19 Popular Boats With Outboard Motors (with Pictures & Prices)

In this article, we will look at some popular boats with outboard motors. They are popular for various reasons, as we will get into below.

Here are 19 boats you should check out. We have categorized them per boat type so it’s easy for you to find the ones you are looking for.

Let’s get started!

4 Pontoon Boats You Should See

Pontoon boats are most commonly equipped with outboard motors but they do offer both inboard and outboard options.

Because of the design of the boat and the ease of maintenance the standard option for a pontoon is an outboard motor.

Under $40,000.00:

1. Princecraft Vectra 25 RL

The Princecraft Vectra 25 RL is a top quality and affordable pontoon boat that features a lot of space that can accommodate up to 12 people.

This boat features chaise lounges, a sundeck, swim platform, large table, and many more luxuries.

This boat can handle an outboard engine that ranges between 40 and 115 horsepower. You can even get 200 horsepower if you have the optional Sport Configuration.

This vessel has a base price of $35,079.00.

$40,000.00 to $70,000.00:

2. Starcraft SLS 5 DC

The Starcraft SLS 5 DC is a pontoon boat that offers a ski pylon, boarding ladder, changing room, and even a windscreen.

This boat is 25’ 10” long and can seat up to 14 people.

This boat offers many different luxury features and can be customizable.

This boat allows for an outboard motor of up to 300 horsepower.

This boat offers a starting price of $62,392.00.

3. Bennington SX 23 SBRX

The Bennington SX 23 SBRX is a luxury pontoon with all the luxuries that the Bennington brand has to offer.

This boat features enhanced entertainment options, vinyl upholstery, and other luxurious options for a reasonable price.

This boat is 23’ 11.5” long and can seat up to 11 passengers.

This boat features an outboard motor that can have up to 200 horsepower.

This boat has a starting price of $45,387.00.

Over $70,000.00:

4. Harris Solstice DC 250

The Harris Solstice DC 250 has a heavy sports influence that features a lounge and additional comfort features.

This boat is 27’ 2” and includes a sporty look that has a dual console configuration and can seat between 12-13 people.

This boat can have an outboard motor that has up 400 horsepower.

This is a high-performance pontoon boat that is the best of both worlds of speed and comfort.

This boat has a starting price of approximately $90,000.00.

Deck Boats:

Deck boats are boats that come with an open floorplan and the seats are often set into the vessel.

These boats also commonly feature an outboard motor.

Some popular deck boats are listed below.

Under $30,000.00:

5. Bayliner Element E21

The Element E21 made by Bayliner is the largest model in the Element line of vessels. It is 20’ 8” long and can seat up to 10 people at once.

This boat has a high level of comfort as well as value like all of the boats that are manufactured by Bayliner.

This boat also has seats on the stern that can convert into a large sun pad that allows for plenty of space.

This boat can have an outboard motor that has up to 150 horsepower.

You can get a Bayliner Element E21 for a starting price of $28,629.00.

$30,000.00 to $50,000.00:

6. Hurricane Sundeck 187 OB

The Hurricane Sundeck is a small and sporty deck boat that is 18’ 10” in length and can seat up to 10 passengers.

This boat features a ladder on both the bow and the stern and comes with a live well with a pump.

This boat also features a great windshield to make piloting more comfortable.

The boat allows for an outboard motor of up to 200 horsepower.

You can get this small sporty deck boat for a starting price of $34,900.00.

Over $50,000.00:

7. Regal 26 FasDeck

Regal’s FasDeck series has been created with looks in mind. This boat comes with a much more attractive appeal than other deck boats in its class.

In addition to the attractive appeal, these boats also emphasize luxury and space.

This model is bigger than their 22’ option and is 26’ 6” allowing it to provide more space and comfort for those aboard.

Unique features like social seating, additional layout choices, more space and storage, and even an enclosed full-size head that allows for comfortable boating for you and your passengers.

This boat was built with watersports in mind and offers a low to the water swim platform for ease and convenience.

This boat allows for an outboard motor of up to 350 horsepower.

You can buy this model for a starting price of over $80,000.00. If that is too expensive, you could always look at the 22’ option with a starting price of just over $50,000.00

Fishing Boats:

Fishing boats are just what they sound like. Boats that are designed with fishing in mind.

This is exhibited in the equipment and layout of the specific boat. Fishing boats are often aluminum with an outboard motor but can be many types of boats.

