Are Cobia Boats Reliable & Good? (11 Tips To Know)

Cobia Boats are generally considered to be upper mid-tier boats. They are seen as pricey for what you are getting.

With a loyal following and over half a century in business, they are considered a popular boat brand.

But are Cobia boats good?

Are Cobia Boats Any Good?

The Cobia Boat Company makes solid hulls and equips them with quality components as standard. They have had few problems in the manufacturing process and strong customer support and brand loyalty, but they are among the best mid-tier powerboats.

A Brief History of Cobia Boats

The Cobia Boat Company was founded in Orlando, Florida, in 1959 by Sanford businessman Harold Slama. In the early 1960s, Cobia boats moved production to Sanford.

Cobia Boats are a high-level semi-custom boat-building company, which offers a range of center console and dual console boats.

The boats range in size from 20 – 35 feet and are powered by a range of Yamaha outboard engines.

A standard Cobia Boat includes basic fishing and family features like good seating arrangements, open decks, plenty of storage, and the center or dual steering console. There is an extensive list of optional extras so that you can design and customize your boat to your own personal requirements.

Whether you are a serious fishing expert or want to have family fun on the water, Cobia Boats offer quality, a dependable boat that you can safely use in coastal or offshore waters.

The company continued strong into the 1980s, buying Robalo in 1982 and opening a second plant in Vonore, Tennessee.

In 1993, Yamaha purchased the company, and production was moved to Panama City and paired it with the Century brand.

In 2005, the Maverick Boat Company started in 1985 with $12,000 and two molds, purchased Cobia, and moved production to Fort Pierce. After some models being manufactured in Marion, North Carolina, the current production is in a new plant that they opened up in St. Lucie, Florida.

How Reliable Are Cobia Boats?

Cobia Boats has a strong reputation for quality and reliability in the industry.

They routinely make “Best Of” lists from companies serving and monitoring the industry; for example, the Cobia 330 Dual Console is on Boatsafe’s 2021 list of the Seven Best Dual Consoles, which includes the much more expensive Grady White Freedom 370.

The boating forums are generally filled with positive feedback from owners. Complaints do show up, but in a medium designed to magnify problems, Cobia’s reputation holds its own.

Each Cobia boat is customized to a certain extent, beyond the color. For those who favor fishing over simple pleasure on the water, or vice-versa, there are a few options in the construction process to personalize the boat.

This personalized attention to detail is one reason why most owners find the boats reliable.

2. How Durable Are Cobia Boats?

The new manufacturer of Cobia Boats, the Maverick Boat Group, has risen to become one of the leading boat manufacturers in the USA.

They have a reputation for building quality, long-lasting boats that deliver high performance, luxury, ample storage, and ease of fishing in a stunning package that comes in great value for money.

In addition, all Cobia Boats are built to American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards, which is considered the highest standard in the US boat building industry.

After the Maverick Boat Group (MBG) bought Cobia Boats in 2005, they immediately improved the build quality.

They are designed with flared bows and deep-V hulls to cut through the water and have a smoother, drier ride.

They do not use wood anywhere in the construction process, so there is no chance of rotting in the cores.

Their stringer system is a fiberglass-encapsulated polymer. The decks have carbon-reinforced beam support. Hardware is 316 Stainless Steel, and wiring harnesses are built custom to every boat.

Before each boat leaves the plant, it undergoes a 300-point inspection.

All of these factors combine to make a durable boat.

3. How Long Do Cobia Boats Typically Last?

Of the mid-tier powerboats, the longevity of an older Cobia seems to be standard.

How long your Cobia Boat lasts will, of course, depend on how well your boat is looked after.

As Cobia Boats are mainly used for fishing and leisure on the oceans, salt water is your Enemy Number 1. So always make sure to rinse your Cobia Boat with fresh water after every use.

When browsing the feedback from owners, it seems that Cobia boats are lasting and other brands of their vintage.

The most common complaint seems to be some soft decks from models in the late 1990s when wood was still being used in the construction process, but this is not a universal complaint.

As always, a boat’s longevity is determined largely by the care an owner has taken in it.

In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty recommends that users can use a mild detergent to clean any dirt, silt, or stains. It also advises only to use a damp cloth to wipe down or clean the cushions and never hose down or soak the cushions with water.

