School Bus Conversion: Full-Time Freedom Living 🎥

In this converted bus, one of the first things you’ll notice upon entering is the functional and well-organized workstation.

As online nomads, the owners rely on this area for their various remote work tasks and their photography hobby.


Key Takeaways

  • Thoughtful design creates a spacious and welcoming atmosphere in the bus
  • Abundant storage solutions allow for a comfortable lifestyle without feeling cramped
  • A fully equipped kitchen and functional living spaces make this compact home feel complete


One clever feature of the workstation is the large kennel they’ve built underneath it to accommodate their furry friend. This provides a comfortable and secure space for their dog while they focus on their work or hobbies.

The workstation is located near an array of cube-shaped storage that provides a significant amount of room for their possessions. These cubes come in pairs, maximizing storage capacity.

The ceiling in this area has a beautiful curved design which creates a sense of spaciousness – a welcome feature, considering many small living spaces can feel cramped.

Full-Size Kitchen

Further into the bus, there is a well-equipped, full-sized kitchen, including a sink, stove, oven, and ample storage. The clean and clutter-free workspace contributes to the light and airy atmosphere throughout the bus.

Even the freezer is ingeniously placed in an otherwise inaccessible area, ensuring every inch of the space is utilized efficiently.

Storage Solutions

In the main living space, a sizable sofa with storage underneath offers a comfortable spot to relax, and additional storage nearby is cleverly concealed behind a door outfitted with cupholders.

There’s even a hidden compartment under an ottoman, showcasing how easy it is to have sufficient storage without compromising aesthetics.

A significant amount of storage can also be found in the bus conversion’s sleeping area. Under the queen-size bed, there’s room for larger items and above the bed, a ladder is mounted for easy access to a rooftop rack for outdoor gear storage.

Throughout the bus, curtains have been strategically placed to provide insulation and soft, natural lighting, while a step-down area near the bed offers even more storage options.

The bathroom, often a crowded space, features storage for towels and personal items, as well as a compact composting toilet that takes up less room than larger models. A spacious shower guarantees that no corners have been cut in this creatively designed living space.

With clever use of storage solutions, this bus conversion demonstrates that living in a tiny space doesn’t require sacrificing comfort or style. The open, light-filled atmosphere makes full use of every available space for a pleasant and modern living experience.

Comfortable Living Space

The living area boasts a spacious and welcoming environment, suitable for a relaxing and adventurous lifestyle. As soon as you enter, you’ll find a conveniently placed workstation for those who work online, with plenty of storage options available.

The dog kennel beneath the workstation can accommodate a large pet.

Aldo, there is a special space made for a dog’s food and water bowls, ensuring that pets are well taken care of in this living space. The rubber mats beneath the bowls prevent any sliding while driving – a thoughtful and practical touch.

Cozy Bedroom & Bathroom Spaces

The bathroom door consists of reclaimed wood, adding a rustic charm to the area.

Inside the bathroom, there’s a nature’s head composting toilet, which saves space and is easy to manage. The bathroom is stocked with enough storage options and a large bathtub/shower area, making it ideal for a small space living.

With elements like curtains for insulation and windows for natural light, the living space provides a comfortable, modern, and spacious environment that suits various needs. The skylight in the bathroom is an additional feature that enhances the overall appeal of the space.

The bedroom boasts a queen-size bed that offers a cozy and comfortable sleeping area.

What makes this bedroom special is the clever use of the space beneath the bed for storage. This design choice allows for the essentials to be stored without making the space feel cramped or disorganized.

In addition to the space under the bed, a ladder provides access to a roof rack, an ideal spot for items such as kayaks or enjoying a scenic view. The door to the bedroom is made from reclaimed wood, adding a touch of rustic charm to the space.

Upon entering the bedroom, you’ll find an array of storage options against the wall. This thoughtful design choice takes advantage of typically underutilized space, providing extra room for items like clothing.

Roof Rack

In the bus conversion, one of the notable features is the inclusion of a roof rack. The roof rack is easily accessible with the help of a ladder and serves as a secure spot for storing kayaks.

Moreover, the roof rack area offers a peaceful spot for relaxing, stargazing, and enjoying breathtaking sunsets.

The overall design of the converted bus cleverly utilizes space and provides ample storage while maintaining a welcoming, spacious feel. The roof rack feature organically complements the whole layout, allowing for a perfect blend of functionality and comfort.

Bathroom, Toilet, and Scenic Views

The bathroom in this converted bus is designed to maximize space and offer comfort. A Nature’s Head composting toilet is popular among many owners for its compact size and ease of use. It fits perfectly in the space, and as an added bonus, it comes with a captivating view!

One unique feature of this bathroom is that it boasts a bathtub that doubles as a shower.

The spaciousness of the tub is surprising, given the tiny living space. It provides a comfortable bathing experience without making the area feel cramped or claustrophobic.

Storage is well-utilized throughout the bus, and the bathroom is no exception. As soon as the sliding door made of reclaimed wood is opened, there’s an abundance of storage options for hanging items. This is a clever way of utilizing space often left unused in other designs.

The light and airy feel of the bus are maintained in the bathroom, with a skylight allowing natural light to fill the space. Overall, this bus conversion has managed to create a comfortable, functional, and inviting bathroom that doesn’t compromise on style or modern amenities.

Overall Feel

The converted bus provides a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, effectively utilizing all the available space to accommodate its inhabitants’ needs. The bright and modern design, combined with the lack of upper cabinets, gives the interior a spacious feel, preventing any sense of claustrophobia.

  • Workstation Area: The entrance houses a functional workstation for online nomads, complete with storage space for equipment and a sizable kennel for large dogs.
  • Living Area: A comfortable sofa with ample storage underneath serves as the main seating area, supplemented by an ottoman that doubles as additional storage.
  • Kitchen: A well-equipped, full-sized kitchen, featuring a large sink, four-burner stove, oven, and various storage spaces, makes cooking a breeze.
  • Sleeping Space: A queen-sized bed, elevated to allow for extra storage underneath, provides a cozy sleeping area.
  • Bathroom: Featuring a popular nature’s head composting toilet and a spacious bathtub, the bathroom offers a bit of luxury, complete with a toilet view.
  • Creative Storage Solutions: From curtained nooks filled with essentials to a slide-out pantry, there’s no shortage of innovative storage throughout the bus conversion.
  • Outdoor Access: Multiple exits and a rooftop ladder provide quick and easy access to the outdoors, allowing for adventurous experiences alongside comfortable living.

The combination of aesthetic beauty and functional design elements leads to a sense of serenity and relaxation for its occupants, further solidifying this bus conversion as a delightful alternative living solution.

A unique feature of this bus is their reclaimed wood door with plenty of built-in storage. The bus’s bathroom is equipped with a nature’s head composting toilet and a spacious bathtub and shower.

The bus conversion truly depicts a modern, spacious, and cozy design that has been well thoughtfully executed, providing all the conveniences one needs in a compact space. It feels open and welcoming, with a skylight adding an elegant touch.


Zack and Annie from Arkansas, converted this old school bus into a beautiful modern RV for full time living. They did a great job, and they let us show you around to see their beautiful tiny home on wheels:)

We met up with them in Florida when their bus was on it’s maiden voyage.

This old school bus is filled with light, built-ins and clever storage solutions. If you think you can’t live small because you have to many things to store, then check out how Zack and Annie built in storage everywhere in this very unique bus conversion. We love how they converted this old school bus into an RV for full time living. Well done:)

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