3 Boat Clubs in Bradenton, Florida You Should Know

Bradenton in Florida is a boating paradise and is widely known for is beautiful island beaches.

Surrounded by water, Bradenton is a boating fanatic’s dream with beaches such as Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key to compliment it.

There are three well-known boating clubs in Bradenton that you should consider, namely Waves Boat Club, Freedom Boat Club, and finally, Bradenton Yacht Club.

Every individual has needs that vary, so it is always important to investigate the boating clubs in your area to analyze their offerings as well as their prices to see which one is best for you.

1. Waves Boat Club

As a member of the Waves Boat Club, boating enthusiasts will have access to unlimited use of the boats in their fleet.

This makes the experience hassle-free, without the expense of having to rent or own your own boat with the added benefit of the professional service that this boat club provides.

Waves Boat Club has over 25 years of experience and operates from five different locations, with each one having its own dedicated and professional team of staff to assist members with events such as evening cruises, fishing clinics, fishing charters, beach parties, and dolphin sightseeing.

All members can enjoy access to unlimited use of all boats and in all locations.

Seasonal and full-time memberships are available for members.

Waves have seen a gap and realized that not all members are avid captains and have stepped up to provide training to safely navigate the intra-coastal waterways to restaurants and places of interest.

Features of this Boating Club:

  1. Boat reservations can be easily made online
  2. Locally owned
  3. All-inclusive boat membership
  4. Vast fleet with a well-maintained variety of boats
  5. Members can enjoy unlimited use of boats and locations
  6. Training is offered to all members
  7. Waves Boat Club hosts a large variety of social events
  8. Concierge services offered
  9. Packed social calendar

Their Fleet of Boats Available:

  1. Deck Boats
  2. Bay Boats
  3. Pontoons
  4. Center Consoles
  5. Bowriders
  6. Speed Boats
  7. Kayaks


  1. Boat availability can be a problem during the busier peak seasons
  2. Slightly more expensive monthly fees than other clubs in the area


  1. Boatyard Villages – Stickney Point Road – Sarasota
  2. Seafood Shack – West Bradenton (parking is often an issue here)
  3. Phillippi Harbor Club – Sarasota
  4. Fisherman’s Wharf – Venice
  5. Stump Pass Marina – Englewood

Prices range from $209-$309/month with a one-time joining fee

2. Freedom Boat Club – Bradenton

This boat club started in 1989 in the effort to create a simple and easy boating experience.

Freedom Boat Club offers an easy way to reserve your spot and then sail away, knowing that all the background work has been dealt with for you.

Freedom Boat Club is affordable and offers multiple plans. Membership will gain you free, unlimited training to its clients from USCG-Certified sailors.

Freedom Boat Club makes boating fun:

  1. Bring your friends, children, and even pets with you!
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Fishing
  4. Tubing
  5. Cruising
  6. Waterskiing
  7. Beaching & Exploring

Fleet of Boats Available:

  1. Bowriders
  2. Pontoons
  3. Inshore Fishing boats
  4. Deck boats
  5. Wave surfing boats
  6. Speed boats

The Freedom Boat Club offers a once-off entrance fee and then a choice of membership plans to appeal to the varying budgets of different members.

You could boat every day of the year if you wanted to, or you could choose one of their three or six-month plans with the flexibility of changing your plan should you wish to.


  1. Various rules and regulations that may find you in hot waters
  2. Membership is not transferable
  3. Quite a costly once-off joining fee despite the budget-friendly membership options

The Freedom Boat Club Membership Plan:

  1. Once-Time Fee of $ 2750 – $5500 (Dependant on the plan)
  2. Monthly Fees $149 – $299 (Dependant on the plan)

3. Bradenton Yacht Club

Established in 1946, Bradenton Yacht Club has been the home of many dedicated and friendly staff.

They offer boating safety and fun social activities for the whole family.

This Yacht club has been branded by many as being one of the friendliest clubs in the council.

The club consists of over 1200 members, and they host many family-orientated activities whilst maintaining their formal yachting traditions at the same time.

Bradenton Yacht Club boasts five-star amenities, including a marina, pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, fine dining, and bar service.

With a diverse membership of boaters, non-boaters, sailor professionals, and retirees, Bradenton Yacht Club is a home away from home for most of its guests.

It is ideal as well for teens, couples, and families to make new friends and share experiences.

Located just minutes from downtown Bradenton, the 52-slip marina offers guests access to ice, water, electricity, reduced fuel costs, cable TV, and Wi-Fi.

Other features include:

  1. Formal and fine dining
  2. Hot and cold swimming pools with a bar
  3. Kayaking
  4. Biking
  5. Tennis
  6. Golf
  7. Scuba Diving
  8. Shooting Club

Fleet of Boats Available:

  1. Sail Boats
  2. Power Boats
  3. Yachts
  4. Deck boats
  5. Bowriders


Slightly older Boats with higher mileage

Difficult to get a boat with short notice

You could be placed on a waiting list as the club has many complaints of “being too full.”

Not all professional sailors appreciate the constant influx of children, pets, and teenagers.

Membership fees are $160 a month, and the one-time initiation fee isΒ $3,750, which goes into the building fund.

Top reasons why people join a Boat Club:

  1. Boat maintenance is taken care of
  2. Boat training is available
  3. Boat variety and quality
  4. Social gatherings and parties
  5. You don’t need to take out Insurance and liability

What to Consider When Choosing a Club:

When you join a Boat Club, you free yourself from boat maintenance and insurance costs, and you can avoid paying slip fees or having to drive a trailer around.

Boat clubs are a wonderful option for individuals wanting to find cost-effective and flexible boating options.

Being a member of a boat club allows you to access a variety of boats that offer different experiences and make the overall boating outing an extremely fulfilling event.

Boat Clubs essentially offer a platform for people who have never gone out on the water to try it and see if they enjoy it without having to buy a boat and possibly regret it later.

Just make sure that you are taking these things into consideration as you choose:

  • Budget
  • Family Needs
  • Level of Experience
  • Personal Requirements
  • Goals for Fun & Experience
  • Community; are they a good fit?

If you don’t consider what you require, what you’re looking for, and make sure that you don’t settle for anything less than your expectations, you will find that the membership fees are worth the experiences you will have!

Why Boating is Good for You:


Boating has an amazing ability to bring families together and remove children from all their technical devices.

Parents and children practice teamwork together, ultimately strengthening their family bond.

Fresh Air:

Human beings are naturally drawn to water as it tends to make most of us happier and calmer.

The fresh salt air when you are boating brings about a sense of peace and stability.

Learning New Skills:

There is always something new to learn when it comes to sailing.

Every boat has different features and can teach you something new, and with all the new technology in this present day, it can be extremely exciting when navigating a boat using all the new fancy gadgets available.

Each boat also encourages different water activities, such as skiing.

Final Thoughts:

Always investigate the available clubs in your area and analyze the pros and cons for each boat club to find one that suits your skills, family needs, boating needs, and above all – your pocket!

Please note that not all the clubs listed above may be considered the most important in the industry, but each one is a representation of the facet of Bradenton, Florida.


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