15 Great Boats Under 2,000 Pounds (Anyone Can Tow These!)

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How Big is a 2,000-Pound Boat?

If you are looking for a boat that is 2,000 pounds or less, you will likely be looking at minimal options when it comes to boat type. Most powerboats do not weigh less than 2,000 pounds when you account for the length of the vessel and the weight of the motor.

It is also hard to find a sailboat that weighs less than 2,000 pounds because of the equipment, masts, and sails that are needed for the average sailboat.

There are some exceptions though in each category.

When you are looking at the weight of each of these boats, we have listed the dry weight. You will want to make sure if you are choosing a boat to tow yourself, you take into consideration all the other aspects of a boat’s weight.

This includes the boats wet weight, trailer, motor, and equipment.

Below are some great boats that have a dry weight of fewer than 2,000 pounds.

Fishing & Bass Boats Under 2,000 Pounds:

Fishing boats or bass boats are smaller speedboats that are easy for anyone to tow. With the proper trailer, you could tow this type of boat with most types of vehicles.

The average wet weight of a fishing boat with all the equipment, motor, and trailer is about 3,500 pounds.

This weight can vary between 2,800 and 5,000 pounds depending on the type of boat and equipment you purchase. These boats can be towed by trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers.

Some great fishing boats that have a dry weight of less than 2,000 pounds include:

1. Nitro Z18

The 2018 Nitro Z18 is a small fiberglass bass boat and is very popular amongst fisherman. This boat boasts about a smooth and quick ride with the ultimate fishing layout.

This boat is comfortable at a length of 18’ 8” and can seat up to 4 people.

This boat offers a few motor choices such as the 150 L FourStroke, 150 or 175 L Pro XS FourStroke, or the 150 or 175 Optimax Pro XS.

Standard features on this vessel include a Livewell system, non-skid mats, a reboarding ladder, and other fishing features.

The dry weight of this vessel is 1,700 pounds, but if you are looki9ng for the weight of the average package you will be looking at 3,200 pounds.

2. Charger 210 Elite

The charger 210 Elite is a solid fishing boat with many designs that make fishing that much easier for the average fisherman.

Charger boats began their company with the idea that speed is always better, but the 210 Elite was made to expand the comfort and fishing features.

Just because this boat focuses on luxury fishing features, doesn’t mean that it no longer has the proper speed.

This boat is has a high level of speed and agility that will allow you to skim along the top of the water. This boat also features storage for up to 24 fishing rods that each have an individual rack to protect the integrity of your equipment.

The live wells in this vessel are also state of the art with backup pumps, aeration, recirculation, and cooling technology. This will keep the fish alive and ready for release after weigh-in if you are in a fishing tournament.

Not only is this boat equipped with state of the art storage, but you should also have plenty of legroom and clear view of your gauges and other technology.

This boat has a fully installed GPS, chirp sonar, side-vision sonar, and other ways to find the fishing hot spots.

In addition, this boat is equipped with heated seats, night-vision cameras, and weather protection.

This boat is a lighter boat with a dry weight of this vessel is 1,900 pounds.

This means that you should be able to haul this boat with a wide variety of vehicles

3. Bass Cat Jaguar

If you are looking for a boat that is around 2,000 pounds but you can afford to tow a little more, the Bass Cat Jaguar is a boat to consider.

This boat is 21’ 5” in length and has a dry weight of 2,150 pounds.

This boat has a deeper bow than the other models in the Bass cat lineup. This allows it to have more speed and better performance.

This boat features three fuel tanks that evenly distribute the weight of 55 gallons of fuel. This can help make the weight distribution more even which can help with not only performance, but can also help when you choose to tow the boat.

This boat has an innovative scissor storage system that can hold up to  16 tackle boxes all in slide-out trays. There are also additional trays that sit forward to secure another 10 to 12 boxes.

This boat also has a central net scabbard that includes an integrated ruler holder which allows for easy access, and less deck clutter.

There are also dual 8’ rod boxes that host tubed and bulk rod storage.

Like other fishing vessels, there are also live wells built into the boat.

This boat prides itself on both performance and luxury.

Ski Boats Under 2,000 Pounds:

Ski boats serve the main purpose of cruising around on the lake with high speeds that are ideal for waterskiing and other water sports.

Often these boats are equipped with storage options for watersport equipment as well as having high motor performance and agility.

The average weight for a ski boat is 3,500 pounds which allows them to be towed by most trucks or SUVs.

