6 Most-Common Problems With Moomba Boats (Explained)

If you are shopping for a Moomba Boat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the most common concerns faced by boat owners.

We have searched through all the Moomba information to find the issues you might face with a Moomba Boat.

Check first how reliable the Moomba boats are these days.

Moomba Boats established itself as a reliable wake surfing and wakeboarding boat brand. They are considered to be a mid-tier manufacturer.

Moomba Boats have a reputation for building quality wake sport boats at an affordable price. These boats have top-quality composite hulls that generate large waves.

1) Cramped Lower Seats

Some owners have posted in various forums that their Moomba Boat feels cramped when it is full of people. Others have mentioned the seats being really low and close to the floor. This leads to an uncomfortable ride for some.

Some individuals in the forum mentioned that they chose not to purchase a Moomba because of the seats. However, others stated they never even considered the seats to be too low.

It seems to come down to personal preference. If you are considering a Moomba, you want to sit in the seats to ensure they work for you. Others stated Moomba seats are no lower than any other wake type boat.


2) Old Propellers

There are some concerns with Moomba owners about the sound made by their propellers. It seems to come from older propellers. It also happens when the stock propeller is changed with a different one.

Often, boat owners replace the propeller to produce better waves, but it has a tendency to cause vibration and hum. Some owners state that OJ propellers hum more than Acme propellers.


3) Ballast Tank Filling With Water

A common issue that is raised by Moomba boat owners in the forums is the amount of time it takes for the ballast tanks to take on water. Therefore, it is essential to have the best ballast to take on the ballast correctly to get the wakes you want.

While this does not seem to be a problem with just Moomba Boats, but it is prevalent among Moomba Boats, according to many owners in the forums. Another concern with the ballasts is it is difficult to get the distribution correct.

This system allows owners to push a button to initiate the intelligent system, which monitors the pitch and roll of the boat. From there, it automatically adjusts the ballast to form the perfect wake and waves.

There are some additional comments by experienced Moomba owners that state some of these problems are related to the inexperience of boat owners.


4) Vapor Lock

Many owners have reported in the Moomba forums that they get vapor lock on their boats. This seems to be more prevalent in boats that were built in the 2000s. While none of them report it being a serious issue, it is a recurring one.

Vapor lock happens in fuel injected engines, and it is primarily related to the way the fuel system is laid out. When the pump is away from the fuel tank, it pulls the fuel from it, which causes low pressure in the fuel line.

When this happens, the gas boils and turns to vapor. The fuel pump does not handle vapor well. Anytime the pump is able to pump the vapor, it is replaced by more vapor. This is what is known as a vapor lock.

If the fuel pump is in the fuel tank, this does not occur because there is no fuel line with low pressure. The best way to correct this problem is to add a second fuel pump.


5) Water Trapping Problems

Moomba boat owners have also reported concerns with water being trapped on their boats. This often leaves bad smells or water that will not drain on their boat.

In some cases, owners reported having to replace the carpet on their boat frequently. Other owners have reported instances of water getting trapped underneath the ski locker.

In other instances, some Moomba boat owners have had to drill holes in the bottom of the ice chest to get the water to drain. Once holes are drilled to drain the water, the hole will need to be a plug.

This problem seems more prevalent in boats that were built before 2010.


6) Older Parts Availability

It is not clear how far back Moomba goes when maintaining replacement parts. However, if you go to their website, they direct you to their dealer network to see if they can help you locate parts.

They do maintain an active community forum that discusses OEM parts and replacement parts for all the models through the years. This is most likely the best resource for individuals with older model boats that need hard to find parts for replacement.

You can find many retailers online that sell Moomba replacement parts. Some of these online retailers specialize only in wake boats, but all of them offer a wide selection of replacement parts.


General Pros and Cons for the Moomba Boat


Moomba Boats utilize three different technologies to create the perfect waves: Autowake system, the Flow, and the Smart Plate.

Smart Plate is a plate at the center of the stern that can be lowered or raised as needed.

The Flow is a plate on either side of the Smart Plate to change the width, height, and curls of the waves.

Autowake automatically controls the ballast and where the water in the ballast is distributed. This helps to create a smooth ride.



  • Moomba Boats are known to suffer from vapor lock.
  • If the proper propeller is not used, there is a vibration and humming.
  • Water gets trapped underneath the ski lockers, and you have to drill your own hole to drain it.


What Do the Reviews Say?

Moomba Boats allows you to create and control your own wake making it the ideal wakeboarding and wake surfing boat.

“The built-in Moomba Smart Plate and Flow 2.0 Surf System provide Moomba boats with an exemplary wake offering every rider a roller coaster wave feel along with a patented AutoWake whose sensor ensures weight distribution by continuous monitoring…” [Source: premierwatersports.net]

Moomba is a mid-tier boat manufacturer offering quality boats at an affordable price.

“Moomba is a value-conscious brand, so you won’t get near as many bells and whistles in terms of wake-shaping. With that in mind, it’s still better than a lot of the other boats in its price range.” [Source: boatingmag.com]


What is the Resale Value on the Moomba Boats?

Moomba Boats currently offers six models, with their lowest-priced boat being the 20′ Mondo, starting at $79,000. The most expensive model is the 24’5″ Makai, starting at $100,286.

The NADA is what is most often used to determine the resale value of a boat and how well it is depreciating. The information it contains is provided by boat dealers. The NADA shows that Moomba Boats are appreciating and not depreciating.

It is critical to understand that this guide is not always accurate, and dealers do not always provide information. This tends to be true when a boat is sold for a low amount. Most often, a private buyer and seller have a different experience than the dealer experience.

Moomba Boats hold their value well and compare strongly with other boats in their category. This is because they are well priced from the start and not mass-produced. This allows them to be less common, have better quality control, and hold their value.

In 2014, a brand new Mobius LSV sold for $55,000. This year that boat sold for $52,325. This is a depreciation of about 5%. It had an asking price of $66,000, and NADA has its average resale value listed at $58,730.

In 2017, a brand new Craz Surf sold for $62,620. One recently sold this year for $75,000. NADA has its average resale value listed at $73,620.

Year Price
2014 Mobius LSV $55,000 (new)
2014 Mobius LSV $52,325 (used)
2017 Craz Surf $62,620 (new)
2017 Craz Surf $75,000 (used)



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