You can use a light coat of lubricant to polish and maintain any metal railing, screws, and electrical connections. This will help prevent any rust marks or other decomposition.

What About Older Cobia Boats?

Despite being sold a half-dozen times and moving production over the years, Cobia has maintained its good reputation. The older models were well-made.

Feedback and commentary from owners of older models on the boating forums are good on the whole. From 2005 onward, in particular, it has been good since the Maverick Boating Company took over.

Before that, the quality is still strong. There are some scattered complaints, however.

A few boats from the late 1990s have had issues with the deck going soft, but whether common to Cobias or just typical for the age and construction process is hard to say.

Some older Cobias also have had problems with light-duty hardware cracking or breaking and poorly-lined fishing boxes resulting in leaks.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Parts for Cobias made from the mid-2000s, when purchased by the Maverick Boat Company, are still being made. They are easy to get from Cobia’s dealer network.

Older Cobias are more difficult to track down parts for. Part of the reason is that when Maverick Boating Company bought out Cobia, they received very little documentation relating to previous models.

Most manuals and wiring diagrams were lost. Parts and even the description of them were not included in the acquisition, either.

Tracking down parts or information is hard for this reason. Cobia Boats has an Owners’ section on their website, and Maverick Boating Company has a dedicated forum; these are good places to start if you need to find a lost or damaged part.

The network of dealers may ultimately be a better route to pursue, however. Some dealers have been selling Cobias for decades and may have parts or manuals that users cannot find elsewhere.

4. Has Cobia Made Any Recalls?

If you are considering purchasing a Cobia Boat, or indeed any other boat, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer or a certified dealer to make sure that recalls do not exist.

According to, there was a single recall of an 18′ Cuddy Odyssey in 1982 which was reported on June 2nd of that year. The case was closed on April 21st of 1983.

The problem in that case from 1982 was that the 18′ Cuddy Odyssey had a level flotation issue.

This indicates that that model was not floating level with the waterline, which did not provide a safe place for the users in case of capsizing.

5. What Are the Most Popular Cobia Boats?

Cobia Boats offer a range of center console (CC) and dual console (DC) boats ranging from 20 – 35 feet.

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the most popular recreational boats in the United States are between 18 – 26 feet in length.

So with this information in mind, the following are considered the most popular Cobia models:

Cobra 220 DC

The Cobia 220 Dual Console boat offers an easily accessible centerline, the most stable part of the boat.

This model is a versatile boat that can be used for family cruising, water sports like water-skiing, and some serious fishing.

The newly designed hull offers a smooth, dry ride and can handle rough seas with comfort and style.

The standard package comes with a Yamaha F150XB, and new boat prices start at $59,234.

Cobia 240 CC

The Cobia 240 Centre Console was rated as one of the 20 Best Centre Console Boats by Sport Fishing magazine in April 2020.

The new hull was redesigned from the original 237CC and increased to 240CC to provide both competitive and casual fishermen with all the fishing amenities you could want on a boat this size.

The extra dimensions also add comfort and space to use the boat for stylish sunset cruises or memorable family days out.

The standard package includes Yamaha Twin F150XB’s, and new boat prices start at just over $90,500.

Cobia 240 DC

Cobia Boats claim that their Cobia 240 DC is ‘the most feature-packed 24-foot dual console on the water’, and the reviews seem to support this.

The Cobia 240 DC has a shallow draft that allows you to get close to the beach and a wide beam which means ample seating to seat 9 people comfortably.

The dual console layout enables different groups to keep themselves occupied with some serious fishing, swimming, or just relaxing in the sun.

The standard package features a Yamaha 300NSB, and new boat prices start from $125,501.

Cobia 262 CC

The Cobia 262 Centre Console replaces the Cobia 261 CC boat, which has long been recognized as one of Cobia’s most popular models.

However, fans needn’t worry. The new 262 CC has all the older 261 CC model features but with a newly designed center console, extra walk-around space, and an integrated windshield frame.

The standard package includes Yamaha Twin F150XB’s, and new boat prices start at $114,497.

Other popular models in the Cobia Boat range include the following:

  • Centre Console: 201CC, 220CC, 237CC, 280CC, 301CC, 320CC, 350CC
  • Dual Console: 280DC, 330DC

Standard packages come ready to go, but Cobia offers an extensive list of optional extras to let owners personalize their boat with all sorts of exciting upgrades.

