Family of 4 in 236 sq ft modern tiny house – Architects selfbuild tiny garden house

Welcome to a cozy Danish home that was built with love and a passion for outdoor living.

This modern interpretation of a traditional Danish allotment hut was designed with the intention of blending seamlessly into the garden.

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At just 22 square meters, the house exudes charm and clever design features, catering to both growing vegetables and spending quality time with family in the sun-drenched city garden.

Although small in size, the house boasts a well-equipped outdoor kitchen and enough cozy indoor spaces for a family of four. 

As the couple built the house themselves, every detail has been thoughtfully planned and customized to cater to their needs, all while maintaining a sense of harmony with the garden.

Key Takeaways

  • A modern interpretation of a traditional Danish allotment hut, designed to blend with the garden
  • Cleverly utilizes limited space for indoor and outdoor living, while still catering to the needs of a family of four
  • Ingenious child-friendly designs and hidden storage solutions thoughtfully incorporated within the home

The Concept of the House

The house in question is a modern adaptation of a Danish allotment hut, which are small dwelling spaces nested within a garden. Historically, these were built for apartment dwellers to grow vegetables and enjoy fresh air, sunlight, and greenery.

This specific house measures only 22 m2, falling substantially short of the maximum 50 m2 size typically afforded to such structures.

The intent was to maintain a modest space that would naturally integrate with the garden surroundings.

Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

The house seamlessly connects its outdoor and indoor spaces, allowing the natural surroundings to be actively part of the living experience.

The kitchen has both an outdoor gas burner with pots and pans readily available, as well as features that extend indoors like storage spaces and a small fridge.

The dining area, measuring a mere 9 m2, opens onto a terrace covered by a translucent plastic roof, complete with lighting fixtures. The indoor space can hold up to four people comfortably when the weather is not ideal, while the outdoor areas provide additional seating if needed.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Designed before the couple had children, the house had to accommodate a family of four within 9 m2 of bedroom space. This was achieved by building a custom bunk bed that fits perfectly within the room, maximizing storage and space. Each child has their own unique sleeping section, making it a fun and exciting place to rest.

The bedroom contains storage spaces for clothing and personal belongings, as well as a hidden closet for cleaning items.

The bathroom has all the necessary amenities, including a toilet, washbasin, and 80x80cm shower space.

As the house progresses from public to private areas, the windows gradually decrease in size, emphasizing privacy while maintaining light access.

Dining Area

The dining area is located near the kitchen, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It measures 9 m2, but with the fold-in door open, it feels twice as large.

There, you can find a cozy table that seats four people comfortably but can be extended for six to eight guests if additional space is needed. The morning sun pierces through a creatively placed window, allowing diners to bask in the sunlight during their morning meal.

In terms of storage, the kitchen and dining area have open shelving, which lends an airy feeling to the otherwise compact space.

The shelves display everyday dishware, inherited from the owner’s grandmother, and various kitchen utensils. Additional storage is cleverly tucked into drawers and small cabinets, ensuring everything has its place. The dining area truly serves as the heart of this unique Danish allotment hut, where family and friends can gather over homegrown vegetables for memorable meals.

A Cozy Bedroom Space

The bedroom in this small allotment hut is a mere 9 square meters, but it has been cleverly designed to accommodate a family of four. A custom-made bunk bed was built around two standard IKEA dressers, ensuring that the limited floor space is utilized to its maximum potential.

Each bed offers a unique sleeping experience – one has a higher ceiling but a narrower space, while the other is wider with a lower ceiling. This thoughtful design ensures that each child can enjoy their own personal space.

The entire house was built by the couple themselves, providing a hands-on experience for them. This small, well-designed allotment hut serves as a wonderful escape for the family during the summer season, despite its limited size.

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