Tiny Bangkok Apartment with Glass Doors & Mirrors

This 40 square meter (approximately 400 square feet) apartment in Bangkok has been optimized for comfortable living in a compact space. The main features include a well-equipped kitchen area, a cozy living room, and an inviting bedroom.

Let’s explore some details of each area.

Home Tour of Tiny Bangkok Apartment

Key Takeaways

  • Efficient use of space in the kitchen with laundry facilities and inventive storage solutions.
  • Comfortable living area that doubles as guest accommodation with fold-out bed.
  • Glass elements and strategic mirror placement in the bedroom and bathroom create a sense of spaciousness in the small apartment.

This Bangkok urban-style apartment is a great example of how thoughtful design can make even a small space feel welcoming and efficient.

Kitchen Features

Laundry Area

In this Bangkok apartment, there’s a laundry area integrated into the kitchen, providing the convenience of having your own laundry facilities, even in a small living space.

  •  Dish racks are mounted right above the sink instead of taking up counter space, which leaves more room for cooking activities.
  • The apartment features a 2-burner cooktop, typically sufficient for city-living residents who often dine out or don’t cook extensively at home.
  • A unique element in the kitchen is a magnetic cutting board that can be easily attached and detached from the wall for cutting – a great space-saving solution.

There’s ample storage provided in the kitchen, with overhead compartments and additional mounting on the mirrors.

The combination of options and efficient use of space ensures residents have plenty of storage without cluttering the area.

Living Area

Comfortable Couch Convertible

In the living area of this Bangkok apartment, you’ll find a cozy and comfortable couch perfect for lounging. The best feature?

The couch can fold out into a makeshift bed for one or two extra guests. While it may not be the most comfortable bed, it’s certainly handy when you need to accommodate friends or family for a night or two.

Relaxing Balcony

But perhaps one of the highlights of this living area is the balcony.

With just enough space to sit and work, it’s a wonderful spot to unwind and enjoy the view. The clever design of the balcony ensures the space is anything but boring.

Mirrored Wall Space

The entire wall is covered with them, creating a sense of spaciousness and reflecting light throughout the space. Behind two of the mirrors, there is a built-in storage area, providing ample room for belongings without taking up additional space. It’s an innovative and practical solution for adding more storage to a small apartment.

Walk-In Closet Luxury

Surprisingly, this compact apartment is also equipped with a walk-in closet. Making the most out of every inch of space, the walk-in closet offers a generous amount of storage for clothing and other personal items.

It is located adjacent to the bathroom, and its layout contributes to the overall efficient use of space in the apartment. This added luxury is uncommon in a small living space but goes to show how effective design can maximize storage potential.

During our visit to this charming Bangkok apartment, we noticed the remarkable use of glass and mirrors throughout, particularly in the bathroom. This clever design choice maximizes light, making the space appear larger and brighter.

The entire wall, for example, is covered with mirrors, efficiently masking the storage areas behind them.

Compact Cabinets

Another interesting aspect of the bathroom is the medicine cabinet, which has a mirrored back to further enhance the apartment’s overall luminous atmosphere.

In addition to the medicine cabinet, there are small cupboards next to the bed, which may only be about four inches (10 centimeters) deep but are perfect for storing smaller items. These cupboards stretch from the floor to the ceiling, providing ample storage without taking up too much space.

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