Custom Tiny House by Adam Layman From “A New Beginning”

Welcome to a journey through a charming 270-square-foot Craftsman bungalow, meticulously designed and built by the owner himself, Adam Layman.

Maria’s Walk-Through (Adam Is The Builder)

It won’t take long for you to fall in love with this historically inspired, warm, and welcoming abode.

Key Takeaways

  • The tiny home’s design boasts impressive custom-stained glass, versatile living spaces, and maximum use of storage.
  • The stylish kitchen features a farm sink, propane stove, and beautifully designed cabinets.
  • The innovative bathroom includes a Japanese soaking tub, a composting toilet, and plentiful storage options.

The exterior of Tiny House

The exterior features custom-built stained glass doors and a matching front window, offering a unique and eye-catching entrance to this cozy home.

Overall, this tiny house offers a cozy, homey feel with its thoughtful design choices and unique stained-glass details.

Its exterior presents a perfect blend of practicality and style, making it an ideal space for those seeking a warm and inviting tiny home.


This kitchen has a full farm front sink, providing ample space for all your dishwashing needs. Additionally, you’ll find generous storage under the sink and smart pull-out drawers in the cabinets for silverware.

The upper cabinets house a recirculating vent to help keep the air fresh and clean.

A 10.3 cubic foot refrigerator with a freezer down below ensures you’ll have plenty of space for perishables, while the custom-built cabinets – painted in the same color as the bungalow’s exterior – tie the whole look together.

The cabinets’ color was expertly matched to create a harmonious flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Overall, this kitchen truly combines beauty and practicality, providing everything you need for a comfortable tiny home living experience.

Loft Area

A noteworthy highlight in the loft area is the custom stained glass window situated at the front. When sunlight enters through this window, it creates a beautiful display of colorful lights throughout the house.

To access the loft, there will be a bar ladder installed along the side for easy climbing.

In the living area of the house, there is a three-piece bench setup that can be arranged in various configurations to suit the needs of the occupants.

Comfortable Dwelling Space

Delving into the living area, one can appreciate the thoughtful arrangement of furniture.

Under the table are electrical outlets and USB ports, catering to those who want to use the space as a workstation too.

The bench is not fixed, meaning the occupants can rearrange the living area according to their preferences. Surprisingly, it is long enough to sleep on despite not being the most comfortable. Additional storage options are abundant with a three-drawer dresser strategically placed near the laundry station.

This enables residents to fold and store clothes immediately after washing and drying. There are also dedicated spaces for laundry supplies and other household necessities.

Handy Storage Solutions

The beautiful, custom-built cabinets help bring the exterior color into the interior, creating a cohesive and charming look.

The storage loft adds extra space, making it suitable both as a storage area or even as a cozy sleeping spot.

The stairway leading to the master loft has built-in storage drawers, maximizing the use of available space.

Underneath the stairs, there’s even more storage and the on-demand propane water heater. The bathroom also has hidden storage compartments for towels and other essentials, along with a pocket door, keeping everything neat and tidy.


An innovative feature of the bathroom is the tumbled marble shower with a Japanese-style soaking tub custom-carved by the owner himself.

This tub is fully removable, giving the option to enjoy either a soak or a rain head shower.

Going eco-friendly, a Nature’s Head composting toilet is installed so that the house doesn’t require a septic system and only needs a gray water drain. 

Speaking of storage, the bathroom is well-equipped with a hidden closet for hanging clothes and additional towel storage above.

A hidden pocket door adorned with stained glass separates the main living area from the bathroom, maximizing space usage and providing some privacy. All these thoughtful design elements come together to create a lovely yet practical bathroom that complements the Craftsman feel of the entire house.

Master Loft

The Master Loft is a well thought out and beautifully designed area that really adds charm to the tiny Craftsman bungalow. The custom headboard features sconce lights and electrical outlets with USB connections, perfect for charging devices at night.

The loft design includes a unique and eye-catching feature – a curved ceiling, which is achieved by utilizing custom cut radius ribs.

This design not only adds character to the space but also makes it feel more open and inviting. The stained glass window in the front of the loft allows sunlight to create a stunning display of colors across the ceiling.

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