Cruiser RVs: 8 Facts You Should Know (Explained)

Not many people realize that Cruiser RVs are among the most popular motorhome manufacturers in the United States.

The brand’s understated appeal revolves around its unwavering commitment to its customers and its impressive selection of floorplans. Yet despite the brand’s popularity, there is much that isn’t known about them.

Since we know just how incredibly important it is to purchase an RV, you can trust we have spoken about a few facts that you should know about Cruiser RVs in our article.

Here’s The Answer To If Cruiser Builds Custom RVs:

Cruiser is a well-known RV industry brand that has been manufacturing motorhomes for over three decades. According to the brand, they build their RVs according to predetermined floorplans. Besides the options listed on their website, they offer no customization to the units they produce.

Where Are Cruiser RVs Made?

The first thing that can tell you if a motorhome company is reputable or not is where they choose to manufacture their RVs and what their facilities look like. According to many, Cruiser RVs have state-of-the-art modern facilities to construct mechanically sound and aesthetically pleasing motorhomes for the public.

Additionally, its believed that Cruiser makes its motorhomes in Howe, Indiana. Yet, how the company is structured means that various production facilities carry out different construction elements.

Its believed that Cruiser manufactures motorhomes across ten different production sites, with one of the production facilities dedicated solely to the quality and auditing of units.

The History of Cruiser RV

In the history of a company, you can glean much about who they are, what they care about, what their standards are, and how dedicated they are to their craft.

Unlike recent start-ups in the industry, Cruiser has a rich history that is worth learning if you’re interested in purchasing one of their motorhomes.

The Cruiser motorhome company was founded in 1988, and for more than three decades, they have been manufacturing motorhomes that last. According to industry experts, the company focuses only on producing RVs and has not branched into other industries like a few other brands.

What sets Cruiser apart is its dedication to constructing quality motorhomes that are lightweight and affordable. For years the company was a family-run business, but since the early 2000s, this brand has been owned by Heartland Vehicles.

Yet, despite being owned by another company, many family members are at the helm of Cruiser RVs to ensure it retains their family values.

Interestingly, Cruiser is also owned by Thor Industries because this motorhome conglomerate has owned Heartland since 2010. Yet, the confusion is that a single person does not own Thor Industries.

There are multiple shareholders who each own a part of Thor industries.

Additionally, other people can buy Thor shares and become part owners. The more shares a person owns, the more voting power they have to make decisions about Cruisers’ future.

This means that most shareholders don’t have a say in the day-to-day running of Heartland or Cruiser.

Besides this ownership history, the company has a reputation for consistently delivering premium quality motorhomes that can be relied upon. For years the company has had a staff of employees and associates that are true artisans, expertly trained in their craft.

Cruiser hand picks its employees to ensure superior workmanship is guaranteed.

Moreover, the company is unlikely to swap hands and will likely stay with Heartland and Thor indefinitely. Since its future lies under the diverse Thor umbrella, it’s doubtful that it will stop producing reliable and affordable motorhomes soon.

What Types and Sizes Of RVs Do Cruiser Produce?

Since they were founded, Cruiser has been manufacturing travel trailers and toy haulers.

The company specializes in this motorhome category and repeatedly produces quality RVs that people love. Currently, the company is unlikely to make other motorhomes like Class As, Class Bs, and Class Cs.

Additionally, the largest motorhomes produced by Cruiser are more than 37 feet long, and the smallest RVs they manufacture are below 22 feet.

With more than 20 floorplan options across different ranges that come in various sizes and offer numerous modern features, it will be easy to find a toy hauler or travel trailer you like.

Does Cruiser Make A Toy Hauler?

As previously mentioned, Cruiser does indeed manufacture a toy hauler.

Cruiser will continue focusing on manufacturing laminated, lightweight, durable, affordable, and desirable toy haulers for the foreseeable future.

Interestingly, the lighter construction of the brand’s toy haulers means that you likely won’t need to purchase a new towing truck. Most Cruiser toy haulers (and travel trailers) are half-ton towable, which is not something many brands offer.

What Are The Smallest RVs From Cruiser?

Since Cruiser manufactures many smaller-sized motorhomes, we have briefly discussed one of the smallest toy hauler models and one of the smallest travel trailer models.

