Havoc Boat Problems: 4 Most-Seen Issues (Examples)

Havoc boats are high-quality American-made boats built in Fordyce, AR. They’ve gained a reputation for being one of the fastest, driest rides you’ll ever have in an aluminum fishing boat.

Here’s Whether People Experience Problems with Havoc Boats

People have very few issues with Havoc boats. They are high-performance boats built to last. The only issues are typically secondhand problems stemming from poor maintenance or tweaks made to the boat by the owner.

Let’s dive in

Aluminum Construction

Aluminum is often cited as one of the most durable boat materials on the market.

This is what makes it the go-to material for many hunting and fishing boats, like Havoc’s standard line of Adventure Series and Marsh Runner boats.

Havoc’s aluminum construction uses just the right amount of material for a thin yet durable construction.

Many hunters and fishers will want to take their Havoc boats into treacherous waters, from knee-deep swamps to freshwater rivers filled with dangerous underwater obstacles.

Often, this is the reason why one buys a Havoc boat – for the durability and maneuverability out in the lakes, rivers, and backwaters where the best hunting and fishing can be found.

Yet care must be taken to navigate the most dangerous waters slowly.

However, if one drives carefully and maintains their Havoc boat well, they will serve as durable and reliable rides for years to come.

While the aluminum is thin, it is strong enough to withstand responsible use with little maintenance required.

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After-Market Touchups Needed

No manufacturer can make a boat designed for all conditions, driving styles, and after-market preferences. Therefore, some people will want to make some adjustments to the boat.

The type of motor you install in your Havoc hull, if you don’t purchase a ready-to-go model right from the manufacturer, plays a large part in what touchups will be required to get your boat in the right driving condition.

Often, these touchups should be limited to cleaning up welds along the bottom of the hull. Small, incremental changes to the smoothness and shape of welds along the edges or bottom of a hull can dramatically change the way a boat drives.

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For many boat owners, these modifications can be too intimidating to make themselves.

Even with the help of an experienced mechanic, it’s not recommended to make these adjustments to your boat.

Improper Motor Installation

After-market installation errors can also play a role.

When the wrong motor is installed on a hull, it can cause catastrophic damage from transom cracks to critical safety issues out on the water.

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The MST and MSTC models sold by Havoc are designed for use with mud motors.

Sometimes, boaters with a lack of knowledge or those seeking to modify their purchase to their liking will install mud motors onto Havoc hulls designed for use with outboard motors.

It’s essential to inspect the motor and transom area of any Havoc boat you’re purchasing after-market.

Make sure any alterations were made by an experienced boat mechanic, and look for signs of stress in the transom’s construction from an overpowered motor.

Many dealers offer new Havocs as a complete bundle with the motor and trailer included. However, if you’re buying used or just the hull, always ensure that the engine matches the hull type.

If it doesn’t, ask the buyer for an explanation if any modifications have been made to account for the different motor.

Constructed for Speed

The thinner aluminum construction makes the Havoc boats excellent options for those hunters or fishers looking to get from one spot to another in a snap.

These lightweight hulls are designed for speed from the ground up, and Havoc even offers a racing line.

If you plan on taking your boat out into tricky waters full of stumps and other hidden dangers lurking below the water, you may be better suited to a boat with more durable construction.

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General Pros and Cons for Havoc Boats:


Havoc boats are known for their high-quality construction. With the knowledge of one of the most respected aluminum boat builders in the country behind the production line, these boats feature the cutting edge of design and construction technology.

These boats have gained a reputation for their overall comfortable ride and smooth experience. A well-maintained Havoc boat can serve your needs for hunting, fishing, or racing for years.

Out on the water, a skilled boater can navigate and turn with ease. These boats are designed for power and speed, which means that while they may not be the smoothest ride, they’ll be one of the fastest you’ve ever had.

Overall, these boats are an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable hunting or fishing boat they can take out into rough backwaters. These boats are built with one goal in mind: getting you where you need to be to do what you love, no matter how far out it is.


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  • Many used Havoc boats have the wrong type of motor installed.

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What Do the Reviews Say?

There aren’t a lot of reviews out there for Havoc Boats, but those that are were pretty happy with the manufacturer.

“Not only do Havoc Boats offer what every hunter and fisherman needs (reliability and performance), but we follow it up with great customer service and a warranty you can depend on. Havoc boats are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against all manufacturer defects”.

Source: grenadabadboys.net

Another site tested Havoc Boats to see how strong the aluminum hull was.

“Havoc builds aluminum boats for three primary purposes: fishing, hunting, and racing. Some boats, in particular their racing models, are meant for one specific purpose. Most of the other designs can be used by outdoorsmen for either hunting or fishing,”

Source: grandviewoutdoors.com

What’s the Resale Value on Havoc Boats?

While there are many dealers with new Havoc boats out there, especially in the area around Arkansas, one of the most reliable ways to get your hands on a Havoc boat is to buy a used one.

Even if you buy a new model, it’s a good idea to know what the average resale value of your boat is.

We’ve listed a few prices below:

Please note that these prices reflect the packages that are offered by the dealer and include additional fees, a 1550 DBST hull, mercury 40HP motor, a tiller upgrade, a steel trailer from EZ TRAC, and additional factory install.

Year & Model Price
2019 Havoc 1860 Adventure ~$13,943.00
2019 Havoc 1756 DBST ~$14,772.00
2019 Havoc 1656 DBST ~$14,772.00
2018 Havoc 1656 DBST ~$14,772.00
2019 Havoc 1550 ~$13,627.00

Please note that these prices reflect the packages that are offered by the dealer and include additional fees, a 1550 DBST hull, mercury 40HP motor, a tiller upgrade, a steel trailer from EZ TRAC, and additional factory install.

Final Thoughts

Havoc boats are known for being reliable and fast rides. For the fisherman or the hunter who doesn’t want to waste time getting to his favorite place, these boats can be a reliable and consistent ride.

However, these boats do come with some minor issues that should be taken into consideration.

To avoid many of these problems, you can buy a Havoc boat directly from a dealer, skipping any issues that could arise from poor maintenance or personalization of the boat.

Overall, these boats make an excellent investment for those looking for a reliable outboard or mud motor aluminum boat. When well-maintained, these boats can provide plenty of years of riding.




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