6 Great Boats With Diving Doors (With Pictures)

Buying a recreational boat is great for anyone who wants a boat that has been tailored to their needs.

Buying a recreational boat for yourself allows you to customize your vessel to accommodate the activities that you plan on using it for.

If you are looking for a recreational boat, that you plan on using for diving, you will want to look into a boat that has been equipped specifically for diving.

3 Cabin Boats With Unique Dive Door Features:

If you are planning on buying a boat that is equipped with a dive door you have multiple options to choose from.

One type of boat that features dive doors are center console fishing vessels.

These boats often have large deck areas, fishing equipment, storage areas, and hull-side doors.

Boats that are built for the sole purpose of recreational diving also exist.

These are also center console vessels but are not focused on fishing gear or amenities. These are the best choice when it comes to boats made for diving.

Pontoon boats also have hull side doors.

This is standard for pontoon boats, but they are not always equipped for ocean travel. If you are planning on diving in the ocean, you will want to make sure your vessel is equipped properly for ocean travel.

1. 2820 XLD Sport Cabin:

The 2820 XLD Sport Cabin boat from Parker Boats is a center console vessel that is 28 feet in length. This boat offers twin berths with storage and cushions.

This boat also offers an electric flushing head.

Additional options for this vessel include a large lounge seat, a galley with a sink, refrigerator, and stove, and other comfort options.

This boat also features a dive door on the side of the boat. It has a safety latch for when it is not in use.

This boat features multiple outboard motors that you will not come into close contact with when using the dive door. The motors being outboard also make more space on the deck for the needed diving equipment.

This boat also has built-in storage and coolers. This can help when fishing while diving.

This boat is a great option for those who want a multi-purpose vessel. This boat is ideal for fishing, diving, and other recreational activities.

2. Everglades 295 Center Console:

The Everglades 295 Center Console is a more mid-sized option in the Everglades line up. This does not mean that it does not come with luxury features.

This boat is built for fishing but can also be good for diving. The included fishing options include rod storage in the bow. There are also available fish boxes onboard.

This boat is 28′ 7″ long. It can fit up to around 10 passengers on comfortable and convenient seating.

This boat also comes with the option to have a hull-side dive door. This opens inboard and has a removable ladder.

This allows for easy boarding with the ladder as well as keeping swimmers and divers safe and away from the motors.

This boat features two outboard motors similar to the previous option. These outboard motors ensure that the boat has more deck space than if they were inboard motors.

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3. Munson 36-8 Dive

The 36 foot Munson Dive boat is one of the best boats for recreational diving.

This boat has a dive door on both the port and starboard sides that are each equipped with a ladder to get back into the vessel.

This boat also features 8 dive bottle racks, swim platform, flip outdrive ladder, swim step that is nonskid, and a walk around the cabin.

The cabin also has air conditioning that offers a comfortable place out of the heat when needed.

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4. Munson 34-36 Dive

The 34 foot Munson Dive boat is even more equipped for diving than the 36-foot option.

This boat features seating for 15 people. This boat comes with a passenger bench, hot water shower, rinsing table, snack table, water cooler, bimini top, and a large swim step that offers 2 dive ladders.

This boat also features a dive door on both the port and starboard sides.

This boat offers 30  dive bottle racks instead of 8.

Both Munson options are great for ocean diving and feature a sleek design that can easily move through the water.

Pontoon Boat With Dive Door Feature

5. Lowe SF 234

This is a great Pontoon boat with a dive door.

The Lowe SF 234 comes equipped with 4 pedestal-mounted fishing seats, a 13-gallon life well, a rod locker, and built-in tackle storage.

The available options for this vessel include a fish finder, a possible second live well, verticle rod storage, rod holders, and other fishing gear.

This boat is 23′ 7″ long and can seat up to 12 people. This means that this vessel can be used for fishing, entertaining, and even diving.

This boat features dive doors on both the port and starboard side of the vessel.

It is also spacious and good for storing equipment.

Center Console Boat With Dive Door

6. Sportsman Heritage 251

The Sportsman Heritage 251 Center Console is a boat that is 25′ 2″ long that can seat up to 12 passengers.

Features of this boat include single twin outboard engines, a hard-top overhead, a tempered glass windshield, and soft vinyl seats.

This boat also features a side door built into the hull. This dive door was built with the necessary structural reinforcements and heavy-duty hinges.

This boat also offers live wells, fish box, and insulated bow storage.

This boat has a large amount of storage and a large open deck. This boat would be good for either diving or fishing.

This boat is also ideal for ocean travel and will allow you to dive in whatever area you would like.

Why Have A Dive Door?

One of the best features that you should look for when considering a diving boat, is a dive door.

A dive door is a door placed on the side of the boat that makes it easier for divers to step overboard as well as climbing back in which can help to make diving easier.

These doors can help divers stay clear of the outboard motors, propellers, and drives.

The best solution for this is a hull side door placed in the cockpit. Some boats even offer hull side dive doors on both the starboard and the port sides.

These doors can also be used to haul big fish into the boat or allow for easier boarding. This is especially important when you are hauling your heavy dive equipment on and off the boat, as this can be difficult.

Why You Should Get A Dive Boat

Buying a dive boat is a great way to explore your diving hobby on your own terms. Buying your own diving boat allows you to go to the spots that you want and explore on your own.

When looking for a dive boat, in addition to looking for one with a dive door, you will also need to make a few additional considerations.

One thing you will want to look out for is a boat that will confidently hold your large and heavy diving gear. This means you will need a boat with an open deck. Deck space is often abundant on boats that are geared for fishing.

Another thing to consider is racks for storing your oxygen tanks. Even if a boat does not list this feature, it is possible that it can be added on.

Seats that can be stashed away when not needed are also helpful on dive boats.

If you plan to dive for lobster or participate in spearfishing, you might also want to consider a boat that offers an in-deck fish box.

Can I Add A Dive Door On My Boat?

If you already have a boat, and it does not feature a dive door, you might be able to work something out.

While side doors are common in certain types of boats, they are not universal. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy diving on your current vessel.

Most boats are equipped with swim platforms that come with ladders and other easily accessible features.

Some manufacturers might be able to add a dive door after the fact, but this can be costly and it could be better to purchase a new boat or try to make something work with your current features.

Final Thoughts:

As someone who chooses to take up diving as a hobby and plans to buy a boat to support that lifestyle, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Buying your own recreational watercraft can be great and allow you the freedom to go where you want when you want.

Oftentimes, people who participate in diving activities are at the mercy of commercial charters and their agendas.

This means that you will often frequent busy and over visited tourist spots instead of other, more adventurous and secluded areas.

Buying your own recreational diving boat can fix this problem. Having the freedom to use your boat how you wish can really help to expand your knowledge and experience in your hobby.

When you buy a personal recreational diving boat, you will want to make sure it is properly equipped.

Your vessel will need a large deck, dive door, and the necessary diving equipment. Make sure when you are shopping for a diving boat, you have everything necessary.

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