A great example of a Ski boat that is less than 2,000 pounds is:

4. Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

The Boston Whaler 170 Montauk is a high-performance deck boat that is ideal for skiing and other watersports such as tubing, wakeboarding, or kneeboarding.

This boat also won the Best Boat’s International Award.

This boat is a center console boat that gives it a clean and timeless aesthetic that also allows for easy maintenance.

This boat is not only ideal for watersports but can also be equipped with an optional fishing package. This might add some weight but could change the main use of the vessel.

This boat comes with a standard 90 horsepower Mercury FourStroke Engine.

This boat also has an added fuel tank that can hold up to 25 gallons.

You can also upgrade the luxury of this boat with optional teak boarding steps and swim ladder flooring.

This boat features stainless steel side rails, a grab rail on the swim platform and other comfort features that make this ride not only quick and smooth but also luxurious and comfortable.

This boat also comes with a standard galvanized trailer.

This boat is 17’ 4” and can seat up to 7 people.

The dry weight of this vessel is 1,700 pounds but with an engine, fuel, and water the weight would be much closer to 2,254 pounds.

Pontoon Boats Under 2000 Pounds:

Pontoon boats are larger vessels that often fall on the heavier side as far as towing goes when compared with the previous options.

This is because pontoons often feature many heavy seating options. These boats have a weight that averages at about 3,100 pounds.

To haul a pontoon boat you will want to have a truck or a larger SUV.

Some great pontoon options that fall below 2,000 pounds include:

5. Avalon Catalina DRL 24

The Avalon Catalina DRL 24 is a pontoon boat that is a stylish watercraft while still being reasonably affordable.

This boat comes with an optional cabana-style umbrella that can cast quite a bit of shade on the bow of the boat. If you choose the cabana-style umbrella, it is not only easier to put up and take down when you want to motor, but it is also much lighter than a bimini top.

The performance on this boat is excellent and can be equipped with a wave rider option. This option comes with tubes that are equipped with lifting fins and a wave shield underskin that offers better hydrodynamics.

This boat also comes with plenty of power with a Suzuki DF200 four-stroke motor.

In addition to power, the Avalon Catalina DRL 24 also has great handling. This boat should be able to succeed in rough conditions as well as larger bodies of water.

This boat can handle watersports and even comes with an optional centerline locker to hold all the equipment that is necessary.

This boat weighs in at just about 2,000 pounds of dry weight. And is 23 feet long and can seat up to 11 people.

This allows you to have entertaining days out with you and your friends and family without worrying about the proper amount of space.

6. Lowe SS210

The Lowe SS210 has premium amenities and durability at an affordable price.

Some amenities included on this boat are plush and comfortable seating, a large amount of storage space, and an efficient Mercury motor that combines high standards at a great value.

This boat, when purchased new, can come with a variety of options that include different seating plans and different colors.

This boat has an overall length of 21’ 4” that can seat up to 11 to 13 passengers comfortably.

This boat also has great speed with a 150 horsepower engine.

You can get additional options such as ski towing, fishing or other packages for your boat. You can also look into a higher variety of luxury options.

This boat is easy to tow with a dry weight of 1,900 pounds.

7. Sweetwater 2086 BF

The Sweetwater 2086 BF is a pontoon boat that is 20’ 10” in length and can seat up to 11 passengers.

This boat has many great features available such as a silver easy climb ladder, large canopy to protect the boat, standard bow fish seats that come with removable pedestals, a Livewell, captain’s chair and helm station, courtesy interior lighting, and a round table.

In addition to the standard features, there are many different options you could select if you choose to buy this boat new.

Some additional packages that are available include:

  • GTP 25” Triple Tube package
  • GTP 27” Triple Tube package
  • 25” or 27” Sport Tube
  • Midnight package
  • Stainless Steel Upgrade package
  • Full Spectrum RGB Color Lighting package
  • Fishing Add Ons
  • Other styling and utility packages

This boat can be easily towed with a dry weight of 1816 pounds.

Sailboats Under 2,000 Pounds:

Another boat type is the sailboat. Most sailboats do not fit under the 2,000-pound requirement because they offer a living space that can really add on to the weight of the vessel.

In addition, they feature a lot of heavy equipment that is needed to properly sail the vessel.

In fact, the average sailboat weighs about 8,800 pounds and can only be pulled by large trucks.

If you are looking for a small daysailer without any extra living space, however, you should be able to find some under 2,000 pounds.

