3 Great Toy Haulers For Full-Time Living (With Prices & Pictures)

Many people choose to purchase a toy hauler for full-time RV living.

It might not seem like toy haulers are suited to living year-round, but many modern models are perfect for some, especially if you buy a four-season toy hauler.

However, with so many models available now, it can be challenging to find a toy hauler that suits your full-time living needs and requirements.

That’s why we have examined a few full-time toy hauler options and selected three great models that we think will cater to a variety of people’s needs and wants:

2 Toy Haulers For Full-Time Living That Can Sleep, Four people

If you have a reasonably small family or are looking for a toy hauler to live in during your retirement, there are fortunately many suitable smaller full-time living toy hauler options that can sleep four or less.

When deciding on a toy hauler to purchase, you will need to determine if you want a smaller, more compact budget-friendly option or a larger spacious fifth-wheel toy hauler.

To help you decide which is the very best for you, we have given two examples of a regular toy hauler and a fifth wheel toy hauler.

We have included the features and amenities each model possesses, a brief description of them, and the price you can expect to pay for each of them:

1. 2021 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 22RR (~$20,000)

The durable 2021 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 22RR is an affordable option for those couples who plan to live frugally.

This model is ideal for young couples who want to live in a motorhome full time while carting around their outdoor toys from destination to destination.

The Cherokee Grey Wolf 22RR is ideal for many as it has plenty of storage in the huge 12 foot and 9 inches garage space at the rear. This model is 29 feet long and has a gross vehicle weight of approximately 7,686 pounds.

Additionally, it can sleep four people and has an estimated retail price of $20,000, making it perfect for those looking for superb quality on a budget.

Starting at the rear of this toy hauler is a spacious garage area. In this area, there are comfortable pleather-wrapped couches in tones of grey. These couches fold up and fold out into sleeping accommodations for two people.

There is also a handy collapsable wooden table that fits the two couches, allowing the garage to become a dining room or living room when needed.

Interior & Features:

The kitchen is basic but functional.

There is cabinetry and gleaming countertops as well as lots of modern appliances. You will find a large fridge, a pantry, a stove, and a microwave.

Outside there is also a TV mount for when you want to enjoy watching a movie surrounded by nature.

If you have a few items you can’t stand to part with but don’t want to clutter up the inside with you can stow them away in the outside storage area.

There is a large shower with a movable showerhead in the bathroom, a flushable toilet, and a bathroom sink with a faucet. Additionally, this unit also has an outdoor hot and cold water shower.

At the very front of this model is the private bedroom. Inside the room, you will find a comfortable bed with bedside tables, large windows, and plenty of storage cupboards.

There is also beautiful black-toned wooden overhead cabinetry above the bed and mirrors to either side. If you’re worried about where you will charge your appliance, you will be pleased to learn of the numerous charging outlets located in this bedroom.

2. 2021 Forest River Riverstone 42FSKG (~$123,000)

If you have a significantly bigger budget and like the Forest River brand, the 2021 Riverstone 42FSKG might be worth considering for your next full-time living purchase.

This fifth-wheel toy hauler has a gorgeous floorplan that allows for plenty of spacious living areas. The Riverstone 42FSKG is 45 feet long and has a hefty gross weight of 21,000 pounds.

For approximately $123,000, you will enjoy the below-floor garage, theatre seating, and zero gravity ramp door.

Interior & Features:

The light wood vinyl flooring magnificently complements the leather furnishings, polished desk area, and sparkling countertops.

Unlike other motorhomes, you will love that this particular model comes with a home office space in the living room. If your working from home, this is a perfect feature catering to you.

Across from the desk, you will find the uber comfortable leather sofa and reclining sofa. Additionally, there is a large LED television with an entertainment system and an electronic fireplace in this living room. There are also cupboards, an air conditioning system and a ceiling fan.

