Family of 5 Builds 1000 sq ft Home (No Debt, No Mortgage)

Meet Rachel and Jared, the inspiring couple from Latigo Life.

Video Home Tour, Rachel and Jared (Latigo Life)

They embarked on a life-changing journey when they decided to sell their 1,800 square-foot house in the city along with 60% of their belongings, including a prized 68 Camaro.

Motivated by overwhelming consumer debt and a lack of time for what truly mattered to them, the family adopted Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University plan to crush their debt and reshape their lives.

They successfully paid off their outstanding loans in 15 months, subsequent to which they downsized to a 1,000 square-foot house in the countryside.

Building a sustainable life, Rachel and Jared honed in their skills in budgeting and planning to ensure every inch of their new, smaller home was functional and efficient.

They cleverly designed their living spaces, enabling them to homeschool their children, host guests, and maintain a comfortable lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed by clutter.

Through minimalism and intentional living, the couple has created a unique family life that enables them to focus on the precious aspects of family, education, and personal growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Rachel and Jared successfully transitioned to a minimalistic lifestyle by downsizing and focusing on intentional living.
  • They achieved financial freedom through rigorously following the Financial Peace University plan and paying off their debt in just 15 months.
  • Effectively using their small living space, the family manages to homeschool their children and maintain a comfortable life while embracing minimalism.

The Journey to Financial Freedom

Jared and Rachel, a couple from Latigo Life, embarked on a journey towards financial freedom. They started by downsizing their lives, selling a larger house in the city and about 60% of their belongings, including Jared’s prized 68 Camaro. The couple then moved into a smaller 1,000 square-foot house in the country.

Both Jared and Rachel felt overwhelmed by an excess of possessions and expenses, so they adopted Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University plan to get out of debt.

They reduced their budget, stopped going out, and sold anything they could spare, slowly inching their way out of more than $32,000 in student loan debt.

Decision to Downsize

Rachel and Jared, a couple from Latigo Life, decided to reduce their living space and possessions in order to live a simpler, more focused life. They moved from an 1,800 square-foot city house to a thousand square-foot country home, selling 60% of their belongings and a cherished 68 Camaro in the process.

The couple was facing challenges like a $32,000 student loan debt and a $5,000 credit card balance hanging over their heads every month.

They decided to pursue Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University plan to eliminate their debt and adopt a more frugal lifestyle. With a moderate combined income of around $50,000, they were able to become debt-free in just 15 months.

The family also had to get creative, as they homeschool their children. In their downsized home, they’ve carved out spaces throughout the house for homeschooling materials and projects.

Finding a Place to Build

Rachel and Jared, a couple from Latigo Life, were tired of their hectic lives in the city.

They sold their house and most of their belongings in search of a simpler way of living in the country. Their goal was to create a smaller, more manageable home, all while remaining debt-free.

As they began searching for the perfect place to build their new home, one crucial consideration was the size of the land, along with the budget they had for the project.

Additionally, their children’s bedroom features a beautifully built loft, providing a fun and interactive space for them to play, do their homeschool activities, and even sleep. The wider hallway offers a more spacious feeling to their cozy home while also giving room for educational materials and artwork displays.

Budgeting and Planning

When Rachel and Jared decided to downsize their life, they had to adapt their habits and focus on budgeting to achieve their goal of living debt-free.

In order to build their ideal smaller home, Rachel and Jared had to work within a strict budget. They paid close attention to the sale of their old house and their existing funds in order to make informed decisions about the size and features of their new home.

By doing so, they could build a debt-free home that met their needs without getting into debt again.

Home Schooling Space

In the midst of their downsized living space, this family has devised innovative ways to create a home schooling area for their children. Since they no longer have a separate room for schooling, various areas of the house are repurposed to accommodate their educational needs.

One notable feature is the entryway, which houses a shoe organizer for easy access, with the children’s shoes placed at the bottom. Additionally, throughout the house, they store homeschool materials in separate sections and cabinets for each of their two sons.

The couch in their living room serves multiple purposes, transforming into a bed for guests or when someone is sick, and the storage Ottoman not only holds blankets and books, but also provides extra seating. To make the most of their limited space, the family opted for a wall-mounted TV setup, keeping the floor free from clutter.

