5 Most-Common Problems With Triton Boats (Explained)

Triton Boats has a long reputation for durability, handling, and speed. These boats are made from premium materials to build a solid hull.

Triton Boats have a large amount of room for equipment and fish storage in the various live wells and lockers.

If you are shopping for a Triton Boat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the most common concerns faced by boat owners.

We have searched through all the Triton information to find the issues you might face with a Triton Boat.

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1) Cracking Gel Coating

Many owners complain about stress cracks in the gel coat in the decks of their Triton Boats. This is not a wide reaching complaint, but there are enough to mention it.

When there are cracks in the gel coat, it does not look nice, but it is typically a structural problem and not a cosmetic one. Nevertheless, it could be an indicator that there is a larger problem, and you do not want to ignore it.

If you find gel there are cracks in your gel coat, it is possible that you can fix it on your own.

You should follow these steps to correct the cracking gel coat on your own.

  1. The first step you should take is to completely clean and dry your boat.
  2. Then, you want to use a grinding tool to open up the cracks more.
  3. With the grinding tool, you will open up the small cracks to make them wide enough to fill in the hole with a paste made from the gel coat.
  4. You want to sand the area but with a light and careful touch.
  5. Once the area is completely sanded, you should clean it again but using acetone this time.
  6. You want to match the color of the gel coat you are mixing with the color of your boat. This way, no one can tell you fixed the gel coat.
  7. After you mix up the gel coat color, you can fill in the gouged area with a putty knife.
  8. When filling in the holes, you want to overfill it to guarantee that you do not leave any air holes.
  9. Then, you can wrap the area to keep out the air to ensure it cures properly.
  10. When it cures, you should sand the area and polish it with a high quality finish.

2) Electrical Failure

In the forums, many owners discuss problems with electrical problems and failure with their Triton Boats. Some of the problems that owners have include no power when the power switch is turned on.

When the switch is flipped, none of the lights or electronics on the console work. The outboard motor and trolling motor work, but no electronics.

There does not seem to be any reason for the electrical failure.

In this case, the terminal connections are fine, and the wires are intact. There are no fuses that need to be replaced. Some recommend that the problem could be because a disconnect on the cranking battery could be flipped. When this happens, nothing on the console will work.

3) Hulls Leaking

Many owners complain about leaking around the hull. The leaking around the hulls seems to be centered around the Triton model years 2016 through 2018. Some owners state that Triton dealers have fixed the problem. Other owners claim they have not.

Some owners have boats that are taking on water, and the owner cannot get them to stop.

Even when the owners have sealed the pumps, hoses, and all entry points, water keeps coming on the boat.

Other owners found cracks at the bottom of their Triton Boats. The crack is on the keep where the pad starts. Some of these leaks were found by accident when the owners were putting covers on their boats.

They suggest using a hose to put water in the hull to see where it leaks.

4) Recalls

There have been three different recalls for the Triton Boats. The most recent one was closed in 2011, with the first recall happening around 1998.

The first recall was related to fuel full fitting cracks. The second recall was related to ventilation, and the last was about level flotation.

5) Locating Older Parts

When it comes to locating parts for Triton boats, the company recommends that you purchase original parts through registered dealers. Triton has parts for older model boats. However, it is not certain how far back the parts go, and what model years the boats go back.

When owners are looking for replacement parts, the company recommends they contact Triton first. Triton has superior customer service to help owners find old spare parts.

Triton has a large network of dealers for their boats. This is helpful when owners are looking for spare parts.

Unfortunately, this network has been dealers for Triton for a long time, which means they have a created a large stockpile of older parts.


General Pros and Cons for the Triton Boat


Triton Boats are considered safe by owners, as well as easy to handle and reliable.

Triton builds boots that fall into a wide variety of watercraft. These boats include ski boats, bass boats, and wall-eye boats.

Triton separates itself from its competition with the quality of its boats. They ensure that their boats pass rigorous testing procedures and quality control before shipping their boats.


  • Tritons have significant problems with the gel coating cracking, especially around the hull.
  • They often have leaks that owners often cannot find the root cause.
  • Tritons are known to have some electrical problems.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Triton owners really enjoy their boats despite the all of the problems that are reported across the forums.

“It was a excellent boat. It was built real well and rode real good in rough water for a 18ft Bass boat. If I was in the market for a new boat and was looking for a glass boat I’d be looking real close at the a Triton again.”

[Source: in-depthoutdoors.com]

Triton Boats are well known for their design and construction.

“below-deck cavities are fully foamed, making the 2895unsinkable as well as unusually quiet underway. The deck rests on the “Zero-Flex” stringer system comprised of four transverse bulkheads and five longitudinal stringers in a one-piece grid.”

[Source: sportfishingmag.com]


What is the Resale Value on the Triton Boats?

Triton Boats compare well with their counterparts in the fiberglass boat industry. They have quality materials and precise engineering, which create durable, reliable, and high performing boats.

Triton Boats provide testing for all of their boats by technicians that understand what a boat needs to run at its optimal condition. They work hard to ensure they remain the number one boat in America.

They have a high level of customer satisfaction.

They stand out for quality, durability, design, and performance. They have a great reputation for maintaining their value.

A 20 TRX Bass Boat sold for $44,343 when it was brand new in 2015. Today, this boat is selling for $44,040. This is a depreciation of 1 percent, which is phenomenal.

A brand new 178 Dual Console Plex from the Deep V sold for $20,462 in 2015. Today, this same boat sells for an average price of $20,210.

This is also a 1 percent depreciation.

A brand new 220 Escape Fish & Ski series sold for $39,286. Today, it has an average resale price of $30,240. This is the same depreciation of 1 percent.

A 1 percent depreciation is amazing. It is practically unreal to have a boat with only a 1 percent depreciation.

Year Price
2015 20 TRX Bass Boat $44,343 (new)
2015 20 TRX Bass Boat $44,040 (used)
2015 178 Dual Console Plex $20,462 (new)
2015 178 Dual Console Plex $20,210 (used)
2015 220 Escape Fish & Ski $39,286 (new)
2015 220 Escape Fish & Ski $30,240 (used)




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