Are Ebbtide Boats Any Good? 9 Things You Should Know

Today, Ebbtide is owned by the Limestone Boat Company, a Canadian boat manufacturer with a track record of manufacturing quality power vessels. 

They currently manufacture the Aquasport and Boca Bay brands, as well as the Limestone models in Ebbtide’s 145,000 square foot facility in White Bluff, Tennessee:

Here’s How Good Ebbtide Boats Are:

While Ebbtide Boats never had the same marketing budget as some of their bigger competitors, they still built popular, good-quality boats. Historically, Ebbtide has been building solid boats that stand up over time and offer good value to buyers for more than 40 years.

1. What Are Ebbtide Boats?

Ebbtide is a boat building company that built fiberglass sport and recreational boats in 17 – 33 feet.

This boat-builder offers hull types that include deep V and modified V displacement hulls that are generally used for leisure boating activities such as day cruising, water sports, saltwater fishing, and overnight cruising. Ebbtide equipped its range of models with a choice of inboard and outboard engines available with both gas and diesel options.

Sought after for their Cruisers, Runabouts, and Bow-riders, Ebbtide boats generally have a medium-depth draft and average beam.

These qualities make them very popular and a favorite for day cruising, watersports, saltwater fishing, and overnight cruising.

2. How Durable Are Ebbtide Boats?

Ebbtide Boats were built to last. Ebbtide built all of their boats using hand-laid glass-reinforced resin.

The hulls are solidly built with reinforced stringers systems and reinforced hull sides. The Ebbtide mission statement was to build carefully engineered, quality boats that deliver unsurpassed safety, style, and comfort.

They were designed and built so that a boat that would last a family a lifetime.

Ebbtide Boats have a reputation for building durable, high-quality, and affordable boats.

3. How Long Do Ebbtide Boats Typically Last?

A quick search on Google came up with an Ebbtide 176 Bowrider from 1984!

As a rule, any fiberglass boat should last up to 50 years or more if well looked after.

In addition, Ebbtide Boats were hand-laid and featured hand-crafted upholstery with stain-resistant topcoats and Dura-Core fiberglass grid stringer systems.

This Dura-Core hull manufacturing process was trademarked by Ebbtide themselves and assured owners of a rot-free hull.

4. Has Ebbtide Had Any Recalls?

The US Coastguard website does not list any recalls for Ebbtide Boats.

However, before you purchase, it would be wise to double-check with the manufacturer or a certified dealer about any problems or recalls.

5. What Are the Most Popular Ebbtide Boats?

Ebbtide was very popular for their Bow Rider and Cuddy Cabin boats, among various other classes and models.

Some of the most widely-known Ebbtide models include the following:

224 SE Bow Rider:

The Ebbtide 224 SE Bow Rider is the perfect family boat for messing about on the water.

Certified to carry 10 people, there is plenty of space for weekend fun.

This boat will appeal to families who want a performance bowrider, with the capacity to fit a small group comfortably while offering a smooth and safe ride.

2400 Fun Cruiser DC:

This Ebbtide Fun Cruiser is just that, a fun boat to cruise around in.

It was marketed as one of the most well-equipped runabouts available and is well suited to cruising or water sports like wake-boarding and water-skiing

176 Bow Rider:

The Ebbtide 176 Bow Rider is an affordable entry-level boat that is perfect for first-time boat owners.

It also comes with an ample swim platform as standard, which you often have to pay extra for an entry-level model.

Even on this smaller model, the build quality is the very high standard Ebbtide became known for.

2600 Cuddy Bow Rider

The Ebbtide 2600 Cuddy Bow Rider was one of their later designs and was marketed as their flagship.

It was designed to combine the smooth, fast ride of a bowrider with the added comfort of a ‘cuddy cabin.’

This model was launched to rave reviews and is a very comfortable and spacious family weekend cruiser.

6. History Of Ebbtide Boats

Ebbtide Boats was originally privately owned and run by Tommy Trabue, and in its heyday, employed more than 100 people. It started in Canada.

After more than 40 years in operation, Tommy Trabue sold the business to a Chinese-based company in 2012. That said, Ebbtide is very popular in the United States. They make some fantastic freshwater fishing boats.

At the time, he thought it was the right decision to grow the company, and he stayed on as a consultant. However, the company went out of business a few years later.

Ebbtide Holdings, LLC was formed later in 2016 and bought the original boat-building premises in Tennessee in 2018, where they started manufacturing the Boca Bay and Aquasports brands. They were later contracted to build the Limestone range of boats under license.

The Limestone Boat Company bought Ebbtide Holdings and their premises in early 2021. The company has a 35-year history as a heritage brand and is known for timeless designs, big water performance, quality, and durability.

The Limestone Boat Company is publicly traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange.

It has its headquarters in Collingwood, Ontario, but now owns Ebbtide Holdings and the factory in White Bluff, Tennessee.

7. Where Are Ebbtide Boats Manufactured?

Ebbtide Boats were manufactured in White Bluff, Tennessee.

The 145,000 square feet boat building premises has recently been bought by the Limestone Boat Company Limited, which is now building the Aquasport and Boca Bay brands and their own Limestone range. Some good new vessels come out of that!

There are plans to revive some of the more popular Ebbtide models:

“The acquisition of Ebbtide Holdings is a keystone transaction in the continued growth of our Company,” said Scott Hanson, Limestone’s CEO. “The combination of heritage brands Limestone and Aquasport provides continuity in reputation for safety, performance, and quality, coupled with the addition of Boca Bay, and potential resurrection of the Ebbtide brands further diversifying the Company’s product offerings.”

8. How Is the Warranty On Ebbtide Boats?

Ebbtide boats are backed with a limited lifetime, transferable hull warranty that consumers have come to expect.

The Limestone Boat Company will cover this warranty.

Often a warranty is transferable to a new owner, but make sure you read the small print about how to validate a warranty as there are often time limits after a sale.

9. Which Brands Produce Boats Similar to Ebbtide Boats?

There are several manufacturers producing boats that are similar to the Ebbtide company’s product offerings. Great boats with little noise.

The following is a small selection:


Bayliner has been building boats since 1957 and claims to be the biggest builder of recreational boats in the world.

They offer a range of boats which includes Bow Riders and Cubby Boats from 16 – 26 feet.

They are considered entry-level boats and are competitively priced.

Chaparral Boats:

Chaparral Boats offer a range of Bow Riders and Deck Boats ranging from 16 – 34 feet.

Their name is synonymous with hand-crafted, quality boats.

The range of boats is perfect for relaxing on the water or for some serious adrenaline-based water sports.

Glastron Boats:

Glastron builds a range of Bow Riders, Surf, Ski, and Deck Boats packed with luxury features that make them an ideal boat for relaxing, entertaining, and just having fun on the water.

They are part of an international brand that includes Four Winns, Scarab, and Well Craft.

Nautic Star Boats:

While a relative newcomer to the boat building market, Nautic Star Boats offers a range of high-quality Deck Boats from 19 – 28 feet.

While the boats boast versatility, they offer a special fishing version that is packed full of features so you can win that tournament.

Final Thoughts

Ebbtide has been building solid, long-lasting boats for many years.

While the reason they stopped producing Ebbtide boats remains unclear, there is hope that they will resume building their own brand of Ebbtide boats shortly.


The Limestone Boat Company

Deck Boat Manufacturers

The Limestone® Boat Company Limited Completes Acquisition of Ebbtide Holdings, LLC

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