4 Great Toy Haulers For Motorcycles (With Prices & Pictures)

Many motorcycle enthusiasts are becoming interested in toy haulers as they provide them with the option of taking their beloved motorcycle with them on adventures.

Before, if you wanted to experience driving your motorcycle in a different state in the US, you would have to drive there physically.

Fortunately, RV users can load up their motorcycle in a toy hauler when they have picked out their next destination. Best of all, you won’t need to be concerned about the safety of your motorcycle and where you will stay while away from your home.

Most toy haulers available now come equipped with tie-downs in the cargo areas and all the features and amenities you could need while out on the road.

However, we know it can be difficult choosing a toy hauler that is best for you and your motorcycles, so we have compiled this brief list:

2 Great Toy Haulers For Couples With Motorcycles On A Budget:

If your part of a couple with a thirst for the open road and the next adventure but you’re on a budget, don’t worry, as there are toy haulers suited to you.

Many motorhome manufacturing companies cater to those on a budget. However, it can still be terribly challenging to find a toy hauler with adequate cargo space and a high enough gross weight rating to cart your motorcycle.

Below we have provided two examples of great toy haulers perfect for those who want a moderate-sized cargo area with comfortable living arrangements.

We have also given the estimated retail price for the motorhomes and the features and amenities you can look forward to:

1.  2022 Palomino Puma XLE 25TFC (~$28,300)

If you need a versatile toy hauler with superb additional optional extras, you should consider the 2022 Palomino Puma XLE 25TFC. This model is perfect for the adventurous spirit who wants to undertake many offroad adventures.

The 2022 Palomino Puma XLE 25TFC is 30 feet long with a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,800 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 2,663 pounds. This unit has a large 7 foot, 3-inch long ramp door with a spring assist, and the cargo area is an impressive 11 feet long.

This cargo weight limit will easily allow you to cart your motorcycles with you when on holiday, and the convenient spring-assisted ramp door will let you load up easily.

With an estimated retail price of only $28,300, this toy hauler is certainly a bargain. Some of its more notable features include a 13,500 BTU air conditioning unit, an outside shower, durable Beaufloor linoleum, WiFi prep, and 6 gallon DSI heater.

Additionally, with the Puma XLE25TFC, you can opt to have an efficient outdoor kitchen that comes equipped with a griddle, microwave, and mini-refrigerator.

Another optional extra that is attractive to those couples thinking of having a family in the future is the optional queen-sized bed that can be equipped in the cargo area.

If you are passionate about entertainment features, you will like the exterior speakers, AM/FM/CD/DVD stereo, and two LED televisions.

2. 2022 Genesis Supreme Overnighter 12-14.6FK (~$30,000)

No-nonsense couples who are more concerned about where they can store their motorcycles than what their living accommodations look like will likely love the 2022 Genesis Supreme Overnighter 12-14.6K.

This model is very different from the others on our list as it has the appearance of a truck. The entire 14 foot and 6-inch long cargo area is open, while the small living area is enclosed at the front.

The entire length of this unit is 31 feet and 6 inches, and it has a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,200 pounds with a cargo-carrying capacity of 3,060 pounds. Although this toy hauler isn’t as easy to load as comparable models, it has more space, meaning you can take more outdoor equipment with you.

A handy power awning located near the front provides enough space for a couple to sit under and relax during sweltering summers.

If you want an open cargo toy hauler that isn’t too expensive, the Genesis Supreme Overnighter 12-14.6K might be worth it.

This immaculate model has an approximate retail price of $30,000. There aren’t too many features, but you will have a spacious living room area with two opposing sofas that transform into a bed.

The kitchen area is compact, but you will have the necessities like a refrigerator, kitchen sink, two plate stove, and microwave.  Additionally, there is also a bathroom with a shower and toilet.

2 Great Toy Haulers For  Families With Motorcycles On A Budget:

Enthusiastic adventures are not only limited to the young and reckless as many families are looking towards outdoor entertainment.

More families are looking into toy haulers with space for their motorcycles and other outdoor equipment like kayaks and ATVs. Although it is harder to find a toy hauler that is spacious enough for a family of between four and six with a decent cargo weight limit on a budget, it is not impossible.

Below we have listed two great toy haulers that we believe are ideal for families who are on a budget and that want to take with them their motorcycles.

We have also included similarly to how we did for the above two toy haulers their pricing, sizing, and features:

3. 2021 Forest River XLR Boost 31QB (~$37,500)

If you want a toy hauler perfect for an incredibly action-filled camping lifestyle, you may want to look into the 2021 Forest River XLR Boost 31QB.

This model is ideal for all sorts of adventures, including ski trips, motorcycle competitions, soccer tournaments, tailgating, and water sports. You can expect to pay approximately $37,500 for a brand new XLR Boost 31QB.

This unit has a total length of  39 feet and 3 inches, an unloaded vehicle weight of 9,320 pounds, and a total cargo carrying capacity of 4145.  The cargo length is 12 feet and 6 inches which provide adequate enclosed space for your motorcycles.

Unlike the other two toy haulers, we mentioned the XLR Boost 31QB has a separate cargo area and living area. This is ideal for the many families who want their privacy and want their toy hauler to have a residential look.

The XLR Boost 31QB wouldn’t be able to make all its claims without housing some impressive features, and fortunately, it doesn’t disappoint. For starters, the unit is incredibly durable and perfect for four seasonal travel because of its construction features.

It has an enclosed insulated underbelly, enclosed holding tanks, insulated storage doors, a fully walkable roof, and safety glass windows.

Not all toy haulers come with handy and convenient extras, but the XLR Boost 31QB is in a league of its own. Those who choose this model will have a 30-gallon fuel station that comes with generator prep, a 13,500 BTU ducted air conditioning unit, and beautifully bright under-unit accent lighting.

4. 2021 Cruiser Stryker ST2313 (~$48,000)

The 2021 Cruiser Stryker ST2313 is made to be incredibly durable and lasts decades.

If you’re a family who plans to take many outdoor adventurers carting your motorcycles with you, you may want to consider this reasonably priced model. This toy hauler is the most expensive on our list at an estimated retail price of $48,000, but the construction quality makes the price worth it.

This unit is spacious at 27 feet and 6 inches long with a cargo area of 13 feet and 4 inches. It has a total gross vehicle weight rating of 11,260 pounds, a hitch weight of 860 pounds, and a cargo-carrying capacity limit of 4,472 pounds.

If you’re after an incredibly modern yet classy interior, this model is right up your alley. The inside is beautifully designed with state-of-the-art appliances and comfortable furnishings that include a fully slidable king-sized bed.

Some notable construction features that make this model durable include the 102-inch wide body heavy-duty max foundation construction, the heavy-duty axles with self-adjusting breaks, and the Azdel composite laminated sidewalls that have f sided aluminum framing.

If you are planning on frequently camping in a multitude of weather conditions, this toy hauler will serve you well as it has a 15,000 BTU ducted air conditioner, generator prep, a 30-gallon fuel station, and an impressive 10-gallon gas or electric water heater.

The interior features are also worth mentioning, such as the kicker sound system, designer accent walls, treated shaw carpeting, and a 12v USB charging station.



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