Coach House RVs: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Coach House is an industry-leading motorhome company that manufactures luxury RVs you can use no matter the trip destination.

The company specifically designed its motorhomes to match industry standards.

If you are in the RV market for a new motorhome, you might have a few questions surrounding which brand will provide you with the best luxury motorhome at a fairly affordable price point.

To help you decide if Coach House is the brand for you, we have provided eight facts that we think you should know:

Purchase A Coach House Motorhome Directly From The Companys Factory:

Coach House sells its RVs directly from the factory. Coach House decided to offer factory direct sales because they want customers to have a convenient, trustworthy buying experience. They want the factory buying experience to match the company’s expectations of offering the best service possible.

1. Where Are Coach House RVs Made?

Unlike many other big RV companies, Coach House does not have its headquarters located in the state of Indiana.

The Coach House company has its manufacturing facilities in Nokomis, Florida, in the US.  With the luxury products, it manufactures the companies facilities are modern with state of the art construction tools and processes.

Each Coach House motorhome goes through extensive quality checks to ensure the products are of the best quality possible.

For example, the company’s Platinum motorhome line is not built according to typical assembly-line practices at the facility. Instead, the motorhomes are constructed using staged progression assembly practices.

Ultimately this means that the Platinum line models at the factory in Florida are made to offer customers a superior quality product that is safer and more luxurious than many of the company’s competitor models.

Should you want to see how the Platinum range is constructed differently, you can take a tour at the Coach House facility in Nokomis, Florida. However, factory tours only run from Monday to Friday at certain times, and you will need to give the company prior notice.

2. Who Owns the Coach House Company?

The Coach House company was founded more than 35 years ago in 1985 by the Gerzeny family and since its inception has been providing consumers with quality motorhome products.

In fact, many of the Coach House customers continuously come back for further purchases when they want to invest in a completely new RV.

In 2021 the company continues to be owned and run by the Gerzeny family. With 36 years of experience in the RV industry, the company has impressively maintained its reputation for excellence.

They strive always to ensure customers are 100% satisfied with their Coach House motorhome.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Coach House Produce?

The Coach House company has a keen focus on manufacturing and selling luxury Class B and B plus or Class C motorhomes.

Even though the company does not manufacture Class A motorhomes or any towable RV categories, they can still compete in the RV market consistently. This is primarily due to the Coach House motorhome company’s mission to always provide superior quality luxury models to consumers of all ages and come from all walks of life.

Unlike other motorhome manufacturers who specifically target a particular age group or category of RVers, Coach House aims its products towards various individuals, families, and businesses.

The Coach house company claims that its products are specifically suitable for business professionals and young families.

Additionally, they recommend their motorhomes to individuals, those looking to downsize from a Class A or C, first-time buyers, retirees, and upsizers looking for a class C.

If you would like to learn the sizes offered in the Class B and C categories, you can see the below list of models the company manufactures for more information:

  • Platinum I: 220 TB – 23 feet and 2 inches with a gross vehicle weight of 14500 pounds to 26 feet and 10 inches with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14500 pounds.
  • Platinum II: 25 feet and 9 inches with a gross vehicle weight of 11030 pounds.
  • Platinum III: 25 feet and 6 inches with a gross vehicle weight rating of 11000 pounds.
  • Arriva: 24 feet and 2 inches with a gross vehicle weight rating of 11030 pounds.

What is a Class B Motorhome?

When you first think of a class B motorhome, you might not immediately know what a Class B motorhome is or how it looks.

Essentially Class B motorhomes are one of the smallest motorized RV categories that you can purchase.

Some people refer to Class B motorhomes as campervans as many of them resemble panel vans from the outside. Still, the inside is often kitted out with everything a small group could need while traveling or camping.

Class B models are usually incredibly compact and have clever layout and floorplan designs to ensure every square inch of space is utilized correctly.

