Are Tahoe Boats Reliable & Good? (Helpful Tips)

Tahoe is a trademarked brand of fiberglass boats used as runabouts for fishing, water sports, and weekend family fun.

Let’s take a look at Tahoe’s history and their industry reputation!

Here’s How Good Tahoe Boats Are:

Taho Boats’ versatile offerings of both outboard and inboard powered small sport boats provide families and fisherman alike with options for fishing, various water sports, or just relaxing and cruising about. Tahoe boats are built to strict quality and safety standards.

A Brief History of Tahoe Boats

The Tahoe brand of boats came about from a collaboration between the Bass Pro Shops and the White River Marine Group.

The White River Marine Group (WRMG) claims to be the world’s largest fishing and recreational boats manufacturer, purely by the number of boats they have built.

The brands they manufacture include Tahoe and Tracker and Sun Tracker Boats, Mako, Ranger, Triton, Nitro, and other popular brands.

The collection of WRMG brands have a long history of innovation and producing quality products.

Together, the two companies, WRMG and the Bass Pro Group, have many years of experience selling and producing boats in Missouri and Arkansas, with origins dating back to the 1960s and ’70s, respectively.

Earlier in 2021, they acquired Hatteras Incorporated in Bern, Northern Carolina. This new addition of Hatteras is about to change the main focus of the company’s saltwater boat manufacturing from the Midwest to the Atlantic seashore.

How Reliable Are Tahoe Boats?

Like any brand of boat, Tahoe Boats can have its problems.

The consensus is that the construction of Tahoe Boats is good and that they have a long history from a well-known manufacturer.

In addition, they have a large network of dealers, both in the USA and in many countries worldwide. Some of the main issues on the boating forums come from equipment that has been installed by the dealer and not the manufacturer.

Tahoe themselves pride themselves in their customer service, but there seem to be a few complaints about some dealers and how they handle those complaints.

So, the moral of the story is to do as much research about the dealer you choose as you do about which boat you buy.

How Durable Are Tahoe Boats?

Tahoe boats are built to strict quality and safety standards established by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC).

The National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) Certification means checks are carried out in several different categories, including electrical systems, flotation, fuel systems, power, and navigation lights.

However, just because a boat carries the NMMA certification does not prove how durable or long-lasting a boat will be. A boat is only as durable as how well it is looked after.

This means you should rinse your boat with fresh, clean water after every use (as the bare minimum of maintenance).

What About Older Tahoe Boats?

Older Tahoe boats are still available.

However, with some of the earlier models from the late ’90s (or during the first couple of years for the brand), some build issues. The early models had wood floors and stringers, which can rot if water gets into the gel coat.

If you are looking at buying an older Tahoe, make sure you give the boat a thorough inspection. Older boats start from around $10,000, so they are a great option when starting out or if you are on a tight family budget.

Nowadays, Tahoe boats have very well-made hulls with composite stringers and transoms.

The floors and bulkheads are still made of wood, which is not a problem as long as they are kept dry.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Tahoe parts for older models are still available.

However, Tahoe doesn’t sell directly to the customer, not even its new boats. Their aim is for you to build a relationship with your dealer so that you have first-hand help with your boat operation, your boat registration, and any after-sales service.

In addition, many online boat-part dealers offer Tahoe spare parts for both the new and older Tahoe models.

However, if you are unhappy with your dealer or cannot find the parts for your older model, you can contact Tahoe’s customer service department to get help with the parts you need.

What Are Typical Problems With Tahoe Boats?

Typical problems with Tahoe boats include the following:

  • Rotten wood stringers on older models
  • Loose deck fittings
  • Screws that come loose and drop into the bottom of your boat
  • Possible problems with small fiberglass cracks

Tahoe uses Mercury engines to power their boats, and of course, any engine, if not looked after, can give problems.

For more info about typical problems with Tahoe boats, you can read the article ‘7 Most-Common Problems With TAHOE Boats’ here.

How Long Do Tahoe Boats Last Compared To Similar Brands?

Asking how long a Tahoe boat lasts compared to other brands is a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’?

Your Tahoe boat will last as long as you look after it!

Typically, fiberglass boats can last more than 50 years, but of course, if you drive your boat hard, in difficult conditions, and don’t at least rinse it down with fresh water after every use, your boat will deteriorate fast.

Do Tahoe Boats Hold Their Value? (Do they depreciate faster than normal)

One of the most popular Tahoe models is the T16, which retails for $20,995 for a new 2022 boat.

A quick search on the internet found a 2021 model T16 for the starting price of $17,595.

Whilst the models have changed over the years, one that is still in the range is the Tahoe 2150CC (previously the Tahoe 215CC). A new 2022 model will set you back $43,995, whilst we found a 2005 model on the market for $20,000 and another for $35,000.

We also found a 2021 model for $56,555, which does include a trailer!

Comparing boat prices is a bit like comparing apples with pears as different owners will have added different equipment or looked after their boat or not.

However, we found that overall, Tahoe boats do not depreciate any faster than any other boat model.

Are Tahoe Boats Still Being Made?

Tahoe Boats are still being made by the White River Marine Group and marketed by the Bass Pro Shops and many other dealers worldwide.

Their range of models includes Sport boats, Fish and Ski boats, and Deck boats.

Final Thoughts

Tahoe offers a relatively inexpensive way to get on the water, and if that’s what you and your family are looking for, then they’re perfect for you.

The brand manufactures and sells many boats due to their low price point, but you cannot expect the same quality as a high-end boat.

However, Tahoe is a solid starter boat that can give you years of fun on the water.


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