Bigfoot Campers & Water Leaks: 7 Answers (Explained)

For more than 30 years, Bigfoot campers have had a strong presence in the RV market because of their impressive camper designs. In addition, this brand is known for manufacturing campers with thoughtful design and unmatched quality.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re interested in owning a Bigfoot camper.

That’s why to help you on your quest to learn all that you can, we have discussed everything you need to know about Bigfoot campers and water leaks.

Armed with this knowledge, you will be one step closer to making your decision.

Here Where Bigfoot Campers Leak:

If a Bigfoot camper is well taken care of, it usually won’t start presenting any leaks until the five-year mark has passed. If leaks do happen, they are commonly found at window edges, sealant cracks, doors, or storage areas. They are also known to come through the hatch.

1. When Do Bigfoot Campers Typically Start Leaking?

According to Bigfoot owners, numerous factors depend on a camper made by this brand starting to leak. For example, if a Bigfoot camper is well taken care of, it usually won’t start presenting any leaks until the five-year mark has passed.

In contrast, if a bigfoot camper is not well looked after and is left to deteriorate often, it can leak as early as two years into being used. Additionally, Bigfoot campers could start leaking because of a factory defect shortly after being bought, but this is rare.

Thus when a Bigfoot camper starts leaking cant be predicted, but in general, you shouldn’t expect yours to leak within the first five years of use if you look after it as you should.

2. Do Bigfoot Campers Leak More Than Other Camper Types?

Unfortunately, Bigfoot campers are known to leak more than certain camper brands.

Many over the years have experienced a leak in more than one place, and although owners could fix these leaks, it didn’t leave the owners any less frustrated.

Additionally, our research shows that older Bigfoot camper models tend to leak more than their newer counterparts. This is likely because the brand has refined and honed its construction practices and selected better premium quality materials in recent years.

3. Where Do Bigfoot Campers Typically Leak?

As you know, Bigfoot campers tend to leak more often than a few other camper brand motorhomes. Yet, as is the case with nearly all campers, there are a few places where Bigfoot campers typically leak.

One of the most common places for Bigfoot campers to leak is in the storage compartments.

Customer Reviews:

A disgruntled camper said:

“my leak is actually through my fairly newly installed cable hatch in the roof of my camper for my various solar cables. The surface of the hatch is sealed incredibly well with eternabond, which means to me it’s the membrane the cables go through which is leaking.”

[Source: Bigfoot Camper Water Leaks: Forum]

Another camper also experienced a window leak.

He said:

“…I found the leak at the top of the window over the table. Run a bead of caulk on the window frame. My floor is no longer wet etc. This is my 3rd Bigfoot, and I am very happy with the product. This camper, like all others, needs a little TLC now and then but nothing major.”

[Source: Bigfoot Camper Water Leaks: Forum]

4. How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Leak On Bigfoot Campers?

How much you should realistically expect to fork out money-wise to fix a leak on a Bigfoot camper will depend on where the leak is coming from, how much damage has occurred, and what the cause of the leak was.

In general, if the leak is at your campers window and the window frame and pane are fine, you likely only need to re-caulk it. This should set you back between $20 to $40 to fix if you can do it yourself and don’t need help from a laborer.

Yet, if the leak is because of something wrong with your roof and damage to your sidewalls or ceiling, you could be looking at upwards of $1,000 to fix the leak.

5. How Hard Is It To Fix A Leaking ROOF On These Models?

Fixing a leaking roof on Bigfoot campers could be an easy and quick fix or tiresome and expensive repair, depending on what has caused your roof to leak.

In most instances, fixing a small roof leak can be done on your own without the help of a professional RV repairman if you have DIY skills and the right materials, like a roof repair kit.

Yet, if you need to replace all the seams on your roof or have to replace the roof yourself, you’ll likely find the job significantly more challenging. In these cases, it’s usually best to seek the assistance of a professional who knows what they are doing.

6. How Hard Is It To Fix A Leaking WINDOW On Bigfoot Models?

Typically, fixing leaking windows on Bigfoot campers isn’t as hard as fixing a leaking roof. Like many other campers, you would fix a leaking window on a Bigfoot camper.

Should your leaking window be caused by deteriorated caulking, all you need to do is replace the old calling with new caulking. This process is simple and doesn’t take up too much time.

In contrast, if your window is leaking because of the frame or window pane itself, you could find it difficult to fix your window leak on your own and might need to get help from a professional repair man.

7. How Do You Properly Inspect A Water Leak On Bigfoot Models?

Properly inspecting your Bigfoot camper routinely could save you a lot of money. After all, inspecting your motorhome will alert you to any water leaks before they cause serious damage.

Yet, we know that it can be challenging to find water leaks on a Bigfoot camper, so we have listed a few inspection tips below that are easy to follow:

  • Inspect the exterior of your Bigfoot camper for delamination.
  • Look for any squishy or soft spots and discoloration on the floor of your camper.
  • Check for condensation, discoloration, and bubbling on your ceiling, interior walls, air vents, fan vents, AC vents, and skylight.
  • Inspect your storage compartments for puddles of water.
  • Check underneath the bathroom, and kitchen camper sinks for buddles, discoloration, mold, or mildew.
  • Inspect all body and roof seams to see if any have deteriorated.


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