These 3 Camper Trailers Hold Their Value REALLY Well (With Pictures)

A camping trailer that holds its value well provides you with a win-win situation. If you purchase a camping trailer and decide that camping or full-time RVing isn’t your cup of tea, you can sell it without taking a considerable loss.

Alternatively, if you find out that frequent camping trips or RV living are exactly what you need, you can upgrade your camping trailer after you decide you need something better and still earn a decent amount of money on the sale. As long as you buy one that holds its value well, you’re set.

Our article will detail a few of the best camper trailers that hold their value well:

What Is A Camper Trailer?

A camping trailer is a non-motorized towable trailer that has been outfitted with camping necessities. 

These motorhomes are usually not very big, with most able to accommodate between one to four people and some able to accommodate up to six people.

Additionally, a camping trailer is often uber lightweight, meaning many regular vehicles and SUVs can tow one, convenient for those who don’t want to purchase a towing vehicle. Camping trailers can also drive over rough terrain and are built to withstand harsh elements.

Moreover, camping trailers are versatile and efficient. They don’t usually have RV hookups, but they still have the necessities like electricity, water, and storage.

Most camping trailers have been purposely designed to provide convenience without taking away the appeal of being in nature and the outdoors.

However, you should note that camping trailers are not manufactured to have luxury features or amenities, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t modern or comfortable.

One Camper Trailer Below 20 Feet that Holds its Value Really Well:

Smaller camping trailers are ideal for solo travelers and couples. Camping trailers below 20 feet in length are easier to maneuver, maintain, and create less drag, ensuring low gas mileage consumption.

Additionally, smaller camping trailers are usually more cost-effective because they are not as expensive (yes, even those that really hold their value).

Please have a look below to see our top two camping trailer picks:

2019 A Liner Expedition

Are you looking for a camper trailer that offers easy setup and takedown while providing a nifty high wind stabilization kit?

If so, you will likely want to have a look at the 2019 A Liner Expedition. This camper trailer features a motorized lift kit that makes setup easy with an easy push-button feature. At an estimated retail price of $28,000, this model is the most expensive on our list, but it does include a few fantastic features.

The 2021 A Liner Expedition has an overall length of 18 feet, a closed height of 5 feet and 6 inches, a dry weight rating of 1,805 pounds, a hitch weight rating of 240 pounds, and a payload capacity of an impressive 3,500 pounds.

Additionally, this motorhome by A Liner has an 11-gallon freshwater holding tank and an uber convenient outdoor shower to make cleaning up after outdoor activities super easy.

This camper trailer can sleep up to four people with two twin beds and a queen-sized bed. The incredible features you can look forward to including a ceiling fan, outdoor speakers, interior and exterior lighting, and a convenient fridge and freezer combo with this RV.

There is also a glass top sink with a faucet, cable hookup, solar panel hookup, and four stabilizing jacks. Moreover, inside this motorhome by A Liner, there is also a stove, a Bluetooth radio, and gorgeous hardwood cabinet doors.

Two Camper Trailers 20 Feet And Above that Hold their Value Really Well:

It mightn’t seem like it, but there are roomy camper trailers available that are suitable for small families and groups of people traveling together.

In fact, in recent years, many motorhome manufacturers have been producing larger camper trailers with more features to suit the needs of the growing market.

Finding larger camping trailers that hold their value really well can be challenging with the many options available.

Fortunately, we have found a few we think you will like:

2017 Forest River Flagstaff Series T21FKHW

One of the best camper trailers for those seeking storage space is the 2017 Forest River Flagstaff Series T21FKHW.

This model has front storage, EZ reach storage, and external storage. There is more than enough space to pack all your belongings no matter how long you plan to be on the road.

With all this storage, it’s unlikely that you will mind paying the estimated retail price of between $17,500 and $25,000.

The 2017 Forest River, Flagstaff Series T21FKHW, has an overall length of 21 feet, a closed height of 5 feet and 7 inches, a dry weight rating of 2,642 pounds, and a hitch weight of 347 pounds, and a payload capacity of 705 pounds.

There is also a 26-gallon freshwater tank, and this motorhome can sleep up to three people with one queen-sized bed and one convertible sofa.

Besides being rugged and built for any camping expedition, this camping trailer has a few notable features. For example, you can expect a spacious L-shaped countertop, a microwave, a three burner stovetop, a mid-size refrigerator, a cool cat heat pump, a kitchen sink, and a gas grill.

There is also a U-shaped dinette, and the interior is spacious, unlike the other two models we spoke of above. In addition, there is also a convenient awning that you can set up when you cant to bask in the sunlight and enjoy your surroundings.

2018 Somerset Evolution E3

If you need to sleep six people and want a deck on your motorhome, you don’t need to disregard camper trailers because a few meet these search parameters, like the 2018 Somerset Evolution E3.

This motorhome has a slide-out bed and, unlike the other models on our list, has the option of having a shower and cassette toilet if you purchase a used model that has these add on.

Despite these amazing amenities and capabilities, this motorhome has a low estimated retail price of around $23,000.

The 2018 Somerset Evolution E3 has an overall length of 23 feet and 7 inches when open and a length of 12 feet when closed, making it easy to tow. This model has an exterior height of 9 feet and 1 inch, an interior height of 6 feet and 6 inches, a dry weight rating of 2,908 pounds, a hitch weight of 385 pounds, and a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,400 pounds.

Some of the nifty features this spacious camper trailer houses include: two king-sized beds, a slide-out dinette, stove, sink, a storage trunk, two-burner propane stove, an impressive 35-gallon freshwater tank, and a 16,oo0 BTU heater.


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