Are RV Parks Open Year Round? (General Rules)

Many people seek to travel the country and stay at RV parks throughout the year, not just during the summer. However, not all RV parks are open all-year-round.

This makes planning a trip during late fall and winter more difficult.

Are RV Parks open year-round?

There are RV parks across the country that are open 365 days a year to meet camping demands. Because RVs are insulated, warm, and full of amenities, it is easier to camp in them during winter months. However, RV parks open year-round are not as numerous as parks that close for the season.

In order to help you find those parks that are open year-round, we’ve compiled quite a bit of data for you here!

Let’s get started!

How Many Months of the Year Are RV Parks Typically Open?

How long an RV park stays open will vary based on many factors.

Where the RV park is located is the single biggest factor in determining whether or not an RV park is seasonal or open year-round.

In areas where the weather permits year-round fun, you’re more likely to find all-year-round RV parks to fit the market. However, even in these areas, some RV parks may be seasonal, so you may have to do a little research first.

However, in areas with less than ideal climates for all-year-round camping, fishing, and general outdoor living, you may be able to find a park that stays open year-round.

This is due to a large number of people who live in RV parks year-round instead of in a traditional home, either staying at one park or traveling across the country to different RV parks.

8 Popular RV Parks Open All-Year-Round

We’ve researched several popular RV parks across the country that are open all year and outlined our findings below.

Be sure to call ahead, read the RV park’s website, and learn everything you can about the park before preparing for your trip.

Keep in mind that some parks may have special rules or requirements. They can also fill up pretty quickly, so you will want to make sure to make a reservation several months in advance.

1. Hidden Valley RV Park – Texas

Located in San Antonio, Texas, the Hidden Valley RV Park is fantastic for families looking to get an experience that feels like camping and traveling all at once.

Guests at this RV park will have access to camping, wildlife watching opportunities, and the Medio Creek for fishing. Within driving distance, there’s plenty of history to visit between The Alamo and El Mercado.

Of course, there’s a beautiful campground within distance to all of these attractions that make Hidden Valley RV Park a cozy hideaway perfect for a long weekend vacation.

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2. Silver City KOA – New Mexico

This KOA in southwestern New Mexico has plenty to offer its guests. From stunning views to biking trails, there’s plenty of things to do once you’ve had your fill of relaxing.

The nearby Gila National forest has plenty to entice the family out of the RV and onto one of the many hiking trails, forest ATV roads, or monuments.

Silver City, of course, has plenty to offer in the way of rich history, shopping, and dining.

3. Zion River Resort – Utah

Located just a few minutes away, the breathtaking Zion National Park in Utah gives this RV park an unforgettable backdrop.

This campground is family-friendly and a wonderful way to spend a weeklong vacation.

With plenty of different ways to explore the Zion Canyon, guests at this park will be able to reconnect with each other and nature.

4. Pine Lake Campground – Georgia

Pine Lake Campground gives its guests plenty of ways to relax and unwind; the beautiful scenery and wildlife opportunities are sure to bring joy to the entire family.

As the closest RV park to Athens and the University of Georgia’s campus, it’s the perfect getaway for long weekends and summer vacations.

Guests are treated to a unique nature-filled and cozy camping experience with full access to modern amenities such as television and Wi-Fi.

5. Olympic Penisula / Port Angeles KOA – Washington

Another KOA campground that is open all year round, the Olympic Penisula site, is located in one of the most charming locations in the area.

From the mountaintop of the Olympic Mountain Range visible from the campground to the nearby attractions such as hiking trails, forests, and waterfalls, there is plenty of outdoor activity to keep the whole family busy.

When society calls, the nearby town of Sequim offers the comforts of modern life and plenty of beautiful family-owned farms to explore.

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6. Wanderlust RV Park –  Arkansas

Wanderlust RV Park is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and well-suited for couples, retirees, or families looking for an out-of-the-way hideaway.

On a scenic 46 acre campground, guests at this RV park will have plenty of space to unwind and relax.