Pull Out Couch and Clever Storage Solutions

In their journey to simplify life and live debt-free, this family has found creative ways to maximize the functionality of their smaller home. One of the most vital elements in making their space work is finding clever storage solutions and multi-functional furniture pieces.

Pull Out Couch: Having a couch that doubles as a bed offers a comfortable space for visitors to sleep or when someone is feeling under the weather.

This eliminates the need for an extra bedroom designated only for guests.

Hidden Storage Ottomans: These unassuming pieces around the home serve a dual purpose. Not only do they provide comfortable seats and footrests, but they also hold valuable storage space for items like blankets, books, or other essentials.

In their homeschooling journey, the family has also come up with innovative ways to store and organize their educational materials:

  • Homeschooling Storage: Instead of dedicating a whole room in their home to homeschooling resources, they have repurposed various areas of the house to accommodate their needs. This includes assigning a drawer or area to each child for storage.

In their compact kitchen, every bit of space is utilized smartly:

  • Ikea Kitchen: Choosing a fully functional Ikea kitchen with drawers instead of cabinets allows them to maximize and organize their storage options. Lazy susans in the corner cabinets make it easy to access items in the back!
  • Minimizing Dishware: The family has downsized their collection of cups, plates, and other dishware to only what they need, saving space and making cleanup easier.

Kitchen Efficiency and Organization

Our kitchen boasts a compact yet highly functional design, making the most out of the limited space.

Here are some key features that contribute to its efficiency:

  • Drawers over cabinet doors: Choosing drawers over cabinet doors has allowed for better organization and accessibility.
  • Corner Lazy Susans: Installed on both sides of the sink, these rotating trays make it easy to access items stored in the back of the cabinet without having to climb inside.
  • Minimalist dishware: By downsizing to a small collection of cups and providing each child with their own insulated cup, the need for excessive dishware is eliminated.

In a compact living space, it’s essential to capitalize on organization and clever design choices. This kitchen is a prime example of how smart decisions can lead to an efficient and enjoyable space for the whole family to use.

Laundry Room and Half Bath

In this small and cozy home, the residents manage to make the most out of every space. One such space is the laundry room and half bath, located down the hallway.

Although it might be somewhat awkward, it works well for the family, providing essential functions while maximizing the limited available space.

  • Laundry corner: This corner houses the washer and dryer, as well as shelves for storing games and laundry essentials.
  • Half bathroom: On the other side of the room, there’s a toilet and sink, as well as a shelf for storing toiletries.

Though the room might not be the most conventional in layout, its peculiar nature doesn’t interfere with its overall functionality. In a home where every bit of space is precious and utilized efficiently, the laundry room and half bath stand as an example of the family’s dedication to smart living.

Children’s Room and Ingenious Space Utilization

One key aspect of designing a smaller living space is finding creative ways to use the available area effectively. For instance, the kids’ playroom in this compact house may seem ordinary at first glance, but it has several functional, space-saving features that make it a lively and adaptable environment for the children.

The rest of the house also incorporates creative use of space, such as the multi-functional ottoman for seating and storage, clever kitchen organization, and the shared closet for all family members. They’ve managed to create a harmonious and functional living space that fosters both learning and play in a limited area.

Bathroom and Sole Wardrobe Space

In the house, there is only one bathroom, which is both comfortable and functional. The family was able to consolidate their bathroom necessities, so now they only require limited storage space for their toiletries.

Each person in the family has their designated sections within the closet space. Rachel, the mother, had initially desired a vanity space but later changed her mind to accommodate evolving needs.

Flexibility in adjusting the storage solutions is essential, especially when living in a small house with limited storage options.

Adjustments and Continued Work

Latigo Life’s Rachel and Jared have come a long way since selling their 1,800 square-foot house in the city to live in the country, free from overwhelming expenses and stuff.

Despite having less space, they manage to organize their living situation in a practical and functional way, ensuring that each corner of their 1,000 square-foot house serves a specific purpose.

Adapting to a smaller kitchen, they have minimized the number of cups and cookware, while still maintaining functionality. Installing cabinets with lazy susans and drawers to make the most of the limited space.

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