Most Class B motorhomes are between 21 feet and 24 feet long and can only sleep between two and four people comfortably.

What is a Class C Motorhome?

Class C motorhomes are also commonly referred to as Class B Plus motorhomes or mini motorhomes.

This is because they are the middle-size RVs that are bigger than Class B models but significantly smaller than Class A models. However, this doesn’t mean that they are less significant or unworthy of your attention.

Many people prefer Class C motorhomes as they provide more space than a class B but are easier to drive and more maneuverable than a Class A motorhome. The Class C models are built on a van frame or a truck chassis with an attached cabin area section.

Often many Class C motorhomes are luxurious and comfortable despite their compact nature.

Unlike class B motorhomes, Class C RVs can come in a range of different sizes, with some companies even adding slide-outs to their models.

Usually, a standard Class C motorhome can sleep between 2 and 6 people.

4. Do Coach House Make a Toy Hauler?

No, the Coach House company does not manufacture a toy hauler.

As previously mentioned, they don’t manufacture any towable motorhomes.

If you require a new toy hauler, you will have to look elsewhere as the Coach House company only produces luxury class B and C motorhomes.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Coach House?

If you have been considering a Coach House Motorhome for your next investment item, you might be concerned that the company doesn’t have small motorhome options available.

This isn’t the case as the Coach House luxury RV company offers small Class B and Class C models.

Should you like to find out the smallest models in their Platinum and Arriva range, you can look below:

  • Platinum I: 220 TB – 23 feet and 2 inches long with an interior height of 10 feet and 5 inches.
  • Platinum III: 250ST – 25 feet and 6 inches long with an interior height of  10 feet and 5 inches.
  • Arriva: V24 TB – 24 feet and 2 inches with an interior height of 9 feet and 8 inches.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Coach House?

As you are now aware, Coach House primarily manufactures only Class B and C motorhomes.

You are also likely aware that these models tend to be on the smaller side of the RV spectrum. However, that does not mean that there aren’t some larger models amongst the Platinum range by Coach House that could suit your requirements.

If you would like to know the largest options available, you can look at our brief list below:

  • Platinum I: 261XL – 26 feet and 10 inches with an interior height of 10 feet and 5 inches.
  • Platinum II: 241XL – 25 feet and 9 inches with an interior height of 10 feet and 8 inches.

7. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Coach House?

The Coach House company has been in business for more than three decades.

With their extensive experience and outstanding reputation for manufacturing durable, luxury motorhomes, they have maintained a healthy and consistent client base.

As the Coach House company demonstrates time and time again that they can meet client expectations, they have had a few popular models throughout their lifespan.

  • Platinum I: 261 & 271 XL models.
  • Platinum II: 241 XL model.
  • Platinum III: 250 models.
  • Arriva: V24 model.

8. Are Coach House RVs For All Four Seasons?

Compared to many other motorhome companies, the Coach House models are not constructed to be completely capable of all-season travel, camping, and living.

The company focuses on manufacturing RVs convenient in that they offer everyday use yet luxurious enough that should you wish to utilize your motorhome for full-time living or holiday adventures, you can do so in style.

This means that the Platinum model range that Coach House manufactures is somewhat focused on four-season features, construction, and amenities. Still, these models are not as equipped for four-season living and travel as some of the company’s competitors.

With that said, the Platinum models do have an insulation rating of R-18 throughout the motorhome because the entirety of the interior is insulated with double aluminum-sided insulation that is meant to be heavy-duty.

The Coach House company does manufacture its Platinum motorhomes with an all-weather plumbing system which is relatively unique to the company.

Much of the freshwater system, including the lines, water pump, and tank, is inside the motorhome. By constructing the plumbing this way, the company has ensured the plumbing will not freeze up in cold weather climates.

However, it’s important to note that this will only be the case if the interior is kept above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, the company recommends that you completely winterize your Coach House motorhome when it is not used with antifreeze products and possibly with electric heat wraps.


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