A couple of great sailboats that weigh less than 2,000 pounds include:

8. Sunfish Sailboat Classic

The Sunfish Sailboat Classic is a small boat that will allow you to get out on the water and sail, no matter what vehicle you have.

This boat offers easy rigging and incredible manageability which will give anyone a comfortable and hassle-free sailing experience.

This boat makes sailing very easy and allows anyone to experience the joy of sailing.

This boat is only 13’ 9” in length and can fit about 2 people onboard.

The Classic version comes with a practice sail, sail rings, gooseneck, mainsheet block, and a mahogany rudder and daggerboard.

The weight of this sailboat is about 130 pounds which means it can be towed by anyone in any type of vessel.

9. Minicat 310

This boat is designed for any sailor who has any type of vehicle. This boat can be broken down allowing it to be transported by any type of vehicle.

This boat is about 10 feet long and has a passenger capacity of 2.

This boat is designed for speed as well as making it comfortable for a day out on the water.

This boat is laid out as a small catamaran with polyester seats, a fabric trampoline, and other great features for such a small vessel.

You can take this with you in any vehicle with a dry weight of about 77 pounds.

Personal Watercrafts To Consider

A personal watercraft or more commonly termed “jet-ski” has an average weight of between 400 and 1,200 pounds.

This means that unlike a lot of the other options, a jet-ski can be towed by cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

This is a great way to get out on the water for the day, no matter the type of vehicle you own.

Below are the best personal watercrafts that are less than 2,000 pounds.

10. Sea-Doo Spark

This compact personal watercraft is highly fuel-efficient and lightweight.

This boat is not only fun to ride, but also features a fully submersible audio system that includes Bluetooth connectivity, seating for two or even three passengers, and a Rotax 900 ACE engine that is the most fuel-efficient on the market today.

You can also add on some luxury packages or pick the color of your vehicle.

This jet-ski is only 9 feet long and has a dry weight of 405 pounds which should allow it to be towed by any vehicle.

11. FX Cruiser HO Full

The FX Cruiser HO Full is a slightly larger personal watercraft that can fit up to 3 passengers and has a length of 11.7 feet.

This vessel has a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke Yamaha Marine Engine.

You can have up to two color options for this vessel. This vessel also comes with a multi-mount system that will allow you to add additional features such as custom-designed wireless speakers, GPS fish finder, or action cameras and smartphones.

This boat can also be towed easily with a dry weight of 838 pounds.

12. Kawasaki Ultra 310LX

The Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX is a very popular and powerful personal watercraft.

This vessel’s deep-v hull allows for great performance in rough water and gives it racing-like agility. You can also fit this boat with extra comfort features to personalize your ride.

This boat is 11 feet long and can fit up to 3 passengers.

Like the other two options, this one should be easy to tow as well.

 The curb weight for this vessel is 1,073.8 pounds. Curb weight is the weight with all necessary materials and fluids to operate correctly including a full tank of fuel and tool kit.

Other Vessels Under 2,000 Pounds:

There are other great boats that you can pull behind a smaller vehicle. These include kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, other manually powered vessels and even fan boats.

13. Sun Dolphin Laguna Pedal Boat

The Sun Dolphin Laguna 5 Seat Pedal Boat is great for getting a bit of exercise while enjoying your time out on the water.

This boat allows up to 5 passengers and allows up to 3 passengers to pedal at once.

This boat also comes with a canopy to keep you out of the sun if necessary.

The dry weight of this boat is 120 pounds which would allow it to be towed by any vehicle type.

14. Sun Dolphin Kayaks

Any model of Sun Dolphin Kayak can be towed by any type of vehicle. You can even mount kayaks on top of SUVs are pack them in the back of trucks.

15. Floral City Fishboat

The Floral City Fishboat is an airboat that would be great for skimming across the water and also would be great to tow.

This boat offers custom decking, power coated stainless steel rigging, a bimini top, trolling motor, fish box, custom seats, and many more luxuries.

This boat is 18 feet in length and could seat up to 6 passengers.

This boat should be able to be towed behind most vehicle types.

How Do I Calculate the Weight of my Boat?

When calculating the weight of your boat, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Dry Weight versus Wet Weight:

One of these things is the difference between dry weight and wet weight.

It is important to know the difference between dry weight and wet weight when you are determining the overall weight of your boat since this can affect your towing capabilities.

