How Much Do Duck Boats Cost? 9 Examples (Used & New)

So, the hunting season is here and you are in need of a duck boat for your hunting endeavors, right?

We will provide you with all the information you need concerning the pricing of used and new duck boats.

After looking at the prices we will discuss several issues that you might need to consider while making a duck boat purchase decision of either used or new duck boats.

For instance, it is paramount that you consider these three factors:

  • The places you go for hunting
  • the distance you will need to cover while hunting
  • the number of persons you will need to have on board and any additional use like fishing.

These factors are key to making the right decision and selecting the right duck boat for your needs.

A more detailed explanation of the factors you need to consider is as follows:

Prices On Used & New Duck Boats

To begin with, you should understand that duck boat prices will vary according to the manufacturer or supplier you choose to purchase from. Duck boats also come in many sizes and with different sets of features.

After looking at the price examples, we will cover additional expenses that you might incur after purchasing a duck boat. However, for now, let us look at the types of duck boats, both used and new and their prices.

Here are some actual prices on duck boats that are for sale right now.

These prices will give you an idea of the price range and help you find out when you are looking at a good deal.

Type or Model Features Price
2002 Mirrocraft 14´ MV
  • Contains extended floor seat base
  • Has Nav Lights
  • Contains cup holders
  • It has a floor
  • The type of motor is the trolling motor mount
2010 Excel DB1760
  • Has Nav Lights
  • Contains a bilge
  • It is a Yacht Club trailer
  • Contains extended floor seat bases
  • It contains 2-Gun or Shell trays
  • Contains cup holders
2005 Polarkraft MV1675
  • It is a Mud buddy 31 Vanguard
  • It is a Zieman Trailer
  • It contains a storage box at the seat
  • Contains a Gun box
  • Contains a bilge
  • It is a depth finder
  • It has Nav Lights
$9, 495
2011 Excel SW1645
  • It is a bunk trailer
  • Contains Gun Trays
  • It has headlights
  • It contains Nav Lights
2015 War Eagle
  • Contains Nav Lights
  • Contains Gun Box
  • It is Bear Trailer- the galvanized model
  • Contains Seat sliders
  • It contains headlights
(6.) 1980 Alumacraft 1648
  • It has a bilge
  • It contains Nav Lights
  • It is a Spartan Bunk model
2018 Excel 1754 Pro Hull
  • It is a Diamond City Trailer
  • It contains extended Floor seat base
  • It is painted in Optifade Marsh Camo Paint
  • It contains an inner liner
  • It contains Tie Straps
2018 SeaArk Mud Runner 180
  • It has a bilge
  • It contains Nav Lights
  • It is painted in Shadowgrass Camo Paint
  • It is a B & M trailer
2018 SeaArk Mud Runner 180
  • It is a Haul Rite Trailer
  • It contains Nav Lights
  • It has a bilge
  • It is painted in Breakup Paint
2012 Go Devil Surface Drive
  • It contains Nav Lights
  • It contains a Spud Pole
  • It contains a Grab Bar
  • It comes with a Spare Tire
  • It contains headlights
  • It is a McClain Trailer

Additional Costs of Used and New Duck Boats

Having purchased either a used or new duck boat, there are extra costs you are likely to incur other than the buying price you pay.

Some of those costs include:

Registration Costs

Just like any other motored vehicles, duck boats need registration before you are allowed to make use of them.

These costs vary from one state to the other.

For instance, the state of California requires duck boat owners to register with a constant fee of around $37 or $65, however, the registration fee does not exceed $150 in any of the states.

Insurance costs

The cost of insurance packages for duck boats varies depending on the type of coverage.

A duck boat owner should find an insurance that covers theft, storm, collision among others covers.

Storage Options:

Dockage costs for storing your duck boat are available. The cost differs depending on the location, season and size of the duck boat.

They start from $7 up to $32/feet month.

Fuel Cost

This type of expensive is an obvious one and which a duck boat owner must incur as long as they use the duck boat.

However, proper planning can greatly improve how your duck boat burns fuel. For instance, while fishing or while at the anchor with friends, you can switch the engine off to preserve fuel and save on fuel costs.

Maintenance Cost

Proper maintenance of duck boats can assist in minimizing maintenance costs. For instance, you should flush the engine of your duck boat whenever you use it on saltwater, ensure the craft of your duck boat remains covered if it is not being used.

Also, remember to follow the maintenance schedule as specified by suppliers or manufacturer of your duck boat. You can either do the maintenance yourself or have a dealer do it for you at a cost ranging from $100 to $300.

3 Different Configurations of the Hull

  1. V-Bottom
    Duck boats which are made with a V-bottom design are suitable for crossing over large water bodies like Lakes as well as large estuaries.
    The V-bottom is made from aluminum or fiberglass. These duck boats are favorites for the layout type of hunting. The V-bottom duck boats have high stability and contain pointed keels which are essential for parts waves preventing water from entering the duck boats from sideways.
  2. Semi-V
    These are modifications of the V-bottom duck boats. They are famous amongst waterfowl hunters since they offer versatility.
    They contain sharp bows with mild keels which are effective in parting waves with an additional flat bottom which makes the duck boat to sail in shallow waters.
  3. Flat-bottom
    This type of duck boats is excellent in shallow water, more so, when you use them alongside mud motors. They are wide but stable, offering the most ideal platform for boat-blinds.
    However, you should know that they contain a square bow which does not part waves, making your ride somehow rough.

3 Types Of Motors

If you are a hunter who prefers for an outboard motor for their duck boats have the option of either selecting the 2-stroke or 4-stroke designs.

2-Stroke Motors

Two-stroke types of outboards are better. They are easily portable, less expensive and lighter as compared to 4-stroke outboards.

Additionally, they give your duck boat higher acceleration as well as responsiveness. However, their disadvantage is that they produce high emissions, consume more fuel, are louder and they operate on an oil-and-gas mixture.

4-Stroke Motors

This type of duck boats are popular with waterfowl hunters since they consume fuel more efficiently, don´t need oil-and-gas mixing and are quieter than 2-stroke boats.

However, 4-strokes need regular changing of oil; they are relatively expensive, heavier and bulky than the 2-strokes.

Mud Motors

These are uniquely made to ride over obstructions.

They provide more shallow waters ability as compared to the typical outboards which have a rigid minimal unit.

They come in two kinds of configurations, namely: the surface-drive and the long-tail. The two can be used in shallow waters, however, surface-drive tend to be more suitable for soft-bottom and wide-open places.


Owning a used or new duck boat can be cheap or expensive, depending on the type of duck boat, the manufacturer you purchase from, the size of the duck boat as well as other additional expenses.

Therefore, before you buy a used or new duck boat, consider key factors that may determine what expenses you are likely to incur even after you have bought your duck boat.

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