4 Most-Common Problems With Austrack Campers (Explained)

When it comes to campers, Austrack Camper is a popular brand.

Austrack has been able to enter the industry with a wide range of products. It provides a fantastic interior feel with luxury furnishings, ample headroom, and is quick to set-up.

In this article, we will explain the most common problems faced by the customers of Austrack campers:

1. The Camper is Heavy:

Austrack trailers are heavy, and thus it needs a vehicle with enough power to tow them through the journey.

They also have heavy tow ball weight, which adds to the heaviness of the camper.

This can make it more difficult to handle or to tow with a smaller vehicle.

2. Low-Quality Equipment:

Several customers complained about not receiving various equipment with the camper they were supposed to get.

One camper said he didn’t receive solar panels and got a broken press stud on the trailer’s canvas. The battery was also not charging properly, which led to several other mind-numbing problems.

This can only mean that the pieces of equipment they are selling are either broken or have this stock’s equipment. The customer also said that he tried to contact customer service, and he didn’t hear back from the company.

Another customer complained that he didn’t get the water pump he was supposed to get with the camper; after numerous phone calls, they finally delivered him a water pump. In the end, the part was supposed to be used with a different trailer, thus rendering it useless.

He also mentioned that the charger was not working from the first day onward, which stopped him from using the camper. Problems like these make the trailer unusable, which will not be appreciated by the customer who put his hard-earned money into this camper.

Several clients have indicated that the installation of taps and screws around the camper was not correct. Some even complained. According to them, floors, windows, canvas, and many stuff were already loose or coming out.

The manufacturer of Austrack campers, in other words, does not pay close attention to the finishing of the product. It reflects the negligence, lack of respect, and value of their clients.

Fortunately, most individuals know how to deal with and fix these issues, but it is still very frustrating.

3. Shortage of Internal Space:

While Austrack campers do well when there are two or three people in the camper, it tends to struggle when a full family travels together.

To accommodate all the ration and luggage itself is cumbersome in this trailer; with added individuals, the spaces get more cramped up. Thus people can struggle to enjoy using this camper.

It is not suggested to buy this camper if the family consists of three or more people.

4. Difficult Customer Service:

Although both good and bad customer service is a case-by-case experience, many online forum complaints involve the customer service team at Austrack doesn’t fulfill their needs right away.

The feedback from the service team is often delayed, and when they do contact the consumer, it is said that they fail to provide proper solutions.

Below are a few individual complaints about their customer service policies and staff:

  1. No Response – The first criticism is that they do not respond to their customers. They don’t respond, or they respond very slowly, whether you call them, letter them, or email them. This can be difficult for someone who, for whatever reason, wants urgent support.
  2. Rude Staff – Some customers complain that they were not treated well enough by staff over the phone, though the validity of those claims is entirely subjective.
  3. Ineffective Services – Customers complain that after having their issues and camper parts repaired by them, the problems generally come back after only a few days, depending on whether they plan to use it again for camping.
  4. Long Repair Times – Another common issue with Austrack’s customer service team is that it takes an unreasonably long time to patch or rebuild a customer’s trailer.

General Pros and Con for the Austrack Campers:


Austrack campers are beginner-friendly; by this, we mean that the camper can be set up without any hiccups by both veterans and by those who don’t have any prior experience setting up trailers.

Light the evening with internal LED tent lights with two-way switches and an adhesive to be transferred by portable LED light, as needed. A light tropical roof with adjustable pole height helps keep your camper comfortable and offers extra heavy or extended protection from the rain.

Austrack campers generally have a good electrical set-up, the wires used in the wiring throughout the camper is of high quality, and it won’t break the system. If a storm is near: stable electricity is almost a guarantee.

The finish on the Austrack Tanami showed a lot of consideration from a team that knows the worth of a smartly packaged camper well. It continues with the leather bra padded on the front of the body above the glossy, powder-coated, foil aluminum checker box. The last one is well tamed with stones in bush paths, but a can of black gloss spray paint could easily be touched.

An excellent off-road capability means that the camper can run on the smooth roads and handle the rough terrains without any problem.

Another pro feature of Austrack campers is that it is available at a reasonable cost. It won’t cost your entire savings, and thus these campers can be bought with a low budget.


  • Poor quality of materials and the equipment used in this trailer can leave customers unhappy.
  • The camper is very heavy and difficult to tow for smaller cars.
  • As per several customer reviews, Austrack has trouble with its customer service programs.

What Do the Reviews Say?

“We just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. We purchased a Roof Top Tent from you in September 2011, and it was tremendous on our 4×4 holiday in the Victorian High Country, even keeping out the high country weather.”

[Source: austrackcampers.com.au]

Contrary to several other customers who said that the after-sales service was bad: this customer lauds the after-sales service team for their commitment and support!

What is the Resale Value on Austrack Campers?

Model Year New Price ($) Used Price (₤)
Austrack savannah x 2018 23,990$ 20,000$
Austrack Canning 2016 19,000$ 16,500$
Austrack Tanami x15 2019 47,990$ 46,000$

Final Thoughts:

Although the camper has its fair share of flaws, the camper is really pocket friendly and beginner-friendly as well.

Apart from poor customer service and few bad materials used in a couple of parts, you can definitely go for this trailer.



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