6 Most-Common Problems With Centurion Boats (Explained)

Centurion Boats are manufactured for water sports. The two water sports on which they focus most are wake surfing and wakeboarding.

They are explicitly designed to create larger wakes to make these sports more enjoyable.

This company started with inboard ski boats before moving on to jet boats and day cruisers. Along the way, they created innovative ways to create spray rails. They were so creative and advanced that they have been incorporated into the hull design of just about every watersport boat today.

If you are in the market for a new Centurion Boat, then you have come to the right place. We will explain the common issues with Centurion Boats, including concerns expressed by Centurion owners.

We have done the work for you by reviewing all the information about Centurion Boats to see what issues you might find.

1) Engine Cranking Problem

You may find that your engine does not crack or that it cranks, but the engine still does not start.

There could be a number of causes for this problem, including the engine emergency stop switch lanyard is not connected. In addition, you may find that your main circuit breaker is open.

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Other causes of this problem could be a clogged fuel filter, contaminated fuel, or you could have a problem with your engine.

2) Poor Performance

When you notice that you are having poor boat performance, there could be a number of reasons.

These reasons could include uneven load distribution or an excessive load. In addition, you may have an excessive amount of water in your bilge. Finally, you should check to ensure that you do not have the wrong propeller selected or your propeller may be obstructed or damaged.

If none of those is your problem, you may have a damaged hull, or it has marine growth on it.

3) Faulty Valves

The Ram Fill system relies on the valves to ensure the system functions properly. However, the valves do not always close all the way.

The valve problem is caused by the force of the water going in and out. As a result, the gates either stick or fail. The gates often have to be jiggled manually to get them to work.

Eventually, the gates will have to be replaced. That may not resolve your problem.

Centurion is working to change the parameters for newer models. For example, it changes the speed at which the valves open and close.

4) Electrical Problems

While it is rare that Centurion boats have electrical problems, you may have some on occasion. There are several reasons why you may have these types of problems.

You may have a fuse that has blown or an open circuit that causes your electrical problems. Your wiring corrections may be corroded or loose. You could also have a defective gauge or switch.

If none of those are the cause of your electrical problems, it could be the battery. You may have a battery that is weak or not charged at all.

5) Centurion Boat Recalls

While it is challenging to find many problems with the Centurion boats, there have been five U.S. Coast Guard recalls on these boats. If you have an older boat or plan to buy a used boat, you should be aware of these recalls.

In 1997, the boat had a rudder defect. It impacted approximately 154 Ski Boats that were manufactured in that year.

In 2003, there was a failure with a component that was used in the steering system. This recall impacted almost 1,000 boats from Centurion and two other boat manufacturers.

The next recall that Centurion faced was in 2007. This particular one impacted 293 boats that had Heim bolts that were failing in the tower.

The recall they faced in 2014 involved the Ram Fill ballast system. While it only impacted seven boats, it was a significant problem. Some of the tanks in the ballast system were cracked.

Their last recall was in 2019. It impacted 139 boats in the ZS232 model line. This recall was due to a software problem in the trim tabs.

6) Locating Old Parts

Centurion Boats is still manufacturing boats today with no sign of stopping. They have opened additional plants to meet their demand. However, they do not use all the same parts that they started with.

While Centurion is still making some of the parts for their older model boats, it is not clear how far back they are making the parts.

Unfortunately, this means you may have to look a little harder for the parts you need.

You may be able to find the parts from the factory or the original supplier. However, if you have an older boat or plan to buy an old boat, you should contact the dealer to locate the parts.

There are some resources online where you can find the older parts you might need. However, it may be difficult to find some of the more unique parts.

General Pros and Cons for the Centurion Boat


Centurion boats are a specialized watercraft that can generate large waves for wakeboarders and wake surfers.

It has a RAM FILL movable ballast to give the boat the ability to make more precise and steep waves of up to 26 feet long.

These boats have the most reliable technology to create their waves. As a result, they have won the Consumer Satisfaction Award for 2020.

They have not used wood on their boats since 1997, leaving no space for wood rot under the deck, in stringers, or in the transom.

Centurion boats have a reputation for high performing and reliable motors.


  • The Ram Fill system may have faulty valves.
  • Overloading your boat may cause poor performance.
  • You may have an occasional electrical problem.

What Do the Reviews Say?

The Centurion is a reliable and well made water sports boat that is known for its ability to create large and precise waves.

There are many benefits to buying a Centurion, and while there are few problems, there are still some issues of which you should be aware.

Some of the Centurion models can be slightly expensive.

“I have a Supreme ZS232, which might be a good budget conscious option too for a great surf boat. You can get a ZS232 in the $100k range.” [Source: Centurioncrew.com]

What is the Resale Value on the Centurion Boat?

A Centurion Boat retains its value really well, better than most. It has a favorable depreciation.

You will not go wrong with purchasing a Centurion Boat, no matter how long you plan to hold onto it.

Year Price
2015 Enzo SS210 $77,710 (new)
2015 Enzo SS210 $72,550 (used)
2015 Enzo SV244 $102,790 (new)
2015 Enzo SV244 $90,050 (used)

A brand new Enzo SS210 cost $77,710 in 2015. That same boat has a resale price that is an average value of $72,550. This is less than 7% depreciation.

A brand new Enzo SV244 cost $102,790 in 2015.

That same boat has a resale price that is an average value of $90,050. This is a 13% depreciation.

A 7% depreciation is an incredible rate for depreciation, especially for the number of years between the original sale date and today. The slightly more expensive boat has 13% depreciation which is not as good but still a great rate of depreciation.

Final Thoughts

Centurion Boats have been manufactured for 45 years. Over five decades, they have built a reputation for quality construction and quality wave generation.

It is not difficult to understand why this is considered a premium boat brand. Despite being in business for years, they rose in popularity in the mid-90s and have been pushing the development envelope ever since.

Centurion is committed to providing the best quality boats to the watersports industry.





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