Are Vexus Boats Reliable & Good? (Helpful Tips)

Vexus Boats is a company that designs and manufactures aluminum and fiberglass bass fishing boats.

That is one of the fastest-growing brands of fishing boats in the US. They have introduced new technology such as their Glass-Infused Aluminium Hybrid™ Designs, which combines aluminum hulls with internal fiberglass structures, Dri-Max™ Technology to ensure dry storage lockers, and many other innovative features.

Today they produce a range of boats from 18 to 22 feet.

Here’s How Good Vexus Boats Are:

Vexus Boats are built with the best quality materials available to produce super strong, high-quality fishing boats. Comments on fishing forums talk about Vexus boats’ good looks, spaciousness, ease of handling, and smooth ride. The Vexus boat package comes in at a very affordable price.

A Brief History Of Vexus Boats

While many think Vexus is relatively new to the fishing boat industry, the company can trace its roots back to more than 50 years ago.

It all began in 1968, when Forrest L. Wood, the world-renowned founder of the bass boat, started Ranger Boats. His grandson, Keith Daffron, joined the company in the early days and became the vice president of sales and marketing for Ranger Boats.

After nearly 50 years in the fishing boat building business, Keith Daffron put together a team of passionate experts and started Vexus Boats, launched in 2017. This new team also included Randy Hopper, who held many leadership positions within Ranger, including plant manager, Vice President (VP) of Manufacturing, VP of Engineering, and finally becoming CEO.

With a combined knowledge of more than 100 years of boat-building experience, the two planned to shake up the industry by redesigning their fishing boats from the bottom up. This new company opened a state-of-the-art facility in Flippin, Arkansas, where it has steadily expanded with an excellent team of boat builders and experienced craftsmen.

Today the company is recognized for its innovation within the boat-building community. They offer a range of aluminum and fiberglass outboard-powered, trailer-able fishing boats and custom trailers.

They are one of the few companies that have expanded in recent years, including an announcement made in October 2021 to expand the production facility by 30% and to recruit 50 new full-time employees. A rare feat during these difficult economic times.

How Reliable Are Vexus Boats?

Vexus Boats are designed and built by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced boat builders.

Arkansas has a long history of boat building, especially boats built for the fishing market. In addition to this vast experience, Vexus Boats use only the best materials available combined with the latest techniques.

Instead of the traditional ‘open-mold and hand lay-up approach,’ Vexus Boats uses an Infused Composite Construction. This means that their hulls have a greater glass-to-resin ratio, which creates stronger and lighter products with proven consistency and reliability.

Engine reliability has been assured by offering a range of outboard propulsion options. These include well-established brands like Evenrude, Mercury, and Yamaha. Weight and speed ratios are specified, and the team at Vexus Boats is on hand to help you decide the best options for your boating or fishing purpose.

However, no matter how well a boat has been manufactured, the overall reliability will still come down to how well the boat has been maintained. Regular maintenance, which includes regular cleaning with fresh water, in addition to the manual’s recommendations, will all help prolong the reliability of any boat.

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How Durable Are Vexus Boats?

While Vexus Boats build fiberglass and aluminum glass-infused boats, they do not skimp on quality, so you can be sure you are buying a durable boat. Vexus has developed many innovative ideas to protect its boats and strengthen them.

These innovations include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Infused Composite Construction™ – makes for a stronger, lighter boat;
  • Impact-Resistant, Hard Case™ Paint – this advanced hull paint is based on rigorously-tested, automotive-style finishes that provide superior boat protection with legendary durability;
  • Dri-Max™ Technology Storage Lockers – utilize gel-coated compartments made of reinforced fiberglass (not plastic), which are insulated and designed with stronger lids for a super-solid, weatherproof construction.
  • Vector Force™ Transoms – help diffuse any vibrations caused by today’s bigger, heavier outboard engines and waves in bad weather.
  • Victor Shield™ Polyurea Trailer Finish – this ultra-durable polyurea coating is engineered to cushion and protect the trailer from rocks, chips, and road debris, which helps protect and prolong your trailer’s life.

