How Much Do Boat Trailers Weigh? 9 Examples (With Pictures)

The answer to how much do boat trailers weigh varies, of course, depending on the size as well as the make and model of the trailer.

In this post, I’ll provide you with 9 common boat trailer examples. They will give you a feel for what each size will weigh.

Let’s get started!

Average Weights & Sizes of Boat Trailers

As you can see, the weight of the trailer goes up as the length of the boat it can carry goes up.  However, this additional weight does not go up linearly.  This is because larger and heavier boats mean additional axles and stronger build materials.

As a result, the weight goes up more dramatically as the size of the boat goes up.

Here is a quick look at the numbers we found:

Trailer Boat Size Trailer Weight Capacity Trailer Weight
12 to 14-foot boat 400 pounds 150 pounds
15 feet boats 1,500 pounds 410 pounds
20-foot boats 6,000 pounds 1,000 pounds
18-foot boats 3,100 pounds 630 pounds
18-foot boats 1,800 pounds 420 pounds
22-foot boats 4,800 pounds 980 pounds
24 to 25-foot boats 6,425 pounds 900 pounds
25-foot boats 8,600 pounds 1,320 pounds
24 to 28-foot boats 7,000 pounds 1,630 pounds

As you can see, the trailer weight seems to correlate more with its weight capacity rather than the length of the boat that it will be carrying.

If you’re looking to tow a boat with a smaller vehicle, you’ll probably need to stick to boats under 13 feet long.  Otherwise, you’ll need to upgrade your tow vehicle to an SUV or truck.

Sometimes people buy boats that have never been trailered or that have lost their trailers.  Other times, people buy old boat trailers that they intend on using for newer boats.  Still other times, people buy older boat trailers so that they can repurpose them for another use.

Actual Weight And Weight Capacity Of Each Model

 1. The McClain 12’ to 14’ Single Axle Aluminum Jon Boat Trailer

This trailer is a single axle trailer that can hold a 12’ to 14’ boat.  It has a 20’ winch strap with a winch stand.  The overall length of this trailer is 15’6” and its tires are 8” each.

The trailer can hold 400 pounds and has a weight of 150 pounds itself.  A small trailer like this does not have brakes but it does have safety chains and lights. 

Since it is created with galvanized aluminum and it is not very wide, it does not weigh very much.

A person can easily tow this boat trailer with any vehicle that can support a 2” coupler.  In fact, many owners of sedans will be able to put bumper pull mounts on their vehicles so that they can tow a trailer and boat of this weight.

The reason for this is that most vehicles can tow up to 1,500 pounds and a 400-pound boat with a 150-pound trailer is still only going to weigh in at 550 pounds.

2. The Karavan Single Axle 1,500 Pound Drift Boat Trailer

This trailer is a single axle trailer that can hold boats of about 15 feet long.  It has an overall length of 192” and a width of 68” between the fenders.  From side-to-side outside the trailer’s fenders, you have a width of 85”.

The height of the trailer is 46” from the bottom of the tires to the top of the winch.

This trailer has a carrying capacity of 1,500 pounds but only weighs 410 pounds itself.  It sits on 13-inch tires and has a hitch ball size of 2”.

The trailer does not have brakes on it as it cannot be loaded very heavy.  You could technically tow this trailer with a boat with a smaller vehicle but I would recommend that you have at least a minivan or small SUV as 1,910 pounds without brakes could tax the brakes on a small sedan.

3. Load Rite Tandem Axle Catamaran Trailer

A catamaran trailer has to be wider than the average boat trailer.

This small 6,000-pound catamaran trailer has an overall width of 102” and a width of 82” between the fenders.

It has 13” wheels, a tongue jack, and trailer brakes.  It also has quick-slide bunk covers, a winch, and a winch stand.

This trailer weighs over 1,000 pounds by itself.  Anyone towing a catamaran with this trailer will want to have a large SUV or full-size truck.  They’ll also want a brake controller so that they can operate the included electric brakes.

