6 Most-Common Problems With Pursuit Boats (Explained)

Pursuit Boats are an upper-tier and expensive offshore powerboats. They build dual and center consoles. They also create luxury sport yachts and offshore cruisers.

These boats boast quality construction, practical layouts, comfort, and remarkable customer service.

If you are shopping for a Pursuit Boat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the most common concerns faced by boat owners.

We have searched through all the Pursuit information to find the issues you might face with a Pursuit Boat.

Check also how reliable Pursuit boats are these days.

1) Problems With Wood Rot

Throughout the forums, Pursuit boat owners have left comments about some problems they have found with wood rot.

This problems are in the hull in boats built from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Many owners felt that this was a serious issue.

Many of the owners believe that the rot wood is caused by leaking. The thru-hull fittings leak into and through the fiberglass, which allows water to go to the wood coring. Another problem is water sitting on top of the stringer.

This seems to be a problem because there is no drain on the stringer, so the water drains to the bilge. Many owners state that rainwater sits on the deck or water in the bilge causes condensate, and the water builds up.

One of the best ways to prevent this is to ensure your boat is covered at all times.

2) Fuel Tank Fumes

In the forums, many owners have mentioned concerns with their boats built in the late 2000s. These concerns are centered around fuel fumes.

Owners traced these fumes back to plastic fuel tanks.

This problem is easily corrected by changing or adjusting the venting around the fuel tank. There was a recall on the fuel tank issue, and the company installed fans that ran on timers to correct the problem.

3) Leaking Problems

There have been some postings within the forums by Pursuit boat owners about leaking problems, especially on Cuddy Cabin models.

These problems are found mainly on boats constructed in the late 2000s.

One problem is the top liner is leaking. The problems were traced to the wiper motors being faulty and allowing in water. Another leak was found in the cabin that was related to the windshield screws. There are screws in the black rubber trim that were leaking.

The best solution for this leak is to pull away from the trim and remove the screws one at a time. You want to them bed the screws down with sealant.

Another owner reported a leak resulting from a thru-hull that was improperly installed. The improper installation resulted in water getting in the core and making its way to the cabin. The fiberglass had to be cut out from the inside and the wet core removed.

The thru-hull should be sealed with epoxy.

4) Engine Problems

There have been some reports of Pursuit boats having engine problems. Some found that their engine was running too hot.

There could be a couple reasons for this problem.

The problems include that the raw water pick-up strainer of the engine is clogged with marine growth. If you clean it, this should resolve the problem. Other problems include the raw water pump impeller being worn or damaged. In this case, the pump needs to be repaired or replaced.

There could also be a problem with the thermostat for the engine.

It may not function properly and needs replacement. Another common problem is the alternator for the engine is not charging properly.

Some of the causes of the alternator not charging include the battery cable being corroded or loose. You should clean and tighten the cables. If this does not work, you may need to replace the alternator. Also, the engine battery isolator could be defective and needs to be replaced.

If none of these is the problem, the battery may be defective and need to be replaced.

You may also find that the engine does not operate when it is over 2,000 RPM all of a sudden.

This could occur because the engine emergency system is activated. In some cases, the computer detects there is a problem and limits the RPM to protect the engine.

Another concern is that the engine does not start with the control lever in neutral.

One of the causes could be that the control cable is not adjusted properly and is not able to activate the neutral safety cut switch.

There could be a loose wire on the transmission neutral safety switch.

You should look at the wires and tighten loose connections. You may also have a bad starter or a bad ignition switch.

5) Purchase By Malibu Boats

Some of the Pursuit owners in the forums have expressed concerns among their community about the takeover by Malibu and how that is going to impact the brand.

Many owners feel the takeover happened quickly, and the planned changes have not taken into effect. Pursuit Boats built its company on the foundation of creating high quality boats.

They are concerned that dedication will change.

6) Difficulty Getting Old Parts

Pursuit Boats has stopped making parts for their older models, especially the boats that are no longer in production.

They are not clear on their website as to how far back their stockpile of replacement parts is. If owners need parts, they should contact their dealers to try to locate the parts they need.

There is a Pursuit boat owners forum that is committed to only those that own Pursuit Boats.

This forum has an active community that is supported, especially when owners need replacement parts.

Pursuit Boats maintains a list of dealers on their website.

If you navigate their webpage, you will find their Dealer locator page. There are several vendors online that sell replacement parts for different boat manufacturers.

If you can locate old owner’s manuals that go back to the beginning of the company, you can find the part number for older parts which can make it easier to locate the parts.

General Pros and Cons for the Pursuit Boat


Pursuit Boats are a luxury brand that has different degrees of personalization depending on the different model.

These offshore cabin cruisers come in three different sizes, from 33 feet to 40 feet. Their Sport Boat comes in 27 feet or 43 feet.

The transition to Malibu Boats has not seem to have negative impacts on the quality.


  • Problems with the engine not functioning properly.
  • Excessive fuel tank fumes.
  • Leaking throughout the boat.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Pursuit Boats are well-known for quality construction and dependability.

“Pursuit boats are known for their hulls, reinforced with a resin-infused, fiberglass structural grid system that provides a finished surface inside the bilge area.”

[Source: onthewater.com]

Pursuit Boats allow owners to customize their boats. Each model has varying levels of customization.

The port console holds a head compartment/changing room with a choice of portable or mounted toilet, the latter with a holding tank. It also offers a freshwater sink, a counter, and storage boxes in the door.”

[Sources: chesapeakebaymagazine.com]

What is the Resale Value on the Pursuit Boats?

Pursuit Boats hold on to their value really well. They have favorable depreciation. It ranges from better than average to highly favorable.

In 2015, a brand new C 260 26 foot center console that has a Yamaha outboard with 350 horsepower sold for $132,970. Today, that same model sells for about $104,650. This is a slightly above average depreciation of 22 percent.

In 2015, a brand new OS 345 36 foot offshore sport yacht sold for around $401,490. Today that same model has an average resale value of $350,950, which is a depreciation of 13 percent.

This is a great percent for a luxury boat selling in that price range.

Model Price
2015 C 260 26 foot Center Console $132,970 (new)
2015 C 260 26 foot Center Console $104,650 (used)
2015 OS 345 36 foot Offshore Sport Yacht $401,490 (new)
2015 OS 345 36 foot Offshore Sport Yacht $350,950 (used)





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