The recliners each come with their own cupholders, and the layout of the living room allows for ample space for people to walk and maneuver easily without getting each other’s way. The private bedroom at the front is modestly sized with a bed, cupboards, decorative headboard, and plush carpeting.

On the one side of this centrally located living room are LED-lit stairs that lead into an ultra-modern kitchen. The kitchen features a gorgeous sparkling white center island with a four-burner gas stovetop set into it.

You will a large duel sink layout with stainless steel sinks and a faucet on one side of the kitchen. The center wall of the kitchen houses the huge double-door refrigerator and additional countertop space with white tile decal backsplashes.

There is also a modern microwave oven and a small two-seater dining table that faces the lounge and the TV. Moving into the modern bathroom, you will find a truly masterful space. The shower is massive and can comfortably fit two people within it.

There is a handy fold-down wooden seat and shelving. The two-tone coloring present in this room with the LED-backlit mirror adds elegance to this space.

There is also a toilet, overhead cabinetry, electrical outlet, and a sparkling white countertop with a built-in sink.

1 Toy Hauler For Full-Time Living That Can Sleep, Six People

Larger families turn to full-time RV living, especially with the current state of the economy and the world.

Full-time living in a motorhome grants families freedom they likely never before had. Additionally, many toy haulers cater to families who want to participate in full-time living, with residential features and amenities offered in various models.

Full-time motorhome living is increasingly becoming the way of the future and is a prominent trend in today’s society currently.

Families want to grow closer in the technological age and immerse themselves in nature rather than cities.

Suppose you and your family or friends want to embrace full-time living in a motorhome, you will want to look at the option we have found suitable. Below you will find a short description of the model, a price estimate, and an idea of the significant features and amenities you will find within.

3. 2021 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 236TH (~$28,000)

If you have a somewhat large family and are looking into participating in full-time living, you likely want a modern motorhome on a budget.

If that’s the case, the 2021 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 236TH might be a serious contender. This model is 28 feet long, can sleep six people, and has a gross vehicle weight of 7,500 pounds.

The size of the cargo area is 5 feet and 11 inches, and it has a 7-foot long ramp door that comes with spring assist.

The retail price for this unit is estimated to be an affordable $28,000, which is a steal for this gorgeous motorhome.

This toy hauler comes with several different interior decor theme options, so you will likely find one you like.

The flooring throughout the model is done in a light wood vinyl design which allows the entire RV to look bright and modern.

Keeping with the modern theme, you will notice warm-toned wood cabinetry present in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Cargo & Garage:

Starting at the back of the Jay Flight SLX 236TH is the cargo area.

This area features two fold-out sofas that transform into two double beds offering sleeping accommodations for four people. When not in use, the beds can be folded away or changed back into couches suitable for a small living room or dining room space.

You can also set up a removable dining room table if you and the family want to have dinner together after a long day spent in the outdoors.

Interior & Features:

Next to the cargo/bedroom area is a large pantry that has plenty of space for you to stock up if you’re going to be away in the wilderness for months at a time.

The kitchen is also next to this area and is very spacious, although there are not copious amounts of countertop preparation space.

However, the marble-like counters are beautiful and offer a nice contrast to the stainless steel modern appliances.

A residential-sized fridge, a sink with a faucet, a stove, and a stainless steel microwave.

The bathroom offers dual access from the kitchen and the private bedroom, which is incredibly convenient, especially if you live with children. Although on the smaller side, you will find a wraparound shower with glass doors, a bathroom cabinet with a sink, and a flushable pedestal toilet.

If you like a bright bathroom, you will like that this one comes with a skylight.

Lastly, the front bedroom features a queen-sized bed, side tables, and two large windows that allow air to filter in. This bed is a walk-around one, so you have plenty of space to move from one side of the room to the other.

There is also a 15000 BTU air conditioner, 24-inch LED television, and ramp patio included with this model.

Additionally, as an added benefit, you can also access the roof with a leader and enjoy stargazing in the evening.


Jayco Model Information

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