For the purpose of this article, I have chosen to classify fishing boats as the classic aluminum style.

Under $30,000.00:

8. Alumacraft Competitor 185 Sport

This boat is a perfectly sized aluminum fishing boat that offers spacious features as well as equipment designed to make fishing easier.

This boat is only 18’ 8” long and comes with 3 deluxe seats that were built for fishing.

Some features include rod storage, live wells that include timers, trolling systems, and other optional fishing options.

This boat can feature an outboard motor up to 150 horsepower.

You can purchase this boat for a price that could fall between $28,010.00 and $37,730.00.

Over $30,000.00:

9. Crestline 2100 Raptor

This boat is also an aluminum fishing boat that prides itself on its pro-level fishing options such as a large casting deck, a 17 tube illuminated rod locker, a windshield that you can walk-through, and a bow and stern live well.

This boat is 20’ 11” in length and has a maximum capacity of 7 people.

You can equip this vessel with an outboard motor of up to 350 horsepower.

This boat comes with a starting price of $53,611.00.


Sailboats also can feature outboard motors even though they are mainly powered by the wind propulsion in their sails.

Oftentimes, motors on sailboats are used mainly for docking and maneuvering in tough areas, but they can also be used for instances when you have little to no wind.

Under $30,000.00:

10. Catalina 22

This boat comes with both a fixed or lifting keel depending on whether you buy the Capri or Sport version. This boat is ideal for racing but is also easy to handle and trailer with a small crew.

The boat also features an open cabin that can sleep a family of 4 and is 23’ 10” in length.

This boat can be fitted with an outboard motor up to 7 horsepower.

The starting price for this vessel can be between $22,000.00 and $31,000.00 depending on which model you choose to go with.

$30,000.00 to $100,000.00:

11. Beneteau 22

For those of you looking for a similar model to the Catalina 22 but you would prefer more deck space than space below, you might want to look into the Beneteau 22.

Beneteau prides this model on being safe and ideal for learning to sail. This boat features a hull with positive flotation and a larger cockpit that will allow more sailors onboard. This boat is 21’ in length and is ideal for beginners when it comes to both sailing and trailering their vessels.

You can fit this boat with an outboard motor of up to 10 horsepower.

This boat is more expensive than the Catalina and features a starting price of closer to $40,000.00.

Over $100,000.00:

12. Varianta 37

If you are looking for a more advanced and competitive sailing option, you should consider the Varianta 37. This boat offers any amenities that you need in a 37’ frame while offering a more reasonable price than its similar competitors.

This boat, while offering everything you might need, is known for keeping to the basics so that you can enjoy a reasonable price tag on such a large vessel.

This boat can be equipped with an outboard motor of up to 20 horsepower.

The starting price for this boat is approximately $150,000.00.

Inflatable Boats:

Some boats serve a main purpose to ferry you to other, larger boats. These are the most commonly inflatable dinghies.

These are often small and able to be attached or even brought on to longer vessels and can be equipped with outboard motors as an option.

Under $1,000.00:

13. Goplus Inflatable Dinghy

This boat is made up of enough air tubes to make sure you do not need to worry about failure or sinking. This boat features a weight limit of up to 600 pounds and has built-in benches to sit on ready to seat 4 people.

You can mount an outboard motor of up to 4 horsepower on the back of this vessel.

This boat features a low cost of approximately $300.00.

Over $1,000.00:

14. Shark Inflatable Dinghy 9.8

This boat is similar to the Goplus dinghy but is made to handle more speed. You can fit up to 1,200 pounds an up to four people on this impressive inflatable model.

This boat allows for an outboard motor of up to 15 horsepower.

This motor on a boat of this size should give you all the speed you are looking for! This boat is a little pricier with a price of approximately $1,400.00.

Center Console Boats:

Another type of boat you might be looking at in your list of boats with outboard motors is a center console boat. These boats are often used for fishing but they can be used for other family activities while out on the water as well.

Like all the examples before, these boats also commonly feature an outboard motor.

$50,000.00 to $100,000.00:

15. Boston Whaler 190 Montauk

This boat is a great center console option for both fishermen and those who just want to get out on the water and enjoy the day.

This boat features additional upgrades like a teak package that includes a swim platform and helm footrest. This package gives this boat a nostalgic look.

If you are looking for fishing features, you will need to look no further. You can get vertical rod holders, an outboard draining fish box, and other luxuries for fishermen.

