Convincing Parents To Downsize: 4 Best Arguments (With Examples)

As our parents get older, they will lean more on the support of their children. If your parents are anything like mine, they are determined to care for themselves.

There are many benefits for seniors who downsize their life.  But, how can you convince your parents to make such a big change at the later stages in life?

Here are some of the best talking points to use when trying to convince elderly parents to downsize their home.

Less Square Feet To Clean

Perhaps the best argument to help convince elderly parents to downsize is that promise of an easier life.

Nothing is more frustrating than the daily chores each adult has to endure.

So, the promise of the minimum heavy lifting when it comes to tidying up is a major plus.  This is especially true for seniors who are just looking to enjoy their life and not waste time on cleaning.

Downsizing makes it easier to keep a home clean in two very important ways.  The first is the size of the home.  When a house has outgrown the family, the bulk of the chores are left to one person.  For example, if your parents have been living in the same house since you were a kid.  They may find now that the children have grown and moved out, the house is too big to clean on their own.

A smaller place would be much easier to clean and keep care of!  The other way that downsizing makes cleaning easier is in the stuff you have.  Downsizing doesn’t always have to mean moving to a smaller place.

Downsizing can also mean de-cluttering the home.

When there is less clutter, there will be less “stuff” to pick up.  A great place to start when helping your parents see that downsizing is optimal is by showing them how much easier it is.

Save (Up) More Money

Most people work up until the retirement age and then turn in their working uniform for a more comfortable life.  However, not everyone has saved enough money to live.  Also, depending on the job your parents have had, they may not be getting much back.  Since social security is also at risk, many older adults are looking for more creative ways to save money.

One of the biggest advice that seniors will get once they hit retirement age is to not spend what they don’t have.  Life is like a money race, we do what we can to get by until that day we can finally kick back.  This means that we don’t always make the best financial decisions.

One of the biggest problems financial experts are seeing is that people who are retiring still owe back mortgage on their homes.  This is because when under a financial strain, some people have opted to take a second mortgage on their homes.  Worst of all, payments on this loan are still being made well into the retirement age.

So, what is one way to help convince your elderly parents it may be time to downsize their home?

Show them exactly what their money can get them!  The average monthly mortgage payment is around $1,500 for homes that have two or more bedrooms.

The cost to rent a downsized home is on average less than half of the average mortgage payment for the standard home.  So, while your parents may not see the need to downsize, the money they will save will be huge.

A great selling point for your parents will be the promise of a better financial life!

Live A Better Life

There is no better argument for downsizing than the promise of leading a more productive and adventurous life.  This is especially true for the elderly.  The time they will save on cleaning and caring for a larger home can be used to be enjoying their golden years.

Also, when you consider the money they will also be saving, the benefits are endless!

They will finally have the means and the opportunity to start checking off their bucket list.  Whether they have always dreamed of traveling the world or want to buy that dream car – they now can!

However, it won’t be easy to convince them to give up their old ways for a better life.  Advice is sometimes best when it is matched with an action plan.  So, instead of just telling your parents about all the great things they can experience, show them!

One thing you can do to help them see the light is to send them away for a weekend.  It doesn’t have to be a large expensive trip either.  A simple weekend getaway where they don’t need to worry about cleaning or taking care of business is just what is needed.

This helps to give them a taste of what life could possibly be life if they choose to downsize.

Built-In Support System

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean moving to a new house or apartment.  The elderly have options when it comes to finding the best living arrangement for their unique needs.  This also doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be needing assisted living.

You may find that your parents are resistant to the idea of downsizing because they don’t want to give up their independence.

However, there are senior only living complexes that offer both a support system and independence.  These are a mixture of both independent and assisted living so that they can get the best of both worlds.

Once they know that they will still have their sense of freedom, you can make a great argument for downsizing by highlighting the benefits.  These types of complexes or condos come with plenty of amenities that your parents will surely enjoy.

3 Popular Amenities in Small Senior Condos?

It is important to remember even as older adults, seniors still have a lust for life.  Chances are, your parents will be equally excited about all of the special things they can experience.

One of the benefits for downsizing for seniors is that they can get access to amenities they otherwise wouldn’t have (or couldn’t afford).

Here are some of the most amenities that are found in most senior centers:

1) Pool and Outdoor Entertaining

Nothing says retirement better than sitting poolside with a cold drink in hand.  Luckily for your parents, pools and outdoor entertaining areas are fairly common for senior centers.  Best of all, it is not up to your parents to care for the pool!

This means they can enjoy all of the glamour of living poolside without having any of the clean-up responsibility.

This is something you typically won’t have in the last seasons of your life unless you have downsized and moved into a smaller space.

2) Gym For Workout (Or Rehabilition)

Just because your parents are getting older doesn’t mean they don’t want to care for their health.

Having a gym on site is a great perk for older adults.  Also, since these homes are specifically made for seniors, the gym activities will be perfect for their age.

If your parents eventually need a place to workout as part of rehabilitation they will have it easier this way. It’s great to have access to a gym and excercise equipment.

3) Social

Perhaps the best benefit for seniors is the built-in community that comes along with these type of homes.

Social life is very important to adults in their golden age.  Not only will there be an amazing community for them to be part of, but they will also all be like-minded.

This is because these homes are meant for seniors only, they won’t have to worry about living in a loud community. They will have easy access to other likeminded people.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the best argument for your elderly parents to downsize is to show them that they have your full support.

They will be able to better connect with the idea when they know that they have you in their corner. 

It is also important to let them know that this move isn’t a punishment for being older.

It is simply a different way for them to enjoy their life.  Most importantly, their life will be filled with less stress.  Stress is a killer.  Show them that they won’t have to worry about everyday things like cleaning and expensive mortgages.

At the end of the day, you are helping them to live a better life and there is no better argument than that!

Good luck.

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