Can You Go Slow On Electric Bikes? (Explained)

Reducing our reliance on fuel energy is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint.

One of the best trades you can make is to upgrade from a motorcar to an electric bike. However, some people are nervous about how fast an electric bike goes.

Controlling your speed when traveling is an important part of your safety.

So, just how fast does an electric bike? More importantly, how are you able to control the speed?

Before you take off on your journey through the city on an electric bike, check out everything we learned:

Here’s How Electric Bikes Work:

Electric bikes use a combination of manual peddling and a motor to give you a dual-riding experience. This is great for long trips, so you won’t tire out too quickly. However, this all depends on the type of electric bike you use since not all require manual peddling.

How Well Can You Control The Speed Of Electric Bikes?

No matter the style, most electric bikes have an automated built-in speed controller.

This prevents the bike from going too fast so that it won’t lose control while you are riding. The special computer is programmed with many onboard safety functions to lock in your speed.

To change the speed that you are currently going, you need to peddle a little faster to match the pace.

Yet all electric bikes come with a speed limit, so even if you try to peddle faster, you will not be able to surpass this limit.

When you peddle, the computer in the bike will send signals to the battery to increase the speed. This computer is the big brain of your electric bike and will follow your lead when it comes to speed.

The same technique is used for slowing the bike down, peddling less and more slowly to trigger the computer to lower the speed.

The same computer and battery signaling system will also control the speed at which your bike will slow down to a stop by using an ultra-sensitive automatic brake system – which we will dive into deeper a little further down.

Will The Pedal-Assist Feature Always Speed You Up?

There are two main styles when discussing the different electric bike types.

There is a pedal-assist bike and a throttle-style electric bike.

A pedal-assist bike sends signals the faster you pedal to the computer, which will then engage the motor to either increase or decrease your speed.

With a throttle bike, you have a little bit more control because you use the handlebar switches to make you go faster.

When it comes to a pedal-assist bike, peddling faster will speed you up. When you increase the speed at which you are peddling, you are, in turn, also increasing the speed of the motor.

But, when it comes to using a pedal bike, you don’t always have to engage the motor for it to work.

This is a great option for e-bike beginners who worry about not having enough control over their speed.

To part a pedal e-bike, you simply turn off the motor and put down the kickstand. It may surprise you to learn that you do not need to turn on the motor to ride the bike.

When the battery is off, and the motor is not engaged, the bike will move normally like a regular traditional bike.

What Is The Slowest You Can Go on Electric Bikes?

The good news about using an electric bike is that you can go as slow as you want, much like you would on a traditional bike. There is no minimum for how slow you can go.

So, if you are lightly peddling and at a slow pace, the computer that sends signals to the motor will match your pace.

However, the same thing cannot be said about how fast you can go. To keep your riding experience safe and also adhere to the laws of the road, electric bikes have a limit on how fast they will move.

In the US, an electric bike cannot exceed over 20 MPH when in use. In Europe, however, the highest speed you can travel on an e-bike is less at 15 MPH.

This is because as electric bikes started to increase in popularity, it forced federal regulations to officially classify this type of travel.

Because of this, e-bikes are now listed as a Class-A vehicles. The class system for categorizing motor vehicles totally depends on weight and size.

Since e-bikes are relatively lightweight compared to larger motor vehicles, they get a lower class which directly affects the speed at which you can travel on one.

Can You Adjust The Speed Limiter On Electric Bikes?

All electric bikes are now required to come with automatic speed control sensors. This means that you won’t be able to go any faster than the programmed speed, typically 20 MPH.

However, some people have found a clever way to get around these rules.

You have to first understand the frustration of experienced bike riders.

On average, someone who is experienced at riding a bike will normally ride at the speed of 20-28 MPH, which is a little bit faster than an electric bike will allow you to go. More professional riders can reach speeds above 30 MPH.

So, the desire to go faster on a bike when you are used to peddling at high speeds is completely understandable.

While the rules are for safety reasons, getting around them is really important to some riders. So, how can you trick the computer into allowing you to go faster?

If you are handy with computers, some users state that the computer system on an e-bike is relatively easy to re-program.

As mentioned, this computer comes with an automatic speed limiter, but if you know your way around a hard drive, you should have no problem customizing the motor’s programming.

Another way to help increase your speed is to customize other parts of your e-bike, specifically the battery.

Electric bikes use a lithium battery to run. If you want to go faster, invest in a higher-voltage battery.

Another small change you can make to your e-bike to speed it up is to change the tires. Better tires used to travel long distances are better at creating friction, which can drive your speed up.

A very simple fix you can do if you notice that your e-bike is not picking up speed very well is to lessen the amount of weight you carry. Try to reduce the amount of stuff you carry with you or in your bike’s cargo.

While lithium batteries are strong enough to move you forward, heavier weights will only slow it down.

What Are The Best E-Bikes For Going Slow?

If you are a total beginner at biking or worry about controlling your speed and want a slow-paced ride, some great e-bikes are designed perfectly for you.

Here are some of our top favorite picks for e-bikes that are perfect for keeping you on a slow and steady ride:

Jasion EB5 Electric Bike

TheĀ Jasion EB5 Electic BikeĀ is a great starter bike for people who want to switch to an e-bike without worrying about controlling their speed.

This pedal-assist e-bike has three different speed levels that can automatically switch on or manually depending on your comfort level.

Check out the Jasion EB5 Electric Bike Here on Amazon!

This bike also has a standard setting for slowing down, and when the motor is engaged, it can go as slow as 3.5 MPH.

Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike

If you are looking for a great starter e-bike that helps control your speed while being lightweight and easy to travel with, theĀ Sailnovo Electric BikeĀ may be perfect.

The main reason this bike is better for new riders is that the max speed it will travel is only 15 MPH, slightly less than other traditional e-bikes.

Check out the Sailnovo 14” Electric Bike Here on Amazon!

This should give you more peace of mind in knowing that this bike doesn’t travel faster than you are comfortable with.

VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike

TheĀ VELOWAVE Electric Mountain BikeĀ is a hybrid e-bike/traditional mountain bike and is great for riders who want to try an e-bike.

Unlike other e-bikes, with this model, when you turn off the motor and use it as a traditional bike, this bike still allows you to have control with its 7-speed options.

Check out the VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike Here on Amazon!

While this e-bike is on a higher price scale for slow riders, many users love having more control over their riding experience.

Please also check out our article about electric bikes with high torque to get you up hilly terrain.Ā 


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