This boat is 19’ 4” in length and can seat up to 8 passengers comfortably.

You can install an outboard motor of up to 150 horsepower on this vessel.

This boat has a starting price of around $78,000.00.

Over $100,000.00:

16. Mako 334 CC

This boat’s main function is built with fisherman in mind. Every inch of space on this vessel is utilized in the most efficient way for the avid fisherman.

You can get this boat in a standard, family, or sportfish addition.

This boat features elevated performance as well as great style. You can get plenty of storage options for bait and tackle, insulated port and starboard in-deck fish boxes, dive doors with stowable ladder, and even a submerged Sea Chest that keeps 4 pumps running.

This boat is mighty and can hold up to 1050 horsepower. This would have to be accomplished using multiple outboard motors.

This boat has a higher cost than our previous examples of approximately $264,900.00.

Power Cruisers:

Power cruisers are similar to other power vessels with the added luxury of multiple cabins and under deck amenities.

These boats, like all others, generally come equipped with an outboard motor, and can be equipped with high power.

Because of the luxuries equipped, these boats are often more expensive. They also generally require motors with high levels of horsepower which can also get expensive.

If you plan to purchase this type of boat, you will want to make sure you plan for a larger budget with this option.

Under $200,000.00:

17. Cutwater C-24

The Cutwater C-24 Coupe Boat is a luxurious cabin cruiser that combines the ease of trailering and maneuvering with a small group of people with all the luxuries of spending a few nights out on the water.

This boat combines speed and luxury in one great package. You can use this boat for overnight travel, fishing, watersports or other fun activities.

This boat has a private stateroom and head, galley, and a salon that seats four and can transform into an additional berth.

This boat also offers many entertainment options such as GPS, fishfinder, radio, Bluetooth stereo, and other great features.

You can also upgrade with a generator, air-conditioning, heating, and other options.

This boat is fitted with an outboard motor with 250 horsepower.

You can purchase this grand boat with a starting price of $118,437.00.

Over $200,000.00:

18. Four Winns Vista 355

This boat is an elegant vessel with everything that you need to travel. This boat offers high luxury with a temperate-controlled cabin, thoughtful design, and a high level of consideration to ease and comfort.

This boat has many types of luxuries such as a deep reach ladder, transom access, many sun pads that are hinged to avoid having to step on the cushion, plenty of comfortable seating and other additional options.

This boat is 35’ in length and can fit up to 12 passengers comfortably.

This boat features a head, multiple berths, and galley.

You can use a 300 horsepower outboard motor on this vessel.

This boat has a starting price of $318,000.000

19. Jeanneau NC 33

This boat offers excellent high-quality luxury for the entire family. Highly well-built and luxurious with a tasteful design that will be the envy of all your friends.

This boat prides itself on its high levels of technology and innovation. The center console features the latest designs in travel and navigation.

This boat features 2 large double berths, a head with a separate shower compartment, and a galley with a dinette.

This boat offers a maximum level of horsepower of 440 and features twin motors of 220 horsepower apiece.

This boat is valued at approximately $450,000.00.

Tips on Purchasing an Outboard Motor:

Now that you have decided that an outboard motor is right for you, you will want to make sure you pick the right one. When purchasing your outboard motor, there are some things to keep in mind.


Above, I have indicated how much horsepower each boat can handle. Power is an important consideration to make when searching for a motor.

If you plan to tow any objects for water sports, you will want more horsepower than if you do not plan to tow something.

You will want to make sure that you do not equip your boat with more power than it can handle, but you will want to make sure you have enough power for your vessel to sufficiently be propelled forward.

If you have a sailboat you only need enough power to help you during moments of tough navigation.

If you need large amounts of power you might want to look into getting more than one motor. It is not uncommon for a boat to have 2 or even 3 outboard motors attached to the back of their vessel. This helps to balance the power distribution of your watercraft.


Another thing to consider during all parts of your boat buying decision, you will want to keep your budget in mind.

If you have a lower budget you might want to consider a used motor. Outboard motors can be good for around 3,000 hours. This means that a gently used motor could be an ideal way to save some money.

If you do choose to buy a used motor, make sure that you make sure that it doesn’t have any issues. Looking to make sure it is cleaned properly and in working order is important.

If possible, you might even want to run it and make sure there are no red flags such as the wrong colored smoke.


Make sure when you buy your outboard motor, you find one that will last. Even though an outboard motor is easier to replace than an inboard option, you will want to make sure that you do not have to replace yours more often than necessary.

