When Do Campgrounds Open & Close For The Season? (2 Examples)

If you plan on camping all year round, you must find out when campgrounds are open and closed.

Some campgrounds only operate during certain seasons, so it’s crucial to establish if the campground you want to visit is open when you plan on taking a trip.

That’s why we have gathered the information of two popular campgrounds to give you an idea of seasonal campground opening and closing times:

General Rules for Campground Dates and Seasons:

Most campgrounds throughout North America are open during the spring, summer, and a little bit of the autumnal seasons. Most campgrounds close right before October and open back up in May, depending on what your local year-round climate is like. Year-round camping is accessible in warmer climates.

Which Campground Has the Most Opening Days Per Year?

In the United States, many campgrounds are open 365 days of the year.

Most of these campgrounds fall under the KOA umbrella. KOA stands for Kampgrounds of America and is an association that has been around since 1962.

In North America, there are approximately 500 KOA campgrounds that people can choose to stay at throughout the year, no matter the season.

Additionally, KOA campgrounds offer campers and RVers consistent quality campsites and amenities that other campgrounds may not offer.

Average Cost Associated with Staying at a KOA Campground:

How much a night’s stay at a KOA campground will vary greatly depending on the state where the campground is located.

However, in most instances, you will discover that KOA campsites are more expensive than some state park campgrounds because they are privately owned and operated.

KOA campsites don’t only cater to those who want to camp in a tent or motorhome.

Many of the campgrounds offer cabins and other forms of lodgings to consumers. These cabins and lodgings vary in price, with most costing anywhere between $50 and $300 per night.

If your not looking for a cabin and instead have your own accommodations in the form of a motorhome or tent, you won’t pay as much. The average cost of hiring out a campsite for the night at a KOA campground is approximately $60.

Moreover, most campsites will range between $40 and $80, which is significantly less when compared to hiring a cabin for the night.

When Do KOA Campgrounds Open and Close?

As previously mentioned, KOA campgrounds are open 365 days a year.

Depending on where you live, you might either camp in a tent in the winter or a heated cabin during the colder months.

It would be best to check the KOA website to see if the campground you want to visit is still open when you’re ready to make a reservation, though, just in case it is closed for maintenance or updates.

Alternatively, you can call the KOA helpline to find out.

Amenities Offered At A KOA Campground:

There is a range of basic amenities offered to campers or RVers included in the KOA campsites’ daily price.

There are, however, a few deluxe amenities available at certain KOA campgrounds but these amenities usually cost campers and RVers more.

Below we have conveniently listed a few of the basic and deluxe amenities on offer that you can expect at the various KOA campgrounds:


  • Laundry room facilities.
  • Pet park areas that are fenced.
  • Numerous playgrounds for children.
  • Swimming pools that operate on timed schedules.
  • Cozy fire pits and picnic tables for family and friends.
  • Level campsites that are spacious and provide ample room for rigs and tents.
  • Uber clean restrooms with hot shower facilities.


  • Luxurious concrete, stone, or wood patios.
  • Depending on the campground location, you could have beautiful destination views.
  • Full set of patio furniture for dining.
  • Wholly private hot tub areas.

Where Do you Go RVing and Camping Outside these Dates?

Should you not want to pitch a tent or camp with your RV at a KOA campsite, many other options are available.

We know that KOA campgrounds can be expensive or not suited to your needs.

Should this be the case, there are fortunately many other campgrounds you can choose to visit when you want to hit the road in your RV or camp somewhere new.

Additionally, you could want to stay at a campground that is operational only during the warmer months because you don’t have a four-seasonal RV or tent.

Moreover, you might want to camp or situate your RV at a campground that has a specific standard or luxury amenities that you require. Whatever your reason, you will likely be pleased to learn that hundreds of different campground options fall outside the KOA umbrella.

2 Examples of Open and Closing Dates for Popular Campgrounds:

Below we have provided three examples of campgrounds, the amenities they offer, and the open and closing dates applicable to each:

1. Riverbrook RV & Camping Resort

The Riverbrook RV and Camping Resort is located near the Mountain National Forest, found in Rumney, New Hampshire.

This RV and camping resort mostly caters to families and individuals who enjoy outdoor recreational activities. Should you and your family want to experience a grand outdoor experience surrounded by beautiful mountain views, the Riverbrook Resort might be worth considering.

Additionally, the resort is near many popular destinations such as the Polar Caves, the Lost River Gorge, and Clarks Trading Post. If you prefer staying at the resort and participating in the offer’s activities, you will enjoy Riverbrook.

This resort offers campers and RVers spacious sites with minimum measurements of 60×30, and big rigs are allowed.

When You Can Visit:

The Riverbrook RV and camping resort is open from May 15th until Labour Day.

After Labour Day, the park is open until the 20th of October.

From the 20th of October until the 14th of May, the park is closed, and only those who are allowed to book an appointment will be allowed to stay at the park during the off-season:

  • Canoeing and kayaking.
  • Biking.
  • Fishing and boating.
  • Electricity hookups.
  • Games room.
  • Free to use WiFi.
  • Heated swimming pool.
  • Basketball court and playground.

2. Minnewaska State Park

If you want to embark on a camping trip that will provide you with peace and serenity, the Minnewaska State Park Preserve might be the perfect destination.

This park perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who want a break from New York City as the park is located only 94 miles from the city near the famous Shawangunk Ridge.

You can participate in horseback riding at this park, and if you are an experienced rock climber, you will love the rocky areas. Additionally, the campground only has amenities for tents and does not allow RVs or other motorhomes.

The campground is basic but has what you need with a bathhouse, cooking area, and restroom.

When You Can Visit:

When you plan on visiting this park, it would be a good idea to book a reservation as there are only 24 drive-in camping spots.

The Minnewaska State Park Preserve is open from mid-May until Mid November if the weather is agreeable.

  • 50 miles of footpaths for hiking.
  • Rockclimbing
  • Numerous waterfalls.
  • Crystal clear lakes.
  • Wooded forests perfect for hiking, bird gazing, and photography.
  • Deer hunting during the season.
  • Gorgeous geological formations.


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