What About Older Vexus Boats?

The Vexus factory only opened its doors in 2017, and they launched the first boats less than a year later.

So in boating terms, these are not considered to be old boats. In addition, Vexus Boats offers a comprehensive 5-year hull warranty, plus a limited 3-year warranty on any components, so most, if not all, Vexus Boats that you see on the water are still under warranty.

However, always read and check the small print on your warranty. Vexus Boats offers a warranty to the first retail customers only when a boat has been purchased from an authorized dealer.

It is possible to transfer the warranty to a second owner, but there are strict rules and a fee.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

As we have discussed, older models are not relevant here.

The good news is that spare parts for all Vexus Boat models are easily available via your local dealer or the contact page on the Vexus Boat website.

Wherever possible, always quote the part number when requesting spare parts.

What Are Typical Problems With Vexus Boats?

As Vexus Boats is a relatively new brand, new owners have reported problems with their boats. However, this is not specific to Vexus Boats, as any boat brand can have problems.

But typical problems that have been reported on the boating and fishing forums include the following:

  • Welds or hulls cracking;
  • Fuel lines causing leaks and need replacing;
  • Occasional paint chips found in the paintwork;
  • Trim problems.

There are complaints on other forums about the design and look of Vexus Boats, with some calling them just plain ugly, but that is more of a personal choice and not a typical problem with Vexus Boats.

Overall, most Vexus Boat owners are very happy with their boats and the service they have received from the Vexus Boat dealers. In addition, if they have reported problems, Vexus Boats has been reported to be good with honoring any warranty issues. 

How Long Do Vexus Boats Last When Compared to Similar Brands?

Vexus Boats is one of the few brands of boats to build both aluminum and fiberglass boats.

Similar brands to Vexus Boats include Avid, Bullet, Ranger, and Skeeter – all these other brands have been built over many years and have a proven track record.

As Vexus is still a relatively new brand, the jury is still unsure how long the boats will last compared to similar brands. As the team behind Vexus have many years of experience behind them and a proven track record at Ranger Boats, there is no reason why a Vexus Boat will not last as long as any of the other brands.

The key to a long-lasting boat is to clean it with fresh water after every use, to avoid hitting any objects, and not to push your boat and the engines too hard. In addition, it’s very important to always follow the routine maintenance schedule in your Boat Owner’s Manual.

Do Vexus Boats Hold Their Value? (Do they depreciate faster than normal)

As Vexus Boats is a relatively new brand of boat that uses high-quality materials and the latest technology and building techniques, there is no reason why they should depreciate faster than other brands.

However, because they are new, there is no real information about how they will fare in the long term.

At the time of writing, there are Vexus Boats available for sale on second-hand boat trading websites like, the oldest being from 2019. The market will have to see how well they hold their value in the years to come.

Are Vexus Boats Still Being Made?

The Vexus brand is still very new to the market compared to other boat brands. However, they have a state-of-the-art purpose-built facility in Flippin, Arkansas.

With the talent and previous success of the industry professionals behind the new Vexus brand, they’re sure to continue to be a strong brand for years to come.

The Vexus line of boats includes the following:

  • ADX190 – has a glass-infused aluminum deep vee hull and is only available in one size.
  • AVX Glass-Infused Aluminium Hybrid – This groundbreaking aluminum fishing boat is available from 18 to 21 feet.
  • VX Fibreglass Bass Boat – available as a 20 or 21-foot boat, these bass boats are the next-generation fishing machines.
  • DVX Fibreglass Multi-Species – these are the ultimate multi-purpose fishing boats available in 4 models from 19 to 22 feet.

Generally, the boats have been well-received by their new owners, who mostly sing their praises on the various fishing and boating social media platforms.

However, there are a few negative comments about their looks and style, but not every brand will please everyone!


Vexus Boats

Vexus Boats Expands in Flippin

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