Make sure you read reviews and buy from a trustworthy manufacturer and brand.

The most popular brands of outboard motors include Mercury, Evinrude, Yamaha, and Suzuki.

What brand you choose will rely mainly on how much power you need, what your budget is, and what specifications you are looking for.

Maintaining your Outboard Motor:

Now that you have invested in the proper outboard motor, you will want to make sure you are protecting your investment and increasing the motor life of your engine.

This means you will want to complete regular maintenance on your engine.

Some proper motor care includes:

  • Flushing out the motor after outings.
  • Starting the motor before you head out and let the water pump out properly.
  • Making sure the water is flowing properly through the motor and that there is no water in the fuel.
  • Check for leaks, cracks or worn down spots.
  • Clean and lubricate all the moving parts.
  • Always use fresh fuel and replace the fuel that has been sitting for long periods of time.
  • Check for rust or corrosion.
  • Make sure the vent is working properly.
  • Get your motor serviced regularly.
  • Make sure you change your oil regularly.
  • Properly winterize your boat and make sure you are paying attention to the proper winterizing steps for your motor and fuel.
  • Make sure you run your motor while on land before you take it out for the first time of the season so you can fix anything necessary. This will help prevent you from finding an issue while out on the water.
  • Make sure you always have extra spark plugs.

The proper care and maintenance can increase the life and fuel efficiency of your motor that will make sure you are not replacing it earlier than you should be.

Outboard versus Inboard Motors:

It is important to know the difference between an inboard and an outboard motor before you decide to purchase one or the other.

Outboard Motor Pros:

An outboard motor is one that is attached to the deck of a boat, often using a bolted stand or other fastening options.

These motors can be controlled by the dashboard of your vessel or by directly steering it with a handle on a smaller boat.

Having an outboard motor will allow you to buy motors after the initial purchase of the boat, as well as purchasing more than one motor for the same vessel.

There are many pros to purchasing an outboard motor. These pros include:

  • Lower initial cost.
  • Higher top speeds.
  • Larger open cockpit.
  • Long engine life of about 3,000 hours.
  • Multiple options can be purchased across many different vessels.
  • Easy to winterize.
  • Easy to conduct maintenance on.
  • Easy to repair when needed.
  • Easy to replace if needed.

Outboard motors are ideal for people who prefer quick-handling, tight turn ratio, and better maneuverability with lower speeds.

These motors are also good for boating in shallow waters because the prop tilts up.

Outboard Motor Cons:

Like everything, there are also cons when it comes to an outboard motor. These include:

  • Lower fuel efficiency.
  • Lower service life than inboards.
  • Not as ideal for transom use around fish.

When it comes to comparing the pros and cons, it is obvious that an outboard motor has far more pros and would be a great option.

Even with lower torque, you can still equip your boat with an outboard motor by adding a second or even third motor for really heavy boats.

Inboard Motor Pros:

An inboard motor is either mounted into the center or your boat or stowed inside the transom and does not hang off the back.

An inboard motor is often high-performing engines that are repurposed for marine use. Because these motors are more complex, they have a longer lifespan than outboard motors.

The pros of an inboard motor are:

  • Higher fuel efficiency.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Long engine life of about 6,000 hours.
  • Superior torque and power.
  • Centered and lower weight.

Inboard motors are favored when it comes to watersports including skiing or wakeboarding because they have better wake control, more towing power, and the transom is clear for towing ropes.

Inboard Motor Cons:

The cons of an inboard motor include:

  • Higher initial cost.
  • Lower top speeds.
  • More spray from your boat.
  • Less cockpit space.
  • More difficult winterization.
  • More difficult maintenance.
  • More difficult to repair.
  • More difficult to replace.


Looking at all the pros and cons above, you might be considering an outboard motor. This is an excellent choice!

All of my former boats have featured outboard motors and they have worked excellent for both speedboats and pontoon boats.

If you also would like an outboard motor, keep reading for some great options of boats with outboard motors.

Final Thoughts:

Outboard motors are an overall easier motor choice for your boat. It is easier to manage them, replace them, and choose the best motor for you.

When you are choosing a boat, you should make sure that you get the proper motor that is right for you and the intended purpose of your recreational watercraft.

Luckily, outboard motors are an option that come with all types of boats so you are not limited in your choices.

With the proper boat and motor, you can spend many happy memories out on the water with friends and family.

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