7 Most-Common Problems With Vexus Boats (Explained)

Vexas Boats are newcomers to the boating industry. They build aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats. Their specialty is bass boats with center consoles.

In a short time, Vexas Boats has managed to build a strong reputation for durable and sturdy boats.

If you are shopping for a Vexus Boat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the most common concerns faced by boat owners.

We have searched through all the Vexus information to find the issues you might face with a Vexus Boat.

1) Welds Cracking

Many Vexus Boat owners have posted across the forums that they have experienced problems with weld cracking. Some owners had the same problem twice.

When an aluminum boat cracks, it can cause serious problems which are not easy to fix. The cracks are at the weld and begin to open wider. In some cases, the seam where the hull goes upward is where the weld cracked.

Fortunately, in most cases, Vexus has fixed the problem under warranty. However, that has been taking quite some time. In addition, in some cases, Vexas did not honor the warranty when the crack was caused by a wave or beaching.

2) Problems With Fuel Tanks Leaking

Some Vexes boat owners have had some serious problems with fuel leaks. As a result, some models have been recalled because there is a potential for fuel leaks.

Vexas corrected all the known fuel leak problems by replacing the fuel line that goes to the gas cap. They also added more rubber padding.

3) Paint Peeling

There are a number of boat owners complaining about their fairly new Vexas boats have peeling paint. Throughout the forums, there are postings relating to the paint concerns of many owners. Some owners seem to care a great deal about it, whereas others chalk it up to wear and tear.

In most cases, Vexas covers peeling paint and replaces the hull under their warranty. However, there is some thought that the peeling paint is a result of the aluminum being contaminated before painting.

4) Design Concerns

There are many owners that have various concerns about different aspects of the Vexes design.


Some of the Vexas models get slippery in current or wind, particularly at low speeds, such as when idling. These boats are great in skinny water, but there is a tradeoff.

These models require more driving, and it is more time consuming to dock and load these boats.

Keel Guards:

While there are keel guards, they do not stay fixed in place on the aluminum keel of Vexas Boats. This means that it is challenging to protect your keel.

It also makes it a bit challenging to launch from some areas, especially rocky ones. Without keel guards in place, you will easily scratch the pain.

Lack of Tackle Dividers

While many Vexes boat owners enjoy the amount of storage on their boat and think it has a good layout, they are missing tackle dividers.

There are no tackle dividers in the center, side, or back compartments. A lack of tackle dividers is not a deal breaker for most owners; however, it would be a nice addition. In addition, tackle dividers make things a little easier for an angler.


Many boat owners have noticed that condensation forms on the lids of the storage boxes. Condensation in the boxes is not a huge problem, but something boat owners should know.

If you store your boat somewhere, like a garage, you want to keep the storage boxes open a little to ensure proper ventilation.


Some people love the way Vexas boat love, while others do not care for it. It is a personal preference. Many dislike the fiberglass model, especially when compared to other similar brands.

Often people do not like the hhandrailsbecause they feel they are too big. They also think the chrome vents look fake. They do not care for the pickle fork bow style.

5) Deck Popping

Some owners have mentioned problems with their aluminum Vexas boats. For example, there are times when the deck bulges, and you step on it, and it pops down.

There is a tendency for this to happen in metal boats, and Vexas is aware of the problem. You can fix it easily on your own. You can brace the bulge down and then take a rubber mallet to it and hit it.

6) Water and Bow Switch

Some Vexas boat owners have noted that when their boat has been through a lot of water, especially during heavy rain, they seem to have a problem with water.

The water gets into the bow trim switch.

This water intrusion can cause the motor to begin trimming on its own. When you run into this problem, you may need to replace the bow switch with a new version.

The old bow switches are not water resistant, which is why water is getting in them.

7) Additional Considerations

Any boat is going to last longer with better care from the owner. As a result, Vexas has given some recommendations for items you should do to ensure it is in good working condition.

Battery Care:

To extend the life of your battery, you should remove it from the boat to give it a full charge. Then, for an extra layer of protection, you should clean both the top and bottom of the batteries.

When you are not using your boat for a while, you should remove the battery to prevent overcharging and be sure to store it in a cool, dry place.

It would be best if you cleaned your batteries once a month by removing them and using a mixture of baking soda and water to clean the terminals.

You want to look for corrosion when you are cleaning them.

Another thing to note is that Vexas is incredibly good about honoring their warranty. They are well known for customer support and loyalty to their customers. They have a high satisfaction rating, especially when it comes to hassle free warranty work.

General Pros and Cons for the Vexus Boat


Vexus Boats are dependable and designed for maximum comfort and convenience while providing a smooth ride.

The windshields of the boats are constructed in a way to increase the structural soundness and strength.

Vexus uses a wealth of knowledge and experience when building their boats, which helps them create some of the most stable fishing boats.


  • Persistent problem with paint chipping.
  • Vexas boats are known for having cracking welds.
  • Some do not prefer the design and appearance of these boats.


What Do the Reviews Say?

Many boat owners love the way their Vexas rides. They feel it is smooth and maneuver through skinny water.

β€œSo I’m in an 1880 and can say that everyone who has ridden in my boat has been extremely impressed with the ride and hole shot. I can get into some very skinny water, probably barely a foot deep.”

[Source: bbcboards.net]

Vexas Boats really appeal to some boat owners. They definitely attract a certain kind of angler.

β€œThe metal boats are cool. The hull is Aluminum. The whole interior is fiberglass, with consoles, compartments, and everything inside the boat. You feel like you are fishing out of a fiberglass rig. Very innovative design.”

[Source: texasfishingforum.com]

What is the Resale Value of the Vexus Boats?

Vexus Boats are fairly new, and as a result, there is not much data on their resale value.

However, they are made from the highest quality aluminum and fiberglass, and it is believed that they will hold up well.

Many boat owners have positive things to say about Vexas and believe that they will be around for a long time. They provide a good warranty, and they honor it.


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