4 Most-Common Problems With Mars Campers (Explained)

Mars Campers provides a range of on-road, all-terrain, and off-road camper trailers and caravans designed to meet all your camping needs and match every budget.

The following are the four most popular issues with the Mars Campers you must know before choosing your purchase:

1. Material Issues Post-Production

Body Rust:

The metal will flake off and bubble under the paint because of rust.

Deep rust spreads quickly; check for any signs of rust on painted surfaces underneath. Before it is painted, some manufacturers do not remove rust from the steel they use to build the chassis.

Alternatively, you can choose a camper with a hot-dip galvanized body to ensure maximum corrosion protection.


Some overseas suppliers supply their trailers with tires that are a cheap inclusion for importers. Still, some overseas tires are not checked under Australian conditions and may not be sufficient for the wide variety of temperature fluctuations we face.

Similarly, if a tire is blown out, you would end up having to replace both.

They may not have a standard size, which means finding a single replacement would be a near-impossible task.

Plugs and Wiring:

According to reports from several customers, the Mars Campers’ wiring is not up to certified standards.

The insufficient thickness of the wires used and non-branded fittings can mean that the trailer’s wiring system will burn out between one link and another.

This can be frustrating for some users should it occur.

Bad Paint Job:

According to several customers, the paint job used in the paint on these campers starts wearing off within one year.

One customer quoted, “It has started to peel, literally like a top layer of skin coming off… under is the hammer tone paint.”

Many paint jobs tend to be weaker than most users would like, but according to customers, it seems that this camper’s paint, in particular, tends to come off quite quickly.

2. Water Leaks:

As mentioned, the kitchen tap leaks in some instances because of damaged or blocked water tank connections.

Loose screws make this problem worse, creating leakage in many other spots.

Due to this leakage, several other problems can occur; circuit failure is a possibility that will hinder you from using any other appliance which runs on electricity.

If you can fix it yourself, you are in luck, but you may end up with many repairs in the future if not.

3. Bad Gas Struts:

Gas struts, also called gas springs, provide direct protection for weights to be securely raised, placed, lowered, and counterbalanced.

According to several customers, struts were one of the major problems in their Mars Camper.

Some customers say that the struts were overpowered, and due to this, the struts came down forcefully, creating a loud noise.

4. Customer Service Could be Better:

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of giving a sense of security and relief while making a purchase.

Even if the product is great and well-polished, it will affect the brand image and attract fewer customers if the customer service is not great.

Remember, all customer service complaints are based on individual experiences, and are not always indicative of the company as a whole.

Ineffective Repairs:

Once you get your repair booked, most customers state that your camper may not get repaired the first time properly.

Even if they fixed your problem, the chances are that another problem may arise, so the cycle goes on and on.

Long Repair Wait Times:

According to reports, once you have sent your camper to get repaired, there is no guarantee when or what day you will get the camper back.

One customer said that he had to wait almost six months to get his awning repaired.

The camper will spend more time with the after-sales support team sitting in the garage than with you.

General Pros and Con for the Fiberglass Campers


Mars Campers are easy to set up, as the annex walls are generally not needed while camping. They include a very basic set up can be made in less than 5 minutes.

The remote-controlled light is excellent; with a single click, it turns on and off. The towing ability is great, which can help to cover long distances without any trouble.

Mars Campers usually come with a big kitchen, which helps to make meals without feeling too cramped. 

Mars Campers are really great for rough camping, as the camper works really well in off-road bouncy tracks and gravel-filled roads.

Two beds and a big pantry area makes this one of the most spacious campers available in the market today.

The camper comes at an affordable cost; people looking to buy a camper without breaking the bank can look at Mars Campers is a great option for their purchase.


  • Poor quality of materials used.
    • Materials used are not up to a certain standard, sending the camper to the service center in no time.
  • Customer support from the after-sales service team is poor.
    • Several customers have complained that their camper spends more time with the service center than with him.
  • Leakages and dust accumulation in the camper due to bad dust sealing is not good.
    • The camper gets dusty really fast, and the leakages are no good either.
  • The paint on this camper seems to fall off faster than in other campers.

What Do the Reviews Say?

“We have had excellent memories in our Mars Camper. Easy to set up and pack up. Great functionality and waterproof during poor weather. Highly recommend it as value for money.”

[Source: productreview.com.au]

It is evident from the comments made above that the camper is easy to set up and comes with great functionalities.

It also comes with waterproofing, which will help during bad weather—a highly recommended camper, which doesn’t cost much.

“Only taken the camper out possibly 6 times, but I can’t complain about the purchase; 2 adults and 2 kids fit perfectly; even without the annex ever being attached, campers got enough room and comfortable.”

[Source: productreview.com.au]

The above customer took the camper outside six times; the camper is spacious for the two adults and two children he took while camping.

The camper is really comfortable, and even without an annex, it fits everyone inside perfectly.

“Purchased the camper new and have completed around 4-6 trips a year since, has been down to the snowy mountains, most of the east coast, and southeast Queensland. I had two small issues towards the start, which were resolved immediately, even offered further assistance and follow up from the Brisbane dealer.”

[Source: productreview.com.au]

This reviewer has bought a new Mars Camper and already used it more than four times.

He went to the snowy mountains, traveled east and to the south coast without giving many problems. He had two small issues which were solved almost instantly.

What’s the Resale Value on Mars Campers?

Model Year Old Price ($) New Price ($)
Mars Spirit Forward Fold 2019 15,700 Unavailable
Mars Spirit Forward Fold 2017 17,990 Unavailable
Mars Campers Vanguard Hard Floor Unavailable 7,899 9,499

Final Thoughts

After reviewing the camper and putting all the pros and cons on one side, it seems like it may still be worth looking into!

The Mars Camper has great features like ample space, easy setup, and long towing ability to make this camper beginner-friendly.

Even with a few issues, the camper is still great and thus can be your ideal choice!





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