When feeling adventurous, visiting the unique and historic nearby town of Eureka Springs will be sure to delight with its Victorian style.

7. Pioneer RV Park – California

Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains, this cozy RV park is an ideal headquarters for year-round northern California outdoor adventures.

Within a few minutes of the town of Quincey for supplies, guests at this RV park can relax in a beautiful and out-of-the-way location.

For families, young couples, or retirees looking for a haven from the hustle of everyday life, this RV park can provide the atmosphere needed to truly unwind.

8. Orlando NW / Orange Blossom KOA – Florida

This KOA campground is located within minutes of some of Florida’s most popular attractions. For guests looking for the best of both camping and vacationing, this campground meets both needs.

Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World are all nearby!

Additionally, the campground itself is well-maintained in a picturesque and convenient location.

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Are KOA’s Open Year-Round?

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is a system of privately owned campgrounds across the country, and many locations are open all-year-round.

However, not all KOA campgrounds are open all-year-round. Many KOA campgrounds are seasonal due to owner preference, climate, and location.

KOA provides a list of campgrounds open 365 days a year; however, make sure to call ahead and confirm before you make any off-season plans!

Additionally, due to the popularity and recognition of KOA campgrounds, you may want to make reservations as soon as possible in advance.

Is it Cheaper to Stay in RV Parks During the Winter?

The answer to if an RV park will be cheaper during the winter will depend on the park you choose and your current living situation.

Many people travel from colder northern areas down south, earning the nickname ‘snowbirds,’ and do so on a budget lower than what they would spend on rent, utilities, and other necessities at home.

However, many RV parks, especially those in warmer climates or scenic areas, will take advantage of the popularity of their camps in the winter. While they may not always raise their prices, spots in RV parks may be harder to come by during the winter, and specials, sales, and deals are few and far between.

Furthermore, the amount of money you spend on fuel for travel or staying warm in colder climates during the off-season will stack up on those camping costs, too. Make sure to conserve energy and keep your bills low!

One way to decrease the cost of your winter RVing is to stay in national parks. Many national parks in the south and west are open year-round, though not all national parks allow RVs.

Check the parks along your intended route to see which ones you may be able to stay at during your off-season trip.

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How Do I Find All-Year-Round Campgrounds?

The best way to find all-year-round campgrounds is to search through the Internet. There are thousands of RV parks across the country, and to find the right one for your needs, you should search based on the location where you’d like to stay.

However, one way to make your search for all-year-round campgrounds easier is to start searching in areas where the climate stays moderate all year round.

The southern half of the United States will generally have more parks open year-round than the northern half, however, keep in mind that popular areas (such as coastal Florida, Texas, or California) will be more popular and expensive than other areas.

What is a Seasonal Campsite?

A seasonable campsite is one that you reserve for several months out of the year. This allows you to leave your RV parked at the site for the duration of your agreement with the RV park.

For campers looking for convenience and a weekend getaway, seasonal campsites can be an easy option. However, the costs of renting a seasonal campsite can begin to stack up.

In addition to the normal costs of renting at an RV park, there will also be a fee to rent the site for an entire season, which can be a surprisingly large sum to those who are used to renting a spot at an RV park for a weekend at a time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of RV parks that stay open 365 days a year.

However, because so many parks operate on a seasonal basis, it takes great research and careful planning to ensure that there are parks along your route that are open if you’re going on a late fall or winter trip.

Thankfully, there are plenty of scenic and moderate climates year-round that are perfect for snowbirds fleeing the chill of the north.

Even those who live in a warmer climate can take advantage of fall or winter RVing to see what the nation has to offer in terms of natural beauty, historic locations, and small towns.


Hidden Valley RV Park – Texas

Silver City KOA – New Mexico

Zion River Resort – Utah

Pine Lake Campground – Georgia

Olympic Penisula / Port Angeles KOA – Washington

Wanderlust RV Park –  Arkansas

Pioneer RV Park – California

Orlando NW / Orange Blossom KOA – Florida

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