School Bus Conversion | Rebuilt as hostel (for living on the road)

Welcome aboard the magnificent Nomad bus, a former American school bus transformed into a cozy living space.

The bus comfortably accommodates three occupants, Tim, his partner Val, and their little daughter, Athena.

Video Tour of the Bus


Ingeniously designed, the Nomad bus also functions as a “hustle on wheels”, accommodating 8-10 guests for weeklong or fortnightly trips.

Seating Area & Storage

The seating area is designed for maximum adaptability. It can support up to 10 people with additional boards placed and allows for conversion into a larger table. It is also equipped with USB ports, car charger ports, and regular electrical outlets. The seats provide adequate storage for belongings such as spare parts, kitchen items, and even a mock wine cellar.

Bathroom & Laundry

The Nomad bus is equipped with a waterproof shower area, a sustainable Swedish waterless toilet, a boiler for hot water, and a washing-drying machine combo. Additional facilities like a vent and a dehumidifier aid in drying clothes.

Additional Amenities

Nomadic life involves adaptability, and the bus highlights this principle, utilizing every inch of space.

Clever shoe storage, additional electrical outlets, and convertible living spaces showcase the resourcefulness of the Nomad bus, ensuring every occupant experiences a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Seating Arrangement

Tim from the Nomad bus converted an American school bus into a home, accommodating up to 10 people. The versatile seating area is equipped with USB ports, car charger ports, and electrical outlets, featuring dimmable warm LED lighting. The bus includes ample storage space for kitchen supplies and food.

Electrical and USB Ports

The bus features USB and car charger ports alongside standard electrical outlets, optimizing energy use. These ports are essential for the bus’s role as a mobile hostel, supported by solar panels for sustainable power generation.

Storage Solutions

Ingenious storage spaces are scattered throughout the bus, including compartments under the seating area, bookshelves, and enclosed storage under the main bed. The kitchen has additional space for supplies, and sheep wool insulation is used for warmth and humidity control.

Functional Kitchen

The compact kitchen is equipped with a gas stove, wood-burning stove, and practical storage solutions. Magnets and suspenders are used for securing items, and LED lighting is softened with coffee lids. The kitchen is crafted for preparing meals for up to eight people, supporting activities like skiing and mountain biking.

Oven and Stove

The bus’s kitchen includes a gas stove for energy efficiency and a wood-burning stove for heating. The wooden kitchen counter provides meal preparation space, and storage solutions for utensils are cleverly integrated.

Innovative Cutlery Storage

Cutlery storage features compact shelves with wooden borders and magnets. LED lights are covered with coffee lids, and sheep wool is used for insulation. The gas appliances and wood-burning stove support efficient meal preparation.

Cozy Bedroom Area

The bedroom area offers bunk beds for guests, with mountain window dividers for privacy and soundproofing. The owners’ sleeping area is spacious, and closet spaces are provided for guests. A community wall features contributors’ names.

Bunk Beds

The bus offers bunk beds for guests, with soundproofing and privacy achieved through wool-filled barriers. Personal closet spaces are provided for guests, and the bus includes a luxurious shower area and well-equipped kitchen.

The Nomad bus offers soundproofing with mountain-shaped window covers and wool-insulated doors. Bunk beds accommodate up to ten people, and the kitchen is designed with hooks and straps for stability during travel.

The shower area features waterproof plates, and the eco-friendly toilet separates waste. A washing and drying combo, dehumidifier, and boiler for hot showers are included. Multiple doors and insulated walls provide privacy.

Nomad Life Insights

Nomad life in the bus features flexible seating for up to ten, innovative storage solutions, and a cozy wood interior. Key features include diverse power ports, sheep wool insulation, a functional wood-burning stove, space-saving kitchen design, guest bunk beds, soundproof separation, and a waterproof shower area. The bus exemplifies comfortable, functional small space living.

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