6 Most-Common Problems With Bigfoot Campers (Explained)

Bigfoot’s campers are known for their premium build quality and keen attention to detail.

However, upon a little digging, we found out that this superior camper, too, has got its fair share of issues.

Today, we’ll tell you about a couple of problems that we found in Bigfoot Campers so that you can make the judgment if these are the campers for you:

Check this article with general problems and issues with truck campers.

1. Lack of Labels on Light Switches

This is not a bad thing on its own.

Even houses don’t have labels on their light switches. For a vehicle that you sometimes use as a temporary moving home in a family field trip, there are times when you forget which switch lights up which light.

It’ll always be a matter of convenience for labeling the switches to make sure that they’re a tad bit more user-friendly, and this has always been one thing customers have been nagging Bigfoot about.

On the other hand, label-less switches also add to the interior’s homely feel.

This is merely a matter of tradeoff between functionality and aesthetics.

2. Inefficient Space Management Stops Convenience

Several components in the Bigfoot have been placed rather awkwardly.

Perhaps the most awkward positioning of these would be that of the sink in the bathroom, which has been placed right next to the toilet seat, and next to it lies the molded seat.

While the molded seat is an excellent touch to the bathroom, it’ll make brushing your teeth and washing over at the sink a bit of a pain. The clothes closet also features three pull out drawers underneath.

While they’re incredibly space-savvy since they pull out, you might want to be careful that you don’t leave them all open while someone’s still inside the bathroom, since the drawers are going to block the bathroom door.

Contrary to the long drawers, the drawer located in the dinette does not fully use the available space since it can’t be pulled out.

The kitchen cabinets could also use some drawers for maximum space utilization, but it looks like the makers didn’t think it was a good idea.

3. The Tank Sensors are Outdated

Bigfoot’s campers come with the capacity to carry propane gas and batteries.

With that, they also need a tank sensor to show you how much fuel or energy remains.

Although Bigfoot’s built-in tank sensors work wonders by showing accurate real-time levels, they do not support wireless monitoring, unlike other models.

However, you can still upgrade this if you would like wireless tank monitoring.

You could also request to have this installed during production.

4. The Crank up Antenna Could be Pesky for a Few

The biggest drawback of crank up antennas is the fact that they need to be cranked at all.

Bigfoot campers use a manually cranked antenna in every unit so their television sets could get reception without having to install your antenna.

What’s terrible about this is that some users might forget to crank down the antenna while driving, which could snag on low tree branches.

This, however, brings down the cost since servo motors on automatic antennas could bring the price up for a feature that some people might not use at all.

The antenna is also replaceable, and you can easily install a better antenna afterward.

5. The Bathroom Mirror and Storage Compartment are too Small

For something that prioritizes the economy of space over functionality, small bathroom mirrors can almost be seen as a given.

However, the Bigfoot camper’s bathroom mirror is so small that it might be challenging to shave certain parts of the body with it.

It also has a small bathroom storage compartment, fitting only a small number of toiletries.

It might not even be able to fit a hairdryer inside.

6. Lack of Shelves in most of the Storage Compartments

Another problem that you might face with the storage in these campers is the lack of shelves in them.

The closets are perfectly convenient for hanging your clothes in, but adding in a shelf or two would make these otherwise great closets fabulous.

The same goes for the cabinets in the camper. And let’s not forget how shelves will be a great way to increase storage space within the camper.

However, this issue is straightforward to resolve by simply picking up your trusty tools and fashioning a nice wooden removable shelf for these compartments, if you feel that you’re missing some shelves.

General Pros and Cons for The Bigfoot Campers


The bigfoot campers are masterfully crafted vehicles, and each of their components is built to complement the vehicle.

The vehicles are built to last. Excellent fiberglass construction makes the vehicle much more sturdy in comparison to its rivaling brands.

The campers have large windows for plenty of natural lighting.

The kitchen area in the Bigfoot campers is flawless and is perhaps the most conscientiously designed kitchen area seen in any campers to date.

Overall, these campers are premium quality and are sure to give you an experience like no other.

Cedar construction to prevent mold and drive insects off and emit a pleasant fragrance within the camper.


  • The light switches in these campers are not labeled. 
  • Several components in the RV have not been placed conveniently.
  • The tank sensors used in the vehicles are pretty old models and could use an upgrade for better accuracy. 
  • The vehicle has a crank up antenna, which might be a problem since most people tend to forget about cranking it down while they’re on the move. 
  • The mirror in the bathroom is relatively tiny and wouldn’t be convenient. The cabinet is also small and is unlikely to fit a good chunk of your essential toiletries. 
  • Most storage compartments don’t have shelves in them.

What Do The Reviews Say?

“In the future, we would like to see Bigfoot add 110-volt and USB outlets at the front of the cabover as standard.  More and more truck campers use 110-volt CPAP machines, and practically all of us need to charge USB-powered phones and tablets at night.”

[Source: www.truckcampermagazine.com]

One of the aspects that makes the Bigfoot technically tacky is that they lack 110-volt and USB outlets.

While the 110-volt outlets are practically the industry standards, they are also a lot more convenient and support a wide variety of appliances.

USB outlets are equally useful since most people need to charge their devices over those.

“This cabinet needs shelving. A single removable shelf would make this a much more versatile space.  Without a shelf, stuff just gets piled in.”

[Source: www.truckcampermagazine.com]

Another drawback in these campers is that nearly all the closets and the cabinets in it lack shelves.

Removable shelves would make the campers much more space-savvy and convenient, and they’d also prevent your stuff from messily piling up, one on top of the other.

“After that, everything about this camper is a rave.  The Bigfoot represents some of the best quality and quality control we have ever seen.  Even when we looked behind cabinetry or inside service compartments, we were amazed at the level of care and detail that went into this camper.”

[Source: truckcampermagazine.com]

However, all in all, excluding a handful of these problems, Bigfoot campers are incredibly high quality.

The amount of attention to detail put into every nook and cranny of these campers proves how masterful the craftsmanship behind it is.

What’s The Resale Value On Bigfoot Campers?

Bigfoot 2500 Series 25C10.5 E 2005 $52,000
Bigfoot RV Truck Camper 1500 Series 15C8.2FR 2016 $22,995
Bigfoot 1500 Series Truck Camper 15C9.5 FS 2017 $34,995
Bigfoot RV Truck Camper 2500 Series 25C9.6LB 2020 $39,995

NB: These prices are subjected to change depending on your location and the price quoted by the seller you will purchase the vehicle from.

Final Thoughts

Bigfoot’s campers are the prime examples of excellent craftsmanship.

Although not nearly perfect, these campers are sturdy and durable and are built not only to last, but they have also been made, keeping your comfort in mind.

All in all, they might take you a while (and a modification or two) to get used to, but once you do, these luxury campers are sure to prove to be excellent motorhomes.



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