Always Choose A Corner Apartment – When Possible (7 Reasons)

When choosing a unit in an apartment building, there are many things to consider.

One thing that usually comes to mind is which floor to choose, as lower-floor, higher-floor, and mid-level apartments have pros and cons.

Another thing to think about is whether you should choose a corner apartment or a middle unit.

A corner apartment may be slightly more expensive, but they’re generally a better choice compared to middle units:

1. Corner Apartments Get More Natural Light

Corner apartments generally get more natural light because they have more windows than middle apartments.

On the other hand, middle apartments always just get one side with a window.

Since corner apartments have more windows, they get more natural light inside the unit, creating a brighter and more inviting space.

This also adds more warmth to the space.

And if an apartment gets a lot of natural light, the occupants don’t need artificial lights to brighten up their space, which can help reduce their electricity bills.

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2. Corner Apartments Get Better Views

In relation to what was discussed above, corner apartments have more windows, which also means they get better views.

Because these apartments have windows placed on at least two sides of the unit, corner apartments typically get better views of the surrounding area – city, ocean, or mountain views.

This is especially true if the corner apartment is on a higher floor in the building.

Even if your apartment building is not located close to nature, there’s something enjoyable about seeing the city lights twinkle at night.

Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a city, a coastal area, or on a mountainside. The sky during sunset is always a beautiful sight to see.

People can benefit from having beautiful views from their apartments. It helps create a more relaxing environment at home because having a view can make them feel connected to the outdoors.

Having a view can help improve mental well-being and give a sense of community.

3. Corner Apartments Get Better Ventilation

Corner apartments have windows on at least two sides of the unit, which means they get better ventilation than middle apartments.

With more windows, corner apartments have improved ventilation as fresh air from the outside can enter the apartment coming from different directions. This also allows for cross-ventilation.

Having good ventilation in your apartment means that the airflow inside the unit is regulated and that the temperatures inside are more pleasant and comfortable.

Good ventilation can also prevent residue, condensation, and mold growth which can have a harmful impact on your health. Plus you get to easily get rid of bad odors and air pollutants in your home.

And lastly, because of good ventilation, it means that corner apartments are generally more comfortable to live in, which positively impacts your overall well-being.

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4. Corner Apartments Get More Privacy

Because of their location inside the building, corner apartments get more privacy with fewer shared walls with next-door neighbors.

Having fewer shared walls with your neighbors means that they won’t be able to easily hear you from next door. And it goes both ways as you get less noise and fewer disturbances coming from their unit.

In addition, corner apartments get less foot traffic on the adjacent building hallway. This is because fewer people typically walk and pass by corner apartments.

5. Corner Apartments Have More Space

In some cases, corner apartments may be a little bit larger compared to middle units.

This is mostly because of their floor plan and unique placement inside the building.

This means that occupants of corner apartments can have more space inside their homes. Even though the difference in size between corner units and middle units may not be a lot, every square foot matters when it comes to apartments.

Furthermore, the fact that corner apartments have more windows also helps make the entire unit feel more spacious and open.

6. Corner Apartments Can Get Outdoor Space

Depending on the design of the building, some corner apartments have a balcony, meaning they get outdoor space.

Living in an apartment in a busy and densely-populated city can make you feel confined and limited. Apartments don’t have a lot of space, especially outdoor areas, unlike standalone houses.

Some corner apartments have a balcony, an extension of the living space. Having a balcony means getting a personal outdoor space you can use for anything you want.

You can use it for relaxing and winding down after a long day. You can use it for practicing yoga or meditating. You can turn it into a space for entertaining guests.

You can even turn it into a small garden by filling it with potted plants to add some greenery to your home.

Having a balcony can help improve your mental well-being by giving you a sense of being connected to the outdoors even when living in a busy city.

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7. Corner Apartments Have a Higher Resale Value

This only applies when you’re buying an apartment unit instead of renting it.

If you wish to resell your apartment, corner apartments have a higher value than middle apartments.

This is attributed to all the advantages mentioned above.

Or if you’re planning to rent out your corner unit or list it on Airbnb for tourists in your city, you can price it higher for its monthly or daily rate because of the benefits of living in it.


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