Dry weight is the weight that is reported by the manufacturer. This weight is simply the lightest weight that your boat will be.

The dry weight does not take into account:

  • The weight of the trailer
  • The weight of any add ons or additional options
  • The weight of the fuel
  • The weight of the gear onboard
  • Anything additional onboard

This weight also doesn’t take people into account, but you should not ever tow your boat with people inside.

Wet weight is the boat’s dry weight plus the weight of the things listed above.

Like dry weight, wet weight doesn’t normally include people.

It is important to know what your wet weight is. You will likely be towing your boat with the accessories already included and onboard.

You will also likely have fuel in your boat while towing since fueling up at a gas station can be cheaper than at a marina.

You will also want to have some fuel in the boat so that you can get our boat loaded into the water properly.

You might not think the weight of your fuel has that much impact, but a gallon of gas can be around 6lbs in weight.

The Trailer’s Weight:

In addition to the wet weight, you will also need to factor in the weight of the trailer.

Most people do not consider the weight their trailer will be when they think about towing their boat but this is a very important consideration to make because your car will be responsible for towing both the weight of the boat as well as the weight of the trailer.

The average weight of a typical boat trailer ranges between 1,000 and 1,600 pounds.

This can add a lot of weight and strain on your vehicle, especially if you were close to your maximum towing weight with the boat itself.

If you don’t know the weight of the trailer you will be using, you might want to factor in a heavier trailer to the total of your weight.

We have made a thorough list where you can see the average weight of boat trailers. It’s a great way to find out exactly how much weight the trailer will add to your rig.

Add On’s and Equipment:

In addition to trailer weight and the weight of the boat, you will also want to take into consideration the weight of the things that are onboard the boat.

The weight onboard the boat will also affect your towing capabilities.

Some additional considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Tower or bimini top: If you have a tower or bimini top onboard your vessel depending on how heavy duty it is, it could range near 100 to 500 pounds.
  • Radio or speakers: If you add additional radios, amps, or speakers in your vessel you could be adding up to 300 pounds on your vessel.
  • Gear: You will want to take any and all gear into consideration when it comes to the weight of your vessel. This can include coolers, life jackets, water sporting equipment and anything else you might have onboard. This can range wildly depending on how much you have but it could add even an extra 500 pounds.

The things listed above are estimations and you will want to make sure you are mindful of the weight of your vessel, trailer, and all you have on it.

If you overload your vehicle, this will be damaging to your vehicle and equipment.

What Type of Vehicle Do I Need to Tow a 2,000 Pound Boat?

When determining what your vehicle can tow, you need to take into account more than just horsepower.

Towing capacity is determined by the following factors:

  • Horsepower
  • Torque
  • Axle ratio
  • Frame design of the vehicle
  • Engine size and type
  • Wheel and tire load ratings
  • Brake size
  • Suspension load ratings
  • Oil and transmission cooling
  • The drive train (ex. Four-wheel, front-wheel, or all-wheel drive)

When vehicles are manufactured, whether or not they have a great capacity for towing is up to the manufacturer and what they anticipated the vehicle would be used for.

Some popular trucks and SUVs for towing include:

  • Ford F150 or F250: towing capacity between 5,000 and 13,300pounds.
  • Toyota Tacoma or Tundra: towing capacity 1,120 and 10,200 pounds.
  • RAM 1500: towing capacity 6,280 to 7,520 pounds.
  • Chevy Colorado: towing capacity 3,500 to 7,000 pounds.
  • Honda Pilot: AWD can tow 5,000 and 2WD can tow 3,500 pounds.
  • Subaru Outback: towing capacity 2,700.
  • Ford Explorer: towing capacity between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds.
  • Toyota Highlander: towing capacity between 1,500 and 5,000 pounds.
  • Jeep Wrangler or Grand Cherokee: towing capacity between 2,000 and 7,200.

It is highly unlikely that you would tow anything with your car that is larger than a small aluminum fishing boat or manual powered craft such as a kayak or canoe.

Cars also do not often come with towing gear so you would have to make sure that you have the proper equipment before you attempt to tow something with your compact family car.

In Closing

Boats can come in a wide variety of sizes and types. When looking for a boat, it is not necessarily true that a bigger boat is better.

Bigger boats can often be more expensive as well as require more upkeep than smaller boats. It is also easier for the average personal boat owner to tow a smaller boat.

This can be because if you have a lightweight truck or SUV you would be less likely to tow big boats with these vehicles.

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