Tiny House With AMAZING Minimalist Interior 🎥 (NL, Europe)

This charming garden studio, located in the Netherlands, has everything needed for a comfortable and functional work environment.

Maria Walks Through The Space ⬇️

Key Takeaways

  • The garden studio features ample natural lighting and versatile work area.
  • The kitchenette and bathroom are small yet functional, optimizing space.
  • Built-in storage and a multi-use couch enhance the studio’s practicality.

Kitchenette and Bathroom

The small kitchenette has all the essentials for preparing light meals, such as a sink, coffee station, fridge, and plenty of storage.

Although compact, the counter offers ample space for culinary activities. A large, fixed window gives the kitchen a seamless look while providing significant natural light.

A compact bathroom is built into a cube within the space, with a wall-mounted toilet and small sink.

Additional Features

Along one whole wall, built-in shelves provide even more storage for binders, folders, and other office supplies, while a ladder ensures easy access to the higher shelves.

A cozy couch sits near the window, offering a comfortable spot to relax, read, or look out at the surrounding scenery.

inside garden pod shelving and kitchenette

The studio cost approximately 40,000 euros to construct, with extra features like underfloor heating.

The architect suggests the possibility of adding solar panels to the roof for an off-the-grid setup or even a rooftop garden to further enhance this charming office space.

Natural Lighting

This cozy garden studio found in the Netherlands is designed with an abundance of windows and skylights, allowing natural light to illuminate the interior.

The windows, though they don’t open, bring a seamless look that highlights the space’s contemporary design.

Moreover, the studio’s built-in wall shelves allow for extensive storage options and are easily accessible using a ladder.

These shelves stretch from the floor to the ceiling and are optimally positioned for relaxing on the comfortable couch near the window.

Here you see Maria testing the ladder.

Work Area Built-In

The studio boasts an extensive, floor-to-ceiling shelving system on one wall, perfect for storing a variety of items like binders and folders.

A really good place to go for some peace and quite work time!

A ladder is available to access the higher shelves effortlessly. In addition, a cozy sitting area with a couch beneath the window serves as a comfortable spot to relax or function as a sleeping space when needed.

Storage Shelves

Maria found built-in shelves that covered an entire wall. These shelves span from the floor all the way to the ceiling, offering ample room for storing binders, folders, and other necessities.

In order to access the top shelf, a petite ladder comes in handy. This little yet practical addition demonstrates a clever use of vertical space.

Additionally, there’s a dedicated nook for jackets, thanks to a small piece of furniture situated right by the window. While the studio itself provides sufficient storage, this extra touch adds a sense of homeliness.

garden pod from outside view

Over in the kitchen area, there’s even more storage tucked away behind sliding doors.

One will find a mini fridge on one side and extra storage on the other, showcasing how the space is optimized despite the kitchen’s small size.

Built-in Couch

For those who might need to catch some shut-eye in this multifunctional space, it’s a breeze to transform the couch into a bed.

Just put away the cushions, and you’ll find a folding mechanism, much like those in our Bangkok apartment.

This convertible furniture is an efficient solution for maximizing the limited square footage without sacrificing comfort.

Future Improvement Ideas

The architecturally designed space features many clever design elements that make the most of its small footprint. However, there are a few improvements that could make this cozy studio even better.

Firstly, the current work table is fairly large, occupying a significant portion of the room.

Swapping this out for a collapsible wall-mounted version would free up floor space and open up more possibilities for the layout.

In the cute kitchenette, a removable chopping board that fits over the sink could create additional counter space when needed. This would enable more efficient use of the already quite deep counters.

The bathroom cleverly utilizes its limited space, but it does have room for additional storage.

Adding more shelves above the wall-hung toilet would create extra storage without sacrificing valuable floor space.

These suggested enhancements could elevate this already delightful garden studio to the next level, making it an even more enjoyable space for work or leisure.

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