4. The Karavan Single Axle 1,800 Pound Bunk Trailer

This trailer is meant for towing deep v boats as well as fishing boats.  It has an overall width of 90” and an overall length of 239”.  The width between the fenders is 72” and it can tow boats up to 18 feet in length.

The trailer comes with a winch and a winch stand that sits at 47” in height.  It has 13-inch wheels and a carrying capacity of 1,800 pounds.

Being made out of aluminum, the trailer only weighs 420 pounds by itself. 

This means that a person with a smaller vehicle could tow this trailer with a smaller boat.  An optional set of disc brakes can be added to this setup but people with larger vehicles may be able to skip the brakes altogether in most states.

Because of the narrow width of this boat trailer, novice boaters shouldn’t have a whole lot of trouble towing it.  This makes it a good trailer with a good trailer weight for people who are nervous about towing a boat.

5. The Karavan Single Axle 3,100 Pound Roller Trailer

This trailer is another single axle trailer that is capable of towing an 18-foot boat.  It has an overall width of 99” and an overall length of 266”.

The carrying capacity is 3,100 pounds and it weighs in at 630 pounds by itself.

The width between the fenders of this trailer is 80” and the bunks have been replaced with rollers.  This makes it a good trailer for easily launching deep v boats.  The rollers also make pulling the boat up with the winch much easier.

This trailer is constructed of welded tubular steel and it has an adjustable axle to help control the sway of the trailer.  It has 14” tires and a winch that stands at 52” high.

The brakes on this trailer are optional but you’ll probably need to have them added so that you can legally tow with it in your state.  This means you’ll also need to add a brake controller to your vehicle as well.  I’d suggest that you get an SUV or small truck to tow an appropriately sized boat on this trailer.

6. Karavan Tandem Axle 4,800 Pound Roller Trailer

This trailer is a tandem axle trailer with 14-inch tires.  It has an overall width of 99” and an overall length of 290”.  The maximum boat size you can put on it is 272” in length.

The width between the fenders is 80” and the height of the winch is 51”.  A standard 2” hitch ball size can be found on the tongue of the trailer.

You can place a boat with a width of up to 80” on the trailer weighing all the way up to 4,800 pounds.

The weight of the actual trailer is 980 pounds.

To pull this trailer with an appropriately sized boat on it, you’ll need a full-size truck or SUV.  You’ll also need trailer brakes which will need to be added to the trailer.

7. Venture Aluminum Boat Trailer

This boat trailer is built for boats from 24 to 25 feet in length.  It has a tandem axle with 15-inch tires.  Brakes come standard on the trailer but only on one axle.  This is enough to safely stop a trailer of this size and weight.

The carrying capacity of the boat trailer is 6,425 pounds and the actual weight of the trailer is 900 pounds. 

There are rollers on the trailer for easy loading and unloading of the trailer.

Only the largest of SUVs and full-size trucks will be able to tow a boat and trailer of this size.  Brakes are an absolute necessity and you’ll want a brake controller as the brakes that are included are electric brakes.

8. Karavan Tandem Axle Aluminum 8,600 Pound Bunk Trailer

This is a heavy-duty trailer meant to carry large boats of up to 8,600 pounds.

It has tandem axles with 15-inch tires and weighs in at 1,320 pounds.

The overall width of the boat trailer is 102” and the overall length of the boat trailer is 345”.  The maximum length of the boat is 327”.  The width between the fenders is 81” and the max-width at the bottom of the boat is 81”.

Bunks run along the sides and a tall 63” winch stands at the top.  Taller than the winch is the tall lighting system that stands at a height of 91”.

9. Magic Tilt Pontoon Series Triple Axle

This boat is a triple axle boat with a carrying capacity of 7,000 pounds.  The axles and wheels are galvanized and the winch stand is aluminum.

The total length of the boat trailer is 33 feet and the boat length that can be towed is between 24’ to 28’.  The width of the trailer is 102”.  This additional width is what allows the trailer to tow a pontoon boat.

The actual weight of the trailer is 1,630 pounds.  This means that between the boat and the trailer, you could be towing 8,630 pounds.  You’ll need a full-size truck to safely tow this boat and trailer.


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