Tiny House With Downstairs Bedroom (🎥 Video Tour)

Welcome to the Abbott. A stunning 27-foot tiny home with a downstairs bedroom (perfect for seniors!) and a Murphy bed.

It’s designed by Cornerstone Tiny Homes with a cozy yet functional design that reflects years of customer feedback.

Video Tour of The Tiny House

Key Takeaways

  • The Abbott features a downstairs bedroom which is great for seniors who don’t want to battle staircases.
  • A large bathroom
  • access to a back porch.

Living Room Tour

Welcome to the Abbott, a 27-foot tiny home that has been designed to cater to all your needs and requests! Let’s walk you through some of its impressive features, starting with the living room.

In this cozy space, you’ll find a comfortable couch accompanied by a custom-built TV cabinet that cleverly hides away the television.

Moving on to the kitchen, you’ll be greeted with a stunning granite countertop, white carpentry with crown molding, and an innovative pull-out vent for the cooktop.

Additional kitchen features include:

  • A built-in oven
  • Abundant cabinet space
  • An apartment-size refrigerator (with options to upgrade)
  • Glass cabinet faces
  • A microwave stand
  • A washer/dryer combo
  • A flip-up table by the window

Beyond the kitchen, through a custom-made sliding barn door, lies the bathroom. It showcases a stylish sink area with a matching granite top, a regular flush toilet (composting options available), and a spacious four-foot shower with incredible natural light, thanks to its unique window-door feature.

Natural light plays a starring role throughout the home, with numerous large windows illuminating each living space.

The bedroom features two huge windows, making for bright and energizing mornings.

The Abbott tiny home proves that innovative design, ample space, and practicality can all come together in a beautiful, functional package.

Kitchen and Dining Area

In the Abbott model, mealtime is made convenient with a fold-up table situated next to a window, providing an enjoyable dining experience while making the most of the limited space.

The adjacent kitchen boasts custom granite countertops and white carpentry with crown molding, making the area stylish yet functional. An apartment-sized refrigerator offers ample storage, and if residents prefer a larger refrigerator-freezer combination, there is room to accommodate that as well.

For those who enjoy home-cooked meals, there is a built-in oven and stove cooktop, complete with an automatic fan for proper ventilation.

Additional cabinet space and attractive glass cabinet faces add to the kitchen’s appeal. To further enhance the tiny home’s functionality, a washer and dryer combo unit can be found close to the kitchen area.

The dining and kitchen areas are designed to maximize space while providing a full kitchen experience, making the Abbott model a perfect example of how a tiny home can offer all the comforts of a larger house.

Bathroom Features

The Abbott tiny home boasts a well-designed bathroom that caters to the demands of modern living while making efficient use of available space.

In this bathroom, you’ll find:

  • Granite countertop sink: For a touch of luxury, the bathroom features a matching granite countertop, just like the one in the kitchen.
  • Flush toilet: Unlike some tiny homes that opt for composting toilets, this model comes with a regular flush toilet, which is the preference of many homeowners.
  • Spacious shower: The bathroom houses a four-foot shower, which is considered large for a tiny home. The brightness and size of the shower enhance the overall experience.
  • Additional exit: A unique feature of this bathroom is the door that leads to an outdoor porch area. This bonus exit offers improved ventilation for the space, as well as enhanced privacy with integrated blinds.
  • Loft storage: Above the porch, you’ll find a loft area that provides ample storage space.

Back Porch and Loft Area

The back porch is accessible through a door in the bathroom, which has blinds between the glass for privacy.

This creates a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors, allowing for more natural light to enter the tiny home. The porch is a great space for relaxing or entertaining.

Above the porch area, there’s plenty of storage in the loft. This can be utilized for storing items, keeping the living space clutter-free. In addition to the loft, the Abbott model also includes a downstairs bedroom with custom-built sliding barn door and full or queen-size Murphy bed. When the bed is tucked away, the space can serve as a home office with additional storage for hanging clothes or office supplies.

The bedroom is bright, with two large windows creating a cheerful ambiance and showcasing any potential outdoor view.

The Murphy bed is particularly practical in a tiny house, as it can be flipped up to maximize floor space. In this model, the backside of the bed even features a table, exemplifying the smart utilization of space throughout the home.

Bedroom Overview

The bedroom is designed to provide the best possible comfort and convenience for its occupants, without compromising on style or space. The bedroom is equipped with a full or queen size Murphy bed, which can be easily tucked away when not in use.

This allows for the room to be converted into an office space, complete with additional storage for office supplies or hanging clothes.

The bedroom is illuminated by two large windows, along with a round porthole window near the top, ensuring that the space feels bright and airy. Moreover, the custom-built sliding barn door adds a touch of rustic charm to the room.

Since many people utilize their cell phones as alarm clocks, the Murphy bed also features outlets in the back for convenient charging.

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