class A motorhome as many of them fall within the price range of $50,000 to $75,000, but you can find reasonably priced second-hand models if you can’t afford a brand new one.

Below we have found two Class A models that can sleep eight people with an assortment of bed options:

1. 2021 Newmar Canyon Star 3927 (~$283,000)

The 2021 Newmar Canyon Star 3927 is a luxury Class A motorhome at its finest.

This model is 40 feet long and features two slide-outs. If you want a diesel engine RV, you are in luck as this model has a 6.7L 340 HP diesel engine with excellent torque capabilities and improved diesel efficiency.

Additionally, this model comes with three air conditioners, and it has a gross vehicle weight of 30,000 pounds.

For this luxury model, you can expect to pay an estimated retail price of $283,000.

Interior & Features:

If you need to sleep eight people, then you might want to consider this Class A motorhome.

It has a queen bed in the private bedroom and a sofa couch in the living room that folds out to sleep two.

Next to the private bedroom, you will find a second bedroom that houses two power bunks that can sleep four people.

Interestingly this bedroom is located in the toy hauler part of this RV. Unlike other Class As, the Newmar Canyon Star 3927 has a spacious garage where the drop-down bunks are located.

Moreover, if you need a ninth sleeping space, you can opt for a dinette bed. This model comes with modern appliances in the gorgeous kitchen, and it has a large bathroom with a 35-inch by 35-inch shower.

The color scheme throughout the motorhome is soft beiges and whites, which adds to the motorhome’s overall elegance. There are also three LED televisions installed in this model, and there is plenty of storage space throughout the home.

2. 2022 Thor Motor Coach Miramar 37.1 (~$155,000)

Traveling with many people usually means that someone always has to wait for the bathroom, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you purchase the 2022 Thor Motor Coach Miramar 37.1, you will be pleased to learn that it houses two separate full bathrooms. This model is 39 feet long and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 24,000 pounds.

It is also reasonably priced, and you can expect to pay $155,000 for this model.

Interior & Features:

In terms of sleeping capabilities, the Miramar 37.1 can comfortably sleep eight people while providing enough privacy for everyone to cohabit peacefully.

At the rear of this spacious Class A is an innovative reclining king-size bed that measures 72 inches by 76 inches.

This bedroom also has its own private bathroom with a shower, toilet, and bathroom sink.

Towards the middle of the RV, you will find the second full bathroom. Across from this bathroom is a set of private bunk beds that can sleep two people.

When you head towards the front and into the kitchen area, you will find the large 68-inch fold-out sofa bed that can sleep two people.

Lastly, above the cabin area, you will see a drop-down overhead bunk bed that measures 54 inches by 74 inches.

The gorgeous interior is also home to several other lovely features such as LED televisions, including an exterior TV, air conditioners, a fireplace, satin finish cabinetry, and residential-sized appliances.

2 Class C Motorhomes That Can Sleep, Eight People

Unlike Class A motorhomes, most Class C RVs are much easier to maneuver and drive.

Additionally, many Class C motorhomes come with many beds that allow space for many occupants. Like class A motorhomes, you will find that many Class C’s are luxurious and feature residential appliances and amenities.

Moreover, these motorhomes are specially built on a van or truck chassis and tend to be smaller than Class A RVs.

Families and couples particularly like Class C RVs as many brands manufacture various Class C models with an over-the-cab bunk bed, a perfect place for children to sleep.

Additionally, Class C RVs can tow a small vehicle perfect for families who want to conduct a few day trips while on holiday.

Most Class C motorhomes will have a length between 21 feet and 35 feet. They are also more affordable than Class A motorhomes as you can expect to pay between $40,000 and $250,000 for a brand new model.

If you need a class C with lots of beds for six people, have a look at our two options below:

3. 2021 Forest River Forester LE 3251DSLE (~$74,000)

The 2021 Forest River Forester LE 3251DSLE is an exception amongst Class C motorhomes as it can sleep between six to eight people.

This model is 32 feet and 3 inches long and has a gross vehicle weight of 14,500 pounds.

Inside, you will find a 13500 BTU air conditioner, a 30000 BTU furnace, a 6 gallon DSI gas or electric water heater, and a satellite and cable connection.

If you want an affordable Class C, this one might be worth looking at as it has an approximate retail price of $74,000.

Interior & Features:

At the front of this Class C, you will find a bunk bed housed over the cabin area.

This bed is 60-inches by 80-inches, and it has an LED television facing it.

There is a fold-out sofa couch in the living room that can sleep two people across a large comfortable dinette area.

Next to the kitchen towards this motorhome’s rear, you will see a small kid’s sofa sleeper with a flip-down 28-inch by 72-inch bunk bed.

Conveniently across from this kid’s corner accommodation, you will find the spacious bathroom with all the amenities you could need. Next to the bathroom at the very rear of this Class C is a large 60 inch by 74-inch queen-sized bed.

Similar to comparable models, you will love the modern appliances in the kitchen that include a 10.7 cubic foot refrigerator, a convection oven, and a recessed 3 burner range stove that comes with a glass cover.

4. 2022 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 26T (~$138,000)

Should you have a bigger budget and want to invest in a brand that won’t disappoint you, you might want to evaluate and research the 2022 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 26T.

This model is 28 feet long, has a gas engine, and has a gross vehicle weight of 14500 pounds. Additionally, this model can also sleep six to eight people, making it another rarity on the market.

The estimated retail price for the Minnie Winnie 26T is $138,000, but you will likely get your money’s worth with the features and amenities it possesses.

This new and improved safety enhanced Class C motorhome by Winnebago has an impressive V8 engine that offers 168 LB of torque and 350 HP, all built into a Ford chassis.

Interior & Features:

At the rear of this model, there is a massive queen-sized bed accompanied by bedside tables and an ensuite bathroom.

Centrally located, there is a dinette area that measures 45 inches by 74 inches, and this converts into sleeping space for two people.

Across from the dinette is a 40-inch by 60-inch sofa bed that also sleeps two people.

At the front of the Minnie Winnie, 26T above the cabin area, is a large 57-inch by 95- inch bed. The gorgeous kitchen is opposite this bunk bed but a distance away.

Inside the kitchen, there is plenty of light wood cabinetry and numerous modern appliances.

As we mentioned previously, the bathroom is located in a private bedroom, but it is spacious and offers a 24-inch by 32-inch shower, a flushable toilet, and a bathroom sink with a medicine cabinet.


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