Rugged Mountain RVs: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Often many RVers will want a smaller motorhome than the bigger classes and easier to maneuver, especially if they want to undertake frequent rugged adventures.

Fortunately, in recent years, a new motorhome company has surfaced that offers RVers another choice!

In a short amount of time, Rugged Mountain RVs managed to gain the trust of many happy clients with their successful product range. They are a great size at a great price with all the features that you need to keep you camping longer!

As this motorhome company is relatively new, not many people likely know much about them.

Wondering if the Rugged Mountain RV company is the right choice for you? Continue reading to find out eight great facts!

You Can Purchase A Motorhome Directly From The Rugged Mountain RV Company:

The Rugged Mountain RV company does offer consumers factory direct sales, unlike other bigger RV companies. By offering factory direct sales, the company offers reduced pricing on its motorhomes. Additionally, the factory reduced pricing will not deprive customers of feature and interior options.

1. Where Are Rugged Mountain RVs Made?

Many motorhome companies are based in Indiana in America, but the Rugged Mountain motorhome company is not.

Although the company is relatively new compared to other motorhome companies with decades in the industry, Rugged Mountain has excelled even with stiff competition.

One way they are managing this is by having a modern manufacturing facility located in Nampa, Idaho, in America.

The Rugged Mountain motorhome company decided to initiate factory direct sales because they wanted customers to have a bigger say in the motorhome they were purchasing. This is partly why they also decided to offer customers factory tours.

The company states that more than 75 percent of their clients want to take a factory tour before purchasing one of their models. Factory tours offer clients a look into how the models are constructed.

At the Rugged Mountain manufacturing facility, customers will see the various construction stages and take a closer look into the materials used and options available.

Additionally, potential customers will meet the construction and managing crews and ask any questions that they may have.

You can contact this RV company directly via their website or phone them.

2. Who Owns the Rugged Mountain Company?

The Rugged Mountain motorhome company might not have existed without the tiny house company called Tiny Idahomes.

The Tiny Idahomes company is the parent company of Rugged Mountain RVs founded and run by the same person who owns the Rugged Mountain motorhome company, Jesse Collinsworth.

In 2014 Jesse decided to open a tiny home manufacturing business after deciding he no longer wanted to be a traveling electrician.

In 2017 Collinsworth announced that the Rugged Mountain motorhome brand was in production with its first two models and ever since has been producing quality motorhomes that consumers continue to be impressed with.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Rugged Mountain Produce?

Presently the company does not manufacture other motorhomes such as Class A, B, and C models. Additionally, they also do not manufacture any towable motorhomes.

The Rugged Mountain motorhome manufacturing company only produces four different truck camper models. Although they only produce truck campers, they have climbed up the ranks with products that stand out.

In 2021 Rugged Mountain RVs have gained a reputation for not only success but also for producing products that clients can count on.

If you would like to know the four different brands and their sizes and a few of the best features offered, you can look at the brief list mentioned below.

Granite 11RL Features And Specs:

The Granite 11RL has a length of 18 feet and 10 inches which is quite impressive for a truck camper.

This model’s floor-length is approximately 9 feet and 7 inches, and it has an interior height of 8 feet and 4 inches. Additionally, this truck camper has a gross dry weight of 3720 pounds.

Below we have written a few of the notable features you can expect to have should you purchase the Granite 11RL from Rugged Mountain:

  • High gloss real wood paneling that is handcrafted.
  • Dry bath area.
  • Seven cubic foot fridge freezer combo.
  • Gas stovetop with a range hood that has a fan and light.
  • Pre-wiring installed for an air conditioner, microwave, and TV/DVD.

Granite 9RL Features And Specs:

If you want a smaller truck camper, the Granite 9RL model might be the best choice for you.

This model has an overall length of about 16 feet and 10 inches with a floor-length of 8 feet and 11 inches.

The interior height for the Granite 9RL is 8 feet and 4 inches, and the gross dry weight is approximately 3459 pounds.

For a brief glimpse into the top features present in this motorhome, have a look below:

  • Five cubic foot fridge freezer combo.
  • Spacious 24-inch pull-out pantry in the kitchen.
  • Durable Formica countertop and dinette
  • Efficient propane water heater.
  • LED lighting is equipped in the interior and exterior of this model.

Polar 990 Features And Specs:

The Polar 990 is ideal if you want a truck camper that isn’t too small or too big.

This model’s overall length is 17 feet and 8 inches, while the floor-length is 9 feet and 11 inches.  The interior height of the Polar 990 is 6 feet and 5 inches, while the gross dry weight is 3440 pounds.

To get an idea of the best features that this model has on offer, have a look below:

  • Six cubic foot fridge freezer combo.
  • Wet bath amenities.
  • Gorgeous hardwood cabinet doors throughout.
  • Easy pull-out pantry with pull-out compartments for storage.
  • Bedroom equipped with a privacy curtain.

Polar 860 Features And Specs:

If you want a compact yet spacious model, the Polar 990 might be worth considering.

It has an overall length of 15 feet and 11 inches with a floor-length of 8 feet and 6 inches. The interior height on the Pola 860 is 6 feet and 5 inches, and it has a gross dry weight rating of approximately 3120 pounds.

If you’re interested in learning what a few of the features are that this model processes, you can look at the below list:

  • Vent system in the bathroom and hallway.
  • High gloss finish on the exterior body of the model.
  • Five cubic foot fridge freezer combo.
  • Large 60X80 Comfortable mattress.
  • Cozy dinette area.

4. Do Rugged Mountain Make a Toy Hauler?

No the Rugged Mountain motorhome company does not manufacture or sell toy haulers.

The company is currently focused on producing quality truck campers that compete well with other RV companies.

However, it is possible that the company could branch out in the future into the toy hauler market.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Rugged Mountain?

The smallest motorhome options that the Rugged Mountain motorhome company currently manufactures are the Polar 860 and the Granite 9RL.

We have previously looked at these models above, along with a few of their top features. Smaller truck campers are perfect for solo travels are small families who are always seeking out a new off-road adventure.

Additionally, smaller truck campers are ideal for those who only want to travel or camp with friends and family occasionally.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Rugged Mountain?

The Granite 11RL and the Polar 990 are the two biggest models that the Rugged Mountain motorhome company produces.

Larger truck campers might be slightly more cumbersome than their smaller counterparts, but they offer more space.

This is likely especially convenient for those who find themselves frequently traveling with companions.

7. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Rugged Mountain?

Although the Rugged Mountain RV company has been in business for less than ten years, they have impacted the RV market because of the quality truck campers that they manufacture.

There aren’t specific models that are more popular than others as the company has only four options available, but all seem to be great favorites among their customers.

However, most people choose the larger Granite 11RL and the Polar 990 as they provide RVers with more space and better features.

8. Are Rugged Mountain RVs For All Four Seasons?

If you plan on camping and traveling year-round in many different climates, you will need to purchase a four-season motorhome.

If the motorhome is not truly all-season capable, you will need to see if it can be adequately winterized, especially if you will be traveling in below zero degrees Fahrenheit weather often.

Without an all-season motorhome, you will likely experience breakages, and you could even face some health concerns, especially if you are traveling or camping in extreme weather.

Fortunately, the Rugged Mountain motorhome company offers a four-season package with their truck campers so that you can have true peace of mind no matter where you travel.

The four-season package includes a heated tank compartment.

If you’re in the RV market for a four-season truck camper, you might want to consider the various Rugged Mountain models for your next purchase.


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