Are Sea Hunt Boats Any Good? 7 Things You Should Know

Sea Hunt boats are an American brand of boats launched back in 1995 by father and son team, Vic & Bubba Roof.

The idea behind the brand was to build good, affordable fishing boats that are also family-friendly. Since then, they have become prevalent in the USA and around the world.

But are Sea Hunt boats any good?

Let’s find out more about them:

Sea Hunt Boat History:

A Sea Hunt Boat is a center console, family-friendly, saltwater fishing boat.

They have been marketed as affordable boats that are the best in their class. Vic and Bubba Roof began their boat-building business because of their love for their family and passion for fishing.

The Sea Hunt Boat Company now offers a selection of new models that come in sizes that range from 18 to 30 feet. The boats are ranked as some of the best selling small center console boats in the USA.

They are designed for some serious fishing, but with the added comforts that a family with children of all ages will want when out on the water.

1. How Durable Are Sea Hunt Boats?

Sea Hunt boats are built to last and are crafted from the finest quality composite materials.

Highly skilled and experienced craftsmen assemble each boat.

In addition, all the materials and components used have passed inspections and meet the high standards expected at the factory. These include the materials used for the gel coat, fiberglass, resins, and composite coring materials, plus the pumps and any hardware installed.

The company says that you can be assured that they are the best available to the marine industry.

All Sea Hunt boats are NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) certified, which follows the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.

This NMMA certification provides one more stamp of assurance that these boats are durable, safe and that they are one of the best price/quality brands available on the market.

2. How Long Do Sea Hunt Boats Typically Last?

Like any boat, how long a Sea Hunt boat will typically last depends on the owner and how well the boat is maintained.

Sea Hunt boats are made from GRP or fiberglass. If well looked after, a fiberglass boat can last many years, some people say even up to 50 years! Sea Hunt boats have been designed with ease of maintenance in mind.

Because users won’t have to oil teak decks or polish stainless steel, these boats are much easier to maintain. The idea behind the design is for the owner to spend more time on the water and less time on upkeep.

However, many different elements can wreak havoc on your Sea Hunt center console boat, so some maintenance is always required on any vessel that you own.

For example, seawater can corrode your boat, so always make sure you rinse your boat with fresh water after each use.

While fiberglass boats are relatively maintenance-free, you will need to give the hull a good polish from time to time to keep it in tip-top shape.

3. Has Sea Hunt Made Any Recalls?

While carrying out a quick boat recall check on the website ‘Boat History Report,’ the Sea Hunt boat company came up with a total of 13 recalls since they started back in 1995.

Out of these 13 recalls, only one was considered to be of high severity, and according to the site, the problem has been resolved.

That’s not a bad recall rate considering how many boats the Sea Hunt boat company has made over the years!

However, if you are planning to purchase a Sea Hunt boat, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer or a certified dealer to make sure that other recalls are not in effect.

4. What Are the Most Popular Sea Hunt Boats?

According to the American Boating Association, the most popular recreational boats in the United States are between 18 – 26 feet in length.

The popularity of this boat size can be attributed to the fact that they can be effortlessly managed by 1 or 2 people but can comfortably seat around 6 – 10 people.

Plus, they have tons of storage space for all the gear, both for fishing and a family picnic. In addition, these boats can easily fit on a trailer, meaning that they can be trailered to various bodies of water around the country.

Sea Hunt boats fit perfectly into this demographic. Over the years, Sea Hunt has offered various models in this size range, some now discontinued.

However, there are 4 new ranges to choose from:

The Gamefish Range

The Gamefish range of boats comes in 5 different models ranging from 25 – 30 feet.

These boats deliver exactly what serious fishermen demand of a center console fishing boat.

They also include the space and comfort that a family needs.

The Bay Boat Range

The Bay Boat series has 3 different models ranging from 22 – 25 feet.

These family-friendly boats have some extra seating and are perfect for shallow coastal waters.

They make great shallow-water fishing boats and are ideal boats from which the kids can take a swim.

