Are RVs Cheaper In Indiana? (Explained & Solved!)

If you are in the market to purchase your first RV or simply upgrading, then you will understand that you are going to be paying quite a lot of money.

So what do you do? Well, the best way to save money is to buy your RV from a cheaper place!

The price of an RV varies from one state to another.

Are RVs Cheaper In Indiana?

Based on the general sales tax, Montana is actually the cheapest state to buy an RV because they have 0% general sales tax, 0% country sales tax, and 0% city sales tax. Indiana carries a 7% sales tax rate on an RV; it is not the cheapest state to buy one!

Different states have different sales tax levels, as well as other taxes that affect the price of RVs.

What Are the Best Places to Buy RVs in Indiana?

When purchasing an RV in Indiana, you will want to make sure that you are shopping for the best value and price.

There are second-hand RVs available, but you want to buy one that has been inspected properly and has been well-maintained.

An RV can be purchased online, from a dealership, and from RV shows.

Below is a list of the best places to purchase an RV in Indiana:

  • Camping World: You can shop online or go directly to one of their two branches in Indianapolis or Richmond.
  • RV Trader: This is one of the most widely used online sources for buying and selling RVs. More than 200,000 new and used RVs are available to choose from.
  • PPL Motor Homes: Unfortunately, there is no physical branch for PPL Motor Homes in Indiana, but you can still buy and sell used RVs online.
  • MHSRV: This is the No.1 motor home dealer in the world when it comes to volume because they have more than $165 million worth of vehicle stock. They are based in Texas, but you can shop for new and used RVs from their online store.
  • Indy RV Expo: The Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis is where the biggest RV show in the state happens.
  • Visit a Local RV Dealer: If you cannot wait for the next Indy RV Expo, or feel a little nervous buying online, then visit your local RV dealer.

The Indy RV Expo offers great RV deals and special financing options, too, with professional representatives available on site.

The three local Indiana RV dealers that are featured in the top 50 include:

  • Modern Trailer Sales (Anderson)
  • Mount Comfort RV (Greenfield)
  • and Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales (New Castle).

Here are price examples of used RVs to learn from.

Are RVs Typically Made in Indiana?

Elkhart County in Indiana is known as the RV Capital of the World. More than 80% of all global RV production is based throughout this region alone.

Despite the fact that more than 80% percent of RVs sold in the U.S. are produced in Indiana, and 65% are produced in Elkhart alone, it is still not the cheapest state to purchase an RV.

One would assume that since most of the world’s RVs are produced in Indiana, the RV manufacturing state would offer cheaper options, but that does not seem to be the case.

Why Are There so Many RV Manufacturers in Elkhart, Indiana?

Milo Miller, Wilbur Schult, and Harold Platt saw the potential that Northern Indiana had for launching a trailer and RV manufacturing business, especially since the area has a rich automotive heritage.

As the three entrepreneurs found success, so did the Hoosiers they employed for their business, many of whom went on to launch their own RV businesses in the region.

By 1948, Elkhart was officially referenced as the “Trailer Capital of the World.”

More and more manufacturers sprung up in Elkhart, and with the growing stream of RV, businesses came the attraction of additional suppliers.

The increase in suppliers offered a ripple effect as they drew in more manufacturers into the area.

Indiana was famous for a large experienced workforce in RV manufacturing; in fact, they are still famous for this today.

Can You Buy an RV in Another State than your Own?

When shopping for an RV, it is always best to research the best state and best time to purchase an RV.

Different states have different levels of sales tax, which influences the purchase price of an RV and makes a significant difference.

A buyer can purchase their RV in another state, but they will pay a sales tax on the newly purchased RV based on the state where their vehicle is registered and not bought.

In the past, buyers we able to register their vehicles in states with low sales tax, regardless if they were residents or not.

This has, however, changed, and the law has become more strict.

How Do you Buy an RV in Another State?

If you want to buy an RV in another state, then the best way to complete the sale is to find a service provider that will take care of the entire process for a minimal charge.

Many online dealers will also assist with the application if you are based in a different state, but there is still a possibility that you may need to travel to collect your new purchase if they cannot arrange transportation.

To help curb the costs of transport, find out if your online dealer can provide delivery in a state that is closer to where you live.

Often, RV manufacturers can provide a factory delivery option. This means you can collect your RV straight off the assembly line.

This makes sense if the factory is closer to you than the dealer selling the RV.

In certain states where vehicle tax regulations are complicated, this delivery option can help you avoid overpaying on sales tax.

Final Thoughts:

Montana is the cheapest state in the U.S. to purchase an RV, and an RV can be bought and registered in this state even if you do not live there.

Following close behind Montana is South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, and Nevada.

If you want to save a little more, then purchase your RV during mid-winter when RV sales are at their lowest.

Many salespeople will gladly offer big discounts to secure a sale during low-peak seasons.


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