From upgraded electronics packages to wash-down systems and more.

In addition, if you want to purchase a trailer for your boat, Cobia Boats has teamed up with Ameratrail Trailers to offer you a seamless way to order a trailer from arguably one of the best trailer makers in the business.

6. Where Are Cobia Boats Manufactured?

While the original builders of the Cobia Boat Company were based in Orlando in 1959, C & C Manufacturing Inc, the previous owners of Cobia Boats, were based in Panama City in Florida.

So it was pretty much a smooth transition for the new manufacturers, the Maverick Boat Group (MBG), based in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Today, Cobia Boats are still manufactured in a dedicated factory/workshop in Fort Pierce, Florida, where they offer factory tours every Friday from 2:00 pm, by appointment only.

You can say that Cobia Boats are a true Florida-based brand.

7. How Is the Warranty On Cobia Boats?

All Cobia Boats are NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) certified, and the company offers a ‘no nonsense’ 10-year limited warranty.

However, Cobia Boats advise owners that an authorized Cobia Dealer must carry out all maintenance and repairs on their boat.

Any self-repairs or repairs carried out by a non-authorized Cobia Dealer may result in the warranty becoming invalid for your boat.

8. Which Brands Produce Boats Similar to Cobia Boats?

While Cobia Boats and their parent company MBG strive to offer a better-built boat than other boats in the same class, many companies produce similar models. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Blackfin Boats

Blackfin Boats have been producing top-quality fishing boats since 1973.

They are renowned for their durable construction and classic design.

Their new line of boats still features all the best traits of the original Blackfin design, but they now blend the old with the latest innovative technology, comfort, and high-end style.

Henriques Yachts

Jaques Henrique immigrated from Portugal to the USA with 4 generations of boat-building knowledge and years of personal experience.

He started Henriques Yachts in 1977 and is still going strong with high-quality, semi-custom-built yachts today.

The company is known to build high-quality, strong, and seaworthy fishing boats ranging from 30 to 42 feet.

SeaVee Boats

SeaVee Boats build an award-winning range of semi-custom sportfishing boats from 27 – 45 feet.

There are different models available with a choice of classic deep-V or stepped hulls.

Their center console boats can choose features and options that will appeal to hardcore anglers and fishing families alike.

WellCraft Boats

With over 50 years of boat-building expertise, WellCraft is well placed on building your semi-custom center console or bay boat.

Their boats are designed and built for fun, fishing, family time, and more. The range includes boats from 16 – 35 feet, making them well placed in the US market’s ‘most popular boat size.

While this is just a short selection of similar boat brands on the market, there are many other boat manufacturers out there. However, what sets Cobia apart is their commitment to producing a quality product while looking after its quality team of people behind the brand.

In addition, Cobia Boats has made a social and environmental commitment.

The managers of MBG have spots on the boards of various local marine associations, standing up for both the manufacturers and various marine conservation organizations.

9. Do Cobia Boats Hold Their Value?

Cobia Boats seem to hold their value well relative to other comparable brands. Many of their recent models stay ahead of the depreciation curve.

Let’s use the popular 237 Center Console as an example.

Using the NADA guide and coastal Virginia area, a 2015 model retailed for $75,461 has an average resale value of $57,200. That is a favorable 24.2% rate of depreciation.

The much larger 344 Center Console retailed for $213,273 and has an average resale value of $164,550.

That is a depreciation rate of 22.9%, which is very strong for a larger, more expensive boat.

10. Are Cobia Boats Still Being Made?

Today Cobia Boats are made at their new plant in St. Lucie, Florida. Their lines are comprised of center consoles and dual console models.

The center consoles range from the 20-foot 201 CC, which starts at $49,162, to the 34-foot 350 CC, which starts at $291,546.

Their line of dual consoles starts with the 21.5-foot 220 DC, with a starting price of $59,234, and goes up to the 33.5-foot 330 DC, with a starting price of $281,110.

Final Thoughts

While a Cobia Boat is not the cheapest boat on the market, they represent quality, style, and innovative design.

In addition, they do offer a range of sizes to fit all pockets, and if you can not afford a new boat, they are widely available on the secondhand boating market.


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