The Ultra Range

The Ultra range of boats was designed for the family to have that ‘ultra’ experience.

The series includes a range of models, which varies from 21 – 30 feet.  Sea hunt promises that this boat is the most comfortable and functional center console fishing boat on the market.

And the sales seem to back this up, as this is their most popular model.

The Escape 27

The Escape series was discontinued but has been brought back in the Escape 27 and has a whole new look.

This boat has been completely redesigned from the keel up. The new Escape 27 is designed to take you and your family anywhere.

Whether you choose to go island hopping, for a sunset cruise, or out to your favorite fishing hole, the Escape is guaranteed to get you there!

NB: In the April 2020 edition of Sport Fishing magazine, the Sea Hunt Gamefish 30 was selected as one of the best Best Center Console Boats in the 26 to 30 feet range.

While this model has been discontinued by the Sea Hunt boat company, there are still several available to purchase on the various second-hand boating websites.

5. Where Are Sea Hunt Boats Manufactured?

Sea Hunt boats started being manufactured in a one-room workshop in a small industrial area just outside Columbia in South Carolina.

Nowadays, the company boasts a 170,000 square foot facility in downtown Columbia and employs more than 220 people.

The family-owned company builds around 2,100 to 2,200 boats per year. The company says it doesn’t want to increase production much more as they do not want to jeopardize their quality.

Bubba Roof, who is now the president and CEO after his father’s retirement, still comes in each day at 5:30 am to inspect every boat before it leaves the facility.

6. How Is the Warranty On Sea Hunt Boats?

The Sea Hunt brand’s reputation is one built on quality.

However, if you run into any problems, Sea Hunt offers two different types of warranty.

The first offers a 1-year limited warranty to the original purchaser. This warranty assures that the purchased Sea Hunt boat will be free from defects in materials and workmanship when used for normally recommended purposes for the first 12 months after purchase.

In addition, Sea Hunt offers a 10-year limited hull warranty. This 10-year hull warranty may be transferred from the original owner to a second owner as long as the second owner fills out a Warranty Transfer form. This form must be completed and submitted within 15 days of the completed sale.

If you have a warranty claim, you must contact the Sea Hunt head office in Columbia or an approved Sea Hunt representative.

As a small (by international standards) family-run boatbuilder, the company endeavors to fulfill any warranty issues.

7. Which Brands Produce Boats Similar to Sea Hunt Boats?

While Sea Hunt boats were among the first companies to offer family-friendly center-console fishing boats, other brands offer similar style models.

These include, but are not limited to the following (in alphabetical order):

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler has engineered reliable and innovative boats for the last 60 years.

While their reputation is built upon simple, classic boats under 20 feet in length, improved facilities and technology now allow them to build larger, more luxurious boats.

Cobia Boats

Cobia Boats also combine fishing capabilities with family comfort into a single package.

Each model is built to be safe, long-lasting, and to offer fishing and family fun.

Cobia offers a full range of center console boats from 21 to 35 feet.


Grady White designs and manufactures a range of center console fishing boats, from 19 – 45 feet.

This company was established in Greenville, North Carolina, in 1959.

Grady-White has earned a reputation for building rugged coastal fishing boats, developed strong customer relationships, and is known for ‘The Grady Life.’

Scout Boats

Scout Boats sportfish models combine the features of a center console fishing boat with family-friendly features.

They offer different models from 17 to 53 feet. Their designs combine luxury and innovation to entertain, fish, or cruise around.

While this is only a selection of the other brands available, there are many more out there. However, not many offer the same point of price and quality of the Sea Hunt Boats.

The Sea Hunt Boat Company aims to give the new boat owner the most boat for their money. Sea Hunt strives to offer the best value boat in the marine industry.

They do this by combining the highest quality materials, good craftsmanship, innovative boat design, high performance, and a unique style.

Final thoughts:

While Sea Hunt boats may not offer the most luxurious family-friendly center console fishing boat on the market, they aim to bring performance, innovation, and value for money to the marine industry.


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