To help you decide, we have included each model’s specifications and a few top features.

Travel Trailer – Shadow Cruiser 193MBS

This motorhome has a length of 22 feet, a height of 10 feet and 11 inches, a width of 8 feet, and a sleeping capacity of 3 to 4 people.

It also has a gross vehicle weight rating of 7,580 pounds, a dry weight of 4,520 pounds, and a cargo capacity rating of 3,028 pounds:

  • The kitchen countertops have a seamless edge for enhanced durability.
  • This floorplan has an industry-first under-bed pet palace design.
  • There is a patent-pending king bed slide.
  • The bathroom can come equipped with a spacious bathtub or shower.
  • There is a farm-style sink with a high-rise kitchen faucet.

Toy Hauler – Stryker ST2313

The striker ST 2313 might be small, but it sure is mighty! This motorhome has an overall length of 27 feet and 6 inches, a height of 12 feet and 9 inches, a width of 8 feet and 6 inches, and a sleeping capacity of between 5 and 6 people.

Additionally, this model has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,260 pounds, a hitch weight of 860 pounds, a dry weight rating of 6,740 pounds, and a cargo capacity rating of 4,472 pounds:

  • There is a premium sound system with indoor and outdoor speakers.
  • The kitchen features solid surface countertops and a residential-sized microwave oven.
  • There is a removable carpet for those who want a more spacious and open garage area.
  • The bathroom has a bonus shelf that comes with hangers.
  • This motorhome has generator prep and a 30-gallon fuel tank.

How Are Cruiser RVs Made?

Highly skilled motorhome manufacturing professionals make Cruiser RVs with extensive experience crafting toy haulers and travel trailers.

Below we have briefly listed a few Cruiser construction elements surrounding their motorhomes that make them worth considering:

Every toy hauler and travel trailer is made with an ultra-lightweight frame that is durable and sturdy.

Cruiser motorhomes feature Azdel composite wall panels. This means they have superior strength and twice the insulation of motorhomes that don’t use Azdel wall panels.

These panels will resist water and temperature changes and reduce sound to ensure you have a comfortable living space.

One of the best construction features is each model’s entirely walkable roof. The one-piece TPO roof membrane is barrel-rolled, preventing water pooling.

Additionally, the radius tresses and welded aluminum ensure the roof is strong enough to hold the weight of those walking on it.

Unlike other manufacturers, Cruiser uses high-density block foam insulation. This type of insulation will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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What Are The Most Popular RVs By Cruiser?

Every brand has a range of popular models that consumers prefer, and Cruiser is no different.

Even though there are more than 20 different floorplan options across their travel trailer and toy hauler categories, there are a few RVs people gravitate toward.

Below we have briefly listed a few of the most popular Cruiser models and how much you can expect to pay for them on average:

  • Stryker ST2916 – $69,000.
  • Embrace EL252 – $49,700.
  • Embrace EL310 – $63,000.
  • Hitch 17BHS – $36,900.

Are Cruiser RVs For All Four Seasons?

One of the most commonly asked RV-related questions about Cruiser motorhomes is if they are four-season capable.

This is a crucial question to know if you are considering owning a Cruiser toy hauler or travel trailer. After all, having an all-season motorhome will allow you to camp during all seasons without limitations.

Cruiser toy haulers and travel trailers are four seasonal because they are all outfitted with the Extended Season RVing Package the brand offers. This package allows every RVer to extend their adventures into the year’s colder months.

This package includes a dedicated heat duct that forces warm air from the furnace into the underbelly. This ensures the underbelly and holding tanks are kept warm. An enclosed underbelly is also included, ensuring your plumbing and wiring are protected during all seasons.

Lastly, the package also includes Flexi foil insulation. This insulation is wrapped around a Cruiser motorhome holding tanks to provide an additional layer of protection against cold weather.

Moreover, you can trust that you will be cool during the summer no matter where your travels take you over the years. Most Cruiser toy haulers and travel trailers are equipped with double the number of A/C vents that other motorhome manufacturers install, no matter if you buy a smaller or larger unit.

Every duct is also insulated so that the air entering your living spaces remains cool.


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