Testing Tiny House Living | Our Conclusion After 3 Days 🎥

Just an hour and a half north of San Francisco – this 150 square-foot rental, everything necessary is within arm’s reach, yet it remains cozy and remarkably comfortable.

We decided to rent it for a few days to test living in a tiny house.

With a surprisingly roomy and well-equipped bathroom and a comfortable, light-filled living area, this tiny house serves as a great opportunity for those considering a minimalist lifestyle.

It’s an exceptional way to test the waters, determine the feasibility of living in such a small space, and genuinely reflect on the essential items in life.

Key Takeaways

  • A tiny house can provide all the essentials and still feel spacious despite its limited size
  • Downsizing belongings can be a refreshing experience, distinguishing needs from wants
  • The minimalist lifestyle may be feasible for many, offering a chance to focus on what’s most important and reevaluate priorities

Tour Around The Main Features

The house offers a compact yet functional office space near the entrance, providing the essentials for getting some work done. It features a desk and a chair that allows one to sit comfortably and perform tasks efficiently.

This definitely is a must for us to test a tiny house. We must have a proper place for Morten to work.

While it might not be large, it demonstrates that it’s possible to have a work area even in a small living space.

Moving on to the kitchen.

The kitchen has all the necessary appliances including a fridge, making it well-equipped despite its size. The house also showcases a considerable wardrobe space, proving that downsizing belongings is possible without sacrificing convenience or comfort.

One major concern with tiny homes is often the kitchen and bathroom areas.

However, this home boasts a spacious bathroom with a unique swinging glass door, a full room size, and an open shower. It has all the amenities one would require, proving that a tiny house doesn’t mean cramped spaces.


The bathroom in this small house is surprisingly spacious and well-equipped.

It has a unique swinging glass door, giving it a modern touch. The wide, open shower area is perfect for a refreshing cleanse, and the sunlight streaming through the two windows brightens up and energizes the space.

Check out our many ideas for the bathroom.

In the bathroom, you can also find several shelves for storing your essentials, as well as a mirror and a sink. The room offers sufficient lighting, and airing it out is a breeze. All you need to do is remember to downsize your belongings so that everything fits comfortably in this cozy space.

The overall experience of living in a tiny house like this has been a pleasant surprise. Far from feeling cramped or claustrophobic, the space is inviting and comfortable. With room for a small office, a well-stocked kitchen, and a stylish wardrobe, this house has everything one needs to live a minimalist yet fulfilling lifestyle.

Loft Bedroom

Up the ladder, past a limited headroom, the loft bedroom unveils itself. Nestled up there, the bedroom is as cozy as it gets with plenty of space to lounge and enjoy a lovely view outside.

However, be prepared for the loft to get warmer as heat tends to rise.

To avoid feeling stuffy in the morning, it’s essential to open the windows and let some air circulate through. Once you get the flow of the fresh air, the small space becomes incredibly comfortable.

Benefits and Challenges of Tiny House Living

Living in a tiny house can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Here, we explore some of the benefits and challenges faced by those who embrace this lifestyle.

Advantages of Tiny House Living:

  • Conscious living: Living in a tiny house necessitates a conscious effort to prioritize needs over wants. This can be beneficial in developing mindfulness and appreciation for the things we truly need.
  • Efficient use of space: Though small, tiny houses can be creatively designed to make the most of the available space. Efficient use of storage and functional areas such as an office space, kitchen, and bathroom can be achieved.
  • Minimalistic lifestyle: Embracing a minimalistic lifestyle in a tiny house can lead to a reduction in belongings, resulting in less clutter and a more organized living environment.
  • Travel-friendly: Tiny house living often encourages a more nomadic lifestyle, with owners able to enjoy travel, adventure, and flexibility.

Challenges of Tiny House Living:

  • Downsizing: Adjusting to a smaller living space often requires a significant reduction in personal belongings. This can be difficult for many, particularly when it comes to parting with sentimental items.
  • Temperature and air circulation: Due to their compact size, tiny houses can experience issues with heat and air circulation, especially in loft areas where the air can become stale and heat can accumulate.
  • Limited living space: Despite efficient use of space, some people may find the limited living area in a tiny house to be challenging or even claustrophobic.
  • Urban living aspirations: For those who dream of living in bustling city centers, the notion of a tiny house may conflict with their urban lifestyle preferences.
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