Larson Boat Problems: 4 Most-Seen Issues (Examples)

Larson boats are known for their high-quality and ability to last through many seasons. These boats offer a reliable and safe ride through the waves for a reasonable price.

However, as with all boats, there are a few issues to be aware of when purchasing a Larson boat.

We’ve scoured the web for information about the most common Larson boat issues and listed them below!

1) Hull Stress Cracks

Larson boats feature single-piece fiberglass hull constructions finished with a gel topcoat on the hull. However, these boats are known for a tendency to suffer from stress cracks along the hull.

Stress cracks along the hull are common for many boats, and Larson boats are no exception.

We all know that the lake or river’s bottom is a dangerous place for a boat hull to be. Between the marine vegetation and poor maintenance, there are plenty of ways that a stress crack can happen to a Larson boat hull.

Larson boats are known for their sleek and durable hull construction; however, regular maintenance must keep small hull crack issues from becoming larger and more expensive to fix.

Like many boat companies that have been around for a few years (Larson’s got more than 100 years of experience under their belt), these issues are less drastic in newer Larson models. However, care should be taken when looking to purchase older Larson boat models, especially those from the ’70s and ’80s.

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2) Excessive Bilge Water Issues

Some Larson boats, especially older models, suffer from the tendency for water to gather in the boat’s bilge. Water that doesn’t properly drain through the boat gathers in the bilge and can create various issues.

Bilgewater issues can be caused by anything from a rough day out on the water to leaks in the hull. Every boat is designed to carry a bit of water in the bilge. However, it becomes a problem when the amount of water in the bilge becomes excessive.

Modern Larson boats implement the use of impressive bilge pumps to help offset this issue. However, care should be taken to perform proper maintenance on these pumps to avoid taking on too much bilge water.

3) Ski Locker Lid Cracks

Like many others, Larson boats feature storage areas on the floor of the boat, commonly referred to as ski lockers. These storage areas provide handy access to the gear and goods you need out on the water.

However, some Larson boats feature an issue where the lid of this storage area will crack.

If left unattended, the crack will grow and may cause issues with the waterproofing inside. Therefore, Larson boat owners should be vigilant when searching their ski lockers for cracks or other issues.

Larson offers an extensive lifetime warranty on their boats. If you have access to this warranty, contacting the company when you experience a crack on the ski locker can help prevent this small issue from becoming a larger headache.

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4) Difficult to Sell at Value

Larson boats are made with high-quality materials and using innovative construction. They are also designed to provide an excellent on-the-water experience. However, due to their high original price, it’s often difficult to sell a used Larson for a price even somewhat near what you originally paid.

This issue is especially true with older Larson boats, which may feature more wood and hull issues than newer models.

However, if you plan to own your Larson boat for a long period of time or the resale value is not as important to you, these boats make great investments as they are long-lasting and durable. These boats are known for providing fun for many years long after being purchased.

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General Pros and Cons of Larson Boats


Larson boats are known for being reliable and durable. Their high-quality single-hull construction allows for their expert craftsmanship to create a boat that rides smoothly. Well-maintained Larson boats can provide hundreds of hours of fun out on the water.

One of the most important parts of a sport boat is how it feels out on the water. Larson boats are often cited as one of the smoothest riding boats in their price range. For boaters focusing on the ride, Larson boats provide one of the best experiences on the market.

Larson boats are often at the top of best value sport boat lists, and for a good reason. These boats allow you to spend more time fishing and less time repairing and maintaining your boat. For those looking for a fast, smooth ride, the Larson line of boats is hard to compete with.


  • Excessive stress crack issues
  • Excessive water leaking into the bilge can overwork the bilge pumps
  • Floor storage area lids may crack.
  • They don’t retain their resale value very well.

What do the Reviews Say?

Most Larson boats’ reviews tended to be positive and geared toward the Larson design – how it is sleek, spacious, and strong.

“Larson Boats has received vast changes to their graphic color options, adding an extra punch to match their sport boat-like performance. The LX Series comes with three new graphics packages for 2019: Standard, Sport, and LSR; and the LXH Series has a new Sports graphics package,”


“Like all Larson FX series models, the new 1850TL hull is constructed using Larson’s patented VEC® Composite Technology. VEC Technology ensures a consistent hull lamination thickness throughout the boat for controlled overall boat weight,”


Most Larson boats are great for cruising, fishing and have beautiful aesthetics, regardless of some of their more common problems.

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What’s the Resale Value on Larson Boats?

Model Year Price
Larson Hampton 1993 $8,900
Larson Cabrio 270 Mid Cabin  1997 $14,400
Larson Cabrio 270 Mid Cabin  2000 $14,900
Larson Cabrio 330  2005 $33,315
Larson Cabrio 274 Mid Cabin  2007 $42,028
Larson LSR 2000 2017 $31,900

Please keep in mind that our prices are from selected boat listings. Actual boat prices will vary based on location, boat features, boat condition, and other factors.

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Final Thoughts

Larson is known for providing exceptional sport boats that retain their performance for long after they are bought. Despite the high-quality construction and attention to detail, there are a few common problems that plague their older boat models.

However, these boats require a standard amount of maintenance and are extremely durable.

Larson boats make a great investment for a boater who plans on keeping their boat and taking good care of it.

If you can handle the small issues and work with Larson’s cooperative customer service department when issues arise, these boats can meet